Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jazzi-Jet on Pridesites: Part 1

A little less than three years ago, I discovered Joseph Edward Duncan's photo-dating cum photo-brag site hosted at pridesites.com. The discovery was vetted and eventually mentioned here in the early days of this blog. The images were copied, the pages saved in their entirety. Then they disappeared from the internet.

Although some of these images were shown in the Cellar Forum to the privately-registered members, they were not shown here on this Cellar Blog for several reasons; chiefly, to not distract from the horrible acts Joseph Duncan has perpetrated upon many families while his various charges were being decided and taint the "jury pool." (as if)

Some of the leading search terms for this blog, since July, 2005 (after "Joseph Edward Duncan III" and variations on his name) have been "Jazzi-Jet," "Jazzi Jet pridesites," "Duncan pridesites," "Joe Duncan porn pics," "Jazzi Duncan gay porn," and various spellings and combinations of... well, you get the idea.

So. Now that he's pleading guilty, admitting guilt, and all the other trappings that come from a person who knows he's going die because he's murdered families and innocent children for years, I'm going to give you what you want.

These photos and accompanying text are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

This isn't a political message, it isn't a hetero vs homo message, it is what it is: Joseph Edward Duncan, III's own photos and text which he uploaded to the pridesites.com dating website and last updated on April 25, 2001.

Comments will be open, and I understand it will be an outlet for some to be able to laugh at this scumbag, but please refrain from grouping people by their choice of sex partners, gender realizations, skin color, sexual fetishes or dress habits (at the least). JED is a serial killer, sexual sadist, psychopath and a fistful of other labels- common, colloquial and clinical.

Edited 8-23-08: Photos and text were removed from this entry, and a new link provided for only those who wish to view them.

If you wish to view the photos and read the text which Joseph Edward Duncan, III uploaded to his dating website, click the link below to be redirected to a separate web page.

All Images copyright© 2001 by Jazzi-Jet. :) Images have been enhanced for brightness/contrast/size and have had this website's watermark added.


Compassrose said...

It's not just the pictures, but add all these to Duncan's other perverted and sick behaviors and it always makes me wonder -- how did they miss how broken he was and why did they let him go -- scotfree with a hot check? How did they miss the "real" Duncan? Is this how they suppervise other registered sex offenders? It is pointless. How much has really changed in last three years? Are we still waiting until they commit horrific crimes to suddenly say -- we always knew he was a threat and needed help.

The last of the queens -- only Duncan would worry about such ideas.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I heard about these pix. What a freak and just think he was abducting and molesting kids at the same time and his parole guy just dropped the ball! Totally I mean in Minnesota he got those two little boys on the playground even before Shasta and they just let him off! My god this makes me so mad!

Mike Schuler said...

There was no "parole guy." Duncan was not on parole. He was totally free.

His only obligation was to keep the local police department informed of his home and work adresses.

He was completely free to create pervert pornography or go anywhere he wanted.

And that's what he did.

Anonymous said...

You were right, there went my Retinas :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't this when he was under the tutelage of Dr. Wacksman? nevermind, I found my answer. Dr. Wacksman petitioned Duncans parole board to have Duncan come and live with his family. Then Duncans making websites like this. Unbelievable that a doctor could be so naive, unless he had an interest to protect.

Concerned said...

Got this link from the WS forum, an I wish I could say that I'm shocked. But after reading about what a twisted freak JED is supposed to be but not really having much to go on, I am glad people can now see what he thought of himself. I hope you update soon with more and I hope it will help the naysayers understand that people who have served time for sex crimes and assault who have these twisted peversions plus sociopathy are dangerous!!! This has nothing to do with being gay or wearing womens panties, Please, I am not slamming. Hope this goes thru. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is really disgusting. But it's interesting to contemplate what exactly Wacksman and Crary had going on with Duncan, especially given this crap.

JoJoFox said...

So much for "shock and awe"...what a sicko turn-off, huh?

The Cellar had the true "dump" on Duncan...it's about time the world saw it all!
SO glad you are back, Capt!
So very glad!

Anonymous said...

Almost like a real Silence of the Lambs.

Compassrose said...

Only much sicker than "Silence of the Lambs" -- Duncan is real.

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Melissa said...

Geesh I hate these photos. But I do admit they make me laugh.

I wish he had stuck with just being a queen and an internet porn person after his release.

Anonymous said...

wow...this is really rather disturbing. this guy is truly one defective being.

Bob del Grosso said...

It's really too bad that one cannot burn (as in oxidized) digital pictures and remove them permanently. These surely should have been burnt long ago.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to be hung! It makes me so sick that taxpayers waste their money on freaks like this.

too close to home said...

Wow...really what else can you say. I had to take a step back from the case for a long time but now hes back in the news I wanted to see what new developments had arisen and of course this was my first stop because you always did have the goods on the freak. He is just as sick and disgusting as I remembered. Not sure what happened to the forum but I'd like to be a member again if it comes back.

Thanks Captain!

Paulette said...

Wow Discovery Channel shilling on this blog is even creepier than the photos.

I'm curious to know if so many people knew about Duncan's blog(s) why wasn't law enforcement notified? Or were they and the confessions & blatant warning signs were simply ignored?

Also, was the man who put up his paltry bail just a bail bondsman, or is he a friend of Duncan?

I guess I should thank you for this blog but it feels strange to; with all due respect of course.

Soobs said...

Jules, so glad to have you blogging again, even though it looks like it's a couple of months old. I've been trying to follow the death penalty sentencing, as much as possible, given the news reports. As Melissa said, too bad he didn't just stick to being someone's bastardized version of a queen, rather than inflict his evil thoughts and actions on children. His death can't come fast enough.

JoJoFox said...

Boy do I miss the Cellar Forum! However,
KXLY's web site is following the sentencing trial very closely...KXLY and The Seattle Spokesman are the only 2 press agencies at the trial...( the AP has one reporter there also) so I have been told. They are ding a great job. KXLY has an ongoing realtime blog as events are happening. So far no transcripts have been made available...but daily unsealed documents can be obtained from the Court wesite thru a PACER account (you need a credit card) for .08 cents a page. KXLY and the Spokesman believe the national media will be more interested in closing arguments and that's when they will show up. I've communicated with Betsy Russell from the Spokesman who is the court appointed media representative...she and Melissa Luck ( KXLY) say it is so hard to do their coverage because the case and the info is so heinous to listen to. Both should be complimented on the great job they are doing.

Soobs said...

Thanks, JoJo, about the info of where to go to find out ANY information. It's infuriating, but at the same time, I'm grateful not to have to hear ALL the details, kwim? I feel for Melissa, Betsy and the jurors!

I miss the Forum too!

Deb said...

Jules, I notice that since you took the images off site,your new links have smaller images. Can you change this so that they are more viewable to us with older computers? TIA!

JoJoFox said...

If you move your curser around the pictures, a "enlarger" button will pop-up in the lower right corner. Click on it and the photos will enlarge.

At least they do for me.

Thrillseeker said...

Ok you found these pictures over three years ago. Why didn't you blog them back then? I think it would made much more of an impact on this whole country if just some news about these pictures got out. I really didn't know how much of a freak Joseph Edward Duncan was until Friday afternoon after finding this web site and reading for a few hours. You have done a far far better job of covering Joseph Edward Duncan than any newspaper or TV station or their internet sites have done. Thanks for that, but still I wish you would have given the public this stuff a long time ago.

Joe said...

This is just disgusting!! how dare you keep Duncans web site going,You should be investigated. You must be a gay jew to get pleasure from thisz.

Anonymous said...

Well written with a models style, Duncan would have had a bright future under different circumstances.

Truly sad.

lilyfish aka Jena said...

How do those of us who would like to view the photos go about viewing them? :/