Thursday, August 02, 2007

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #88

Just dropping in from a long vacation hiatus to bring you this week's Carnival of the True Crime Blogs, which provides the most sublime True Crime bloggery anywhere on teh internets.

Bonnie from My Life of Crime has two entries this week. The first is a very chilling story of a woman who allegedly murdered at least one of her newborn babies, and allegedly hid the bodies of three more dead newborns (or fetuses) in her home. Bonnie blogs about this *allegedly* disgusting, repulsive human being here: Christy Freeman murders *bodies of 4 infants found, so far* 7/30/07 Ocean City, MD.

Bonnie also has an interesting update on the Kelsey Smith murder. Alleged Scumbag Edwin Hall was in court yesterday: Kelsey Smith update *Edwin Hall indicted for the murder of Kelsey Smith*.

Trench from submits a blog entry from contributing writer Gabriel Finch, regarding the beating of a 16-year old boy of Panamanian descent at a Meade County (Kentucky) fair last year. Was the KKK recruiting at this fair? Was this a "hate crime?" (Now, any long-time reader of this blog knows that I don't ascribe to the notion of "hate crimes" for a "group," as ALL crimes are composed of various degrees of "hate.") Please go to Gabriel's blog entry for more info and commentary: Civil Rights Group sues KKK.

Bestselling authors and TCB members Gregg Olsen and M. William Phelps have a sometimes deliciously snarky- and sometimes harsh- crime blog over at (I personally think Gregg likes ABBA & Matt likes Minor Threat, which makes a perfect complement in my book.) They recently invited Thomas Loudamy to guest-blog at CrimeRant every week. Thomas Loudamy writes to and receives letters from incarcerated persons. Often, those people are notorious killers. Thomas has received thousands of letters from these persons, and he is sharing those communications with readers at CrimeRant.

Corey Mitchell, another Bestselling author and member of the TCB, editor of In Cold Blog submits a blog entry from our friend-in-common, Michelle Gray. A Missing Peace is the story of a True Crime Blogger's experience with the kidnapping of her baby boy before the days of America's Most Wanted, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Amber Alert et al.

Michelle Gray
doesn't hold much back in explaining to the reader how this could happen (23 years later, this is STILL happening!) and while her story is sure to induce a guttural reaction in most readers, writing about it sure doesn't fix things for Michelle or any number of parents who have slogged on, living their incomplete lives, without their stolen children...

There it is, the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #88. Plenty more True Crime stories await the reader at the right, under the True Crime Blogroll heading.

Be safe. Be kind. Be smart. See you in a month or so.