Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #80

The Cellar is host once again to the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs, offering the best True Crime in the blogosphere. This week's offerings are fewer than normal, yet still pack a mighty punch:

Trench from electrifies us with his blog entry on the Death Penalty. He cites studies which claim that the "DP" IS a deterrent. Will this be the final say in this old debate? By all means, read his post and weigh in: Studies say death penalty does deter crime.

Neill from True Crime Blog UK writes about a murderous pedophile ring in England, which would undoubtedly be receiving much more exposure if their horrific murders of young boys had occurred more recently. Some of the perps are now out of prison and "going on with their lives," yet the locations of some victims' remains are still unknown. In his blog entry, Hissing Sid's Gang: The Killers of Jason Swift, Neill presents a chilling history of the crimes committed by several men upon young boys. This blog entry is not for the meek.

The next post comes from the newest addition to the True Crime Blogroll. In Cold Blog bills itself as "A True Crime Compendium From the Leading Voices in the Genre." Founder/author Corey Mitchell has created a veritable True Crime smorgasbord with well-known authors such as Kathryn Casey, Gregg Olsen and M. William Phelps (Oh man, do I adore these guys! They also run CrimeRant), and Aphrodite Jones, plus 25 other authors and internet voices in the True Crime genre- some well-known, some serious fans.

In Cold Blog contributor Ron Franscell writes of the decades-old murder of two young sisters in his blog focusing on the more recent, odd mis-memory of their mother concerning one of her daughter's deaths. He brings his own involvement and memory in to the story, which creates a beautifully-written, albeit sad piece. Read Ron's When memory fails us. I promise you won't forget it.

Lilo from Lost in Lima Ohio has written the much-anticipated Part IV of her David Alway/ Pedophile mini-series. Lilo had researched this topic exhaustively and is dedicated to bringing us the most accurate and up-to-date information on this "famous" pedophile: David, The Deviant Years. Links to parts I-III of her miniseries are provided.

That's it for this week's Carnival, but there are plenty more new true crime stories written at the blogs listed to the right under the True Crime Blogroll header.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #79

Stephen McCaskill of Crime Scene Blog is hosting this week's Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. Wicked stuff over there, please be careful when clicking.