Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jazzi-Jet on Pridesites: Part 1

A little less than three years ago, I discovered Joseph Edward Duncan's photo-dating cum photo-brag site hosted at pridesites.com. The discovery was vetted and eventually mentioned here in the early days of this blog. The images were copied, the pages saved in their entirety. Then they disappeared from the internet.

Although some of these images were shown in the Cellar Forum to the privately-registered members, they were not shown here on this Cellar Blog for several reasons; chiefly, to not distract from the horrible acts Joseph Duncan has perpetrated upon many families while his various charges were being decided and taint the "jury pool." (as if)

Some of the leading search terms for this blog, since July, 2005 (after "Joseph Edward Duncan III" and variations on his name) have been "Jazzi-Jet," "Jazzi Jet pridesites," "Duncan pridesites," "Joe Duncan porn pics," "Jazzi Duncan gay porn," and various spellings and combinations of... well, you get the idea.

So. Now that he's pleading guilty, admitting guilt, and all the other trappings that come from a person who knows he's going die because he's murdered families and innocent children for years, I'm going to give you what you want.

These photos and accompanying text are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

This isn't a political message, it isn't a hetero vs homo message, it is what it is: Joseph Edward Duncan, III's own photos and text which he uploaded to the pridesites.com dating website and last updated on April 25, 2001.

Comments will be open, and I understand it will be an outlet for some to be able to laugh at this scumbag, but please refrain from grouping people by their choice of sex partners, gender realizations, skin color, sexual fetishes or dress habits (at the least). JED is a serial killer, sexual sadist, psychopath and a fistful of other labels- common, colloquial and clinical.

Edited 8-23-08: Photos and text were removed from this entry, and a new link provided for only those who wish to view them.

If you wish to view the photos and read the text which Joseph Edward Duncan, III uploaded to his dating website, click the link below to be redirected to a separate web page.

All Images copyright© 2001 by Jazzi-Jet. :) Images have been enhanced for brightness/contrast/size and have had this website's watermark added.