Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jazzi-Jet on Pridesites: Part 2

This post is a supplement to the original. If the reader hasn't already read Jazzi-Jet on Pridesites: Part 1, please *click here* to read it before reading this post.

This blog post is NSFW and not intended for viewers under age 18 (nor, perhaps, any age- given the subject). Please use your own Big Pants discretion when viewing.

As with the images from Jazzi-Jet on Pridesites: Part 1, the following set of images is presented with the accompanying text which Joseph Edward Duncan, III wrote himself. This set was called "Black Dress."

Edited 8-23-08: Photos and text were removed from this entry, and a new link provided for only those who wish to view them.

If you wish to view the photos and read the text which Joseph Edward Duncan, III uploaded to his dating website, click the link below to be redirected to a separate web page.

Jazzi-Jet on Pridesites: Part 3 will be posted two days from now. Also coming up are scans of original handwritten letters from Joseph Edward Duncan and photographs of- and made by- JED or "Jet"- only available to Jules Hammer and The Cellar Blog.

All Images copyright© 2001 by Jazzi-Jet. :) Images have been enhanced for brightness/contrast/size and have had this website's watermark added.


Joe Crary said...

Uhhmmm, I'm not sure that I would trust Dr. Richard Wacksman to care for me or my family after reading how he championed this twisted monster!!

These pictures were made at the time Wacksman was 'being friends with' Jet in Fargo, North Dakota, and it's a hard reach to believe his story about trying to help people less fortunate! Go back and check. Sickening :>(

JoniCamelToe said...

Hey how come you dont put my pitcha up there?

Anonymous said...

EWW!!!!! omg is this for real?

JoJoFox said...

"pant...gasp...squeal..." I am HOT for those socks...gotta have those socks!~

JoJoFox said...

Hey, just curious. Any chance these photos could be shown in courtroom?...hee, hee, haw, haw... snort, snort, snort.(just kidding...sort of) A bit of a contrast to the arrogant fellow dressed in yellow sitting in Federal court.

Sweet Jane said...

Show us the Camel Toe fuck buddy of Joe Duncan! :D

Melissa said...

GAH!!! My eyes! lol

Soobs said...

You know, I didn't think I could be more disgusted by this pig....then I see the pictures again. BLECH!

Soobs said...

Ah, "Jazzy Jet"...you incredible waste of sperm. Your mother should have swallowed.

Kimy N Oregon said...

Lordy, just when I thought I had seen it all.

Thank you Jules for all your hard work on this site. I've only come to it when I first came to Crimerant. But it has been very informative.

Especially reading Melissa, soobs, compassrose, A, Michelle, Mike and other's posts over a time and through the trial.

Does anyone have a link to where Geraldo R. debunked you guys and this site. I sure would like to read it.

Compassrose said...

After yesterday, I have a hard time looking at these pictures. Not just becuase they are disgusting, but becuase of the nasty arrogance he seems to just emit -- like a disease. I can see him strutting around his apartment thinking how hot he is -- just like strutted arounnd that cabin in MT ranting his twisted sick ideas.

Kimy, I have no links to the Cellar blog. I am perhaps overly hopeful that the Cellar Forum might be open for business again -- someday.

Anonymous said...

how about a little bit better of an NSFW effort next time hmmm???!!!!

simply putting in a sentence doesnt do shit for someone who was intrested in the crime and found this site for the first time. how but putting the images on a seperate page with a NSFW tag.

putting at the top of the same page doesnt do shit. as you can tell im a little pissed cause well, i was AT WORK.


Soobs said...

I think it's pretty evident that anything Duncan had his hand in, is NSFW.

Unwired said...

This scum is worse than I've read in the news. Is this when he was partying with that doctor and other guy who bailed him out?

To Anon who surfs for porn at work, this is for you.

Kimy N Oregon said...

Thank you Compassrose :) I hope to that it is open. I missed it the first time.

Melissa said...

HAHA - Unwired you cracked me up. Anon totally DOES fail at Internet

Anonymous said...

i was expecting to read about the crime his life etc... not seeing naked pictures plastered all over the place. even though i didnt scroll down, they still loaded onto the computer.

its not right. they shouldnt be on the same page. putting nsfw along with them is meaningless

CJames said...

This evil ratbag Duncan does not deserve the death penalty! He should get the Father John Geoghan treatment for sure.

Just wondering Mr. Hammer, and please excuse me for being so forward for asking? But were you a victim of sexual abuse?

I was 11 when I was first assaulted by my best friend's older brother and it went on for a couple years. Seven different times. I only told my parents when Scott left for college and my best friend's family moved to Florida. Then I got help. Or what was supposed to be help.

I'm 42 and have 4 kids, married to my love for 20 years come September, and my brain still screams "SCOTT!" at me when some otherwise normal looking person shows an interest in my kids.

I bookmarked your sight because you have some really great links about protection there, so thanks again. I bought your Protecting your Gift book from Amazon for my family.

Thanks again.
CJ, Sharon, MA

Anonymous said...

Nasty nasty demon he can suck my a$$. Kill him now!

Deb said...

Hi again, can you please bring the larger images back? I am not at work so I can surf OK now.

Anonymous said...

OMG the Cosmic Socks!

Good thing you waited to release these to the gen pop or he might have gone all "woe is me" in court. Skank ass motherfucker.

Waving to the Cellar Dwellers~~~

Anonymous said...


thank you for fixing the nsfw issue, i enjoy your site as a research tool regarding this case.

there is so much info on here i hope to read, i was just peeved about being at work etc...

well anyways, thanks!

JoJoFox said...

See, I knew it! Those socks are real eye-candy!

pissed off said...

I read your site from beginning until now, and let me get something straight here.

Duncan was released early from prison after he violently, sexually assaulted a younger boy.

On his parole in the late 90's in Seattle, he continued to target people for molestation while eluding authorities.

He killed Sammi and Carmen Cubias, then he killed Anthony Martinez while on parole during this time.

Then he got some kind of A-fucking-plus rating from some dipshit psychologist which allowed him to claim he was "reformed" and he moved to Fargo, North Dakota on Dr. Richard Wacksman's upstanding word.

And to top it all off, he got Financial Aid to attend North Dakota State Univ. Fargo?

What. The. FUCK???

Compassrose said...

Pissed off, I agree. It makes you wonder how blind or studid people truly are.

Seems his "girlfriend" in WA was a married woman with two little girls. How he got so many people to help him is beyond me. He isn't handsome, he has a disturbing criminal history, and looking past the nastiness of his videos, he seems to have an arrogant and annoying personality. But somehow he had people knocking each other over to help him. WHY???

Anonymous said...

wow what can i say except jaysus h christ what a sick crazy fook

this guys whole life seems like a living nightmare - putting him to death will do alot of people including himself a huge favor

Anonymous said...

Compassrose -

Duncan may not have had the looks of a Ted Bundy, but I'm sure that he knew how to be likable and charming. It's impossible to manipulate people and get them to do things for you if you come across as a psycho killer, or even just an a-hole.

Anonymous said...

Its not hard to see why Duncan was a prison Queen. Striking and stunning in the black dress.

A truly wasted life.