Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two Years, and We Know What?

Two years ago today, Joseph Edward Duncan III brought his own sociopathic, twisted flavor of Hell to Coeur d'Alene Idaho. He scouted and stalked an innocent, blue-collar family living in a small, cinderblock home for at least a day, and then he waited until they were all asleep before executing his blitz-style attack.

Duncan broke into this home, threatened and methodically bound and brutally murdered two adults and one child with a common framing hammer. A stolen shotgun was his backup.

Joseph Edward Duncan, III destroyed this family all by his cowardly self. His motivation behind these murders? To abduct the two youngest, and most vulnerable, inhabitants of this home- 9 year-old Dylan and 8-year old Shasta.

May 17, 2005 brought an Amber Alert for those missing children to the rest of the nation, and the news of "three murdered people" in that home. Within the next two days, every major news syndicate had more details about this crime:

1. Brenda Groene, her 13-year old son Slade, and her boyfriend Mark McKenzie were the three victims discovered around 6:10 p.m., May 16, 2005, after a neighbor called police about "suspicious" things ( later outlined as blood smears on the door, among other, very obvious markings of a massacre) which he witnessed on the property when he stopped by the Groene-McKenzie home that evening to pay Slade for yard work he had done.

2. There were two children missing, and the police were seeking a "person of interest" (I'll not name this person, as they had nothing to do with this crime) who had been placed at the residence on Sunday, May 15th- the night before the bodies were discovered.

3. This was "definitely a triple homicide." Meaning, it was not a double-murder/suicide, or any other combination where one of the deceased caused the death(s) of any other of the victims at the scene.

4. The "person of interest" being sought by police had "turned himself in" and willingly submitted to rigorous questioning and a polygraph. This man (again, I am purposely omitting his name) was quickly released from "suspicion" as he obviously knew nothing about the murders and kidnappings, despite what the MSM wanted us to believe. After ALL- he had a criminal record. Drugs, fraud, parking tickets- oh my!

Meanwhile, a reptilian mock-up of a human being with prior, violent sex offenses and prison sentences had absconded from Fargo, North Dakota several days earlier- and all is hunky-dory, folks! The Fargo, North Dakota police, as well as other law enforcement agencies, had been monitoring Joseph Duncan's blog postings- yet he wasn't a suspect?

What, did his GPA from North Dakota State University throw them all off? Or was it his close friendships with Dr. Richard M. Wacksman, a "prominent" physician, and Joseph Crary, a "prominent" businessman? Nah, any friend of theirs is a friend of ours, right?

Both of those men "gifted" Joseph Duncan money to keep him out of prison. A LOT of money- at least $6,500.00 and $15,000.00, respectively. Did they know who they were dealing with?

While out on parole in 1996, Joseph Duncan once jumped into the backseat of a vehicle driven by his younger brother, Bruce, and leaned forward, grabbing Bruce around the neck, and rasped into Bruce's ear, "I AM the Boogeyman."

Nine years later, on April 15, 2005, Joseph Duncan wrote an entry in his Fifth Nail blog,
"The Boogyman(sic) Will Get Ya"

So, I've been accused of molesting a little boy. Those close to me know I didn't do it of course, how could I, I'm not even a pedophile. Well, I'm not a psychopath either, I feel the full force and pain of everyone I have ever hurt, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I need to do. Ultimately my feelings don't matter, I learned that in prison. I have to carry out my orders or a lot worse than just me dying could happen.


Compassrose said...

And I feel the same anger, frustration, and grief I did when all these details about Joseph Duncan began to be revealed nearly two years ago. I suppose it would be healtier to move on and try to forget, but I don't think if would be healtier for society to forget. I agree, the system is still badly broken. "Cured" and in jail works just fine for me, and it is the only guarantee we have these monsters cannot harm another innocent person.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Captain for always putting into words what I (and many of us having been thinking) for these past 2 years.

There is no punishment good enough for this monster. I only hope that one day he meets "his" maker and feels the pain 100-fold that he has inflicted upon these innocent people.

I sign off by saying "Justice for Dyland and Peace for Shasta"!

Diane said...

I don't think there is enough anger in me to expr4ss how I feel about Joe Duncan. Cellar does it right, and I know I'd be frothing at the mouth if the Cellar people and Jules didn't temper their writings with all that thought and legality and fairness shit.

I'm sorry if it offends, but I think he deserves the worst punishment short of death that no government money can buy.

If my son did what Joe D did at age 14 or 15, I would make sure he got comitted or institutionalized myself. But his parents allowed him to go on and on and on. Then the Wash. prison system allowed him to go on and on. Then the courts in N.Dakota allowed him to go on and on and on.......

What is going on with his buttbuddies Wacky and Crary?

Yannow, I'd bet they didn't put up the same cash for their kids college edumacation, as they did for Jazz Jet's "favors" behind the bushes at the Fargo park or in his apsrtment. How sad.

Is that the gun Duncan scared the dogs with when he broke into Mackenzies house? How did he do that? Those dogs must have been trained to heel and Joe D knew it? I don't know, that still bothers me.

But we know he did it.


Soobs said...

The horror of what happened hasn't lessened in two years. In fact, I'd say it's continued, unabaited. Now the judge has put a gag order, and no cameras in the courtroom? In one case it's a good idea, Shasta doesn't need all that crap out there. On the other hand, unless people have been to the Cellar, I doubt they'll ever know just how big of a monster Duncan is...and that pisses me off. I don't want ANYONE to have a scintilla of sympathy for that scum.

Anonymous said...

i feel that he need to be put to death for what he did the children that he hurt needs to know that they well not be hurt any more i know shasta and he family and it make me so mad that they are putting off on thinhgs

Anonymous said...

I know that you won't post this comment because it doesn't "agree with the lies you have put on here" but I would like to point out that you were "WRONG" in your gut wrenching depiction of the way that Dylan Groene died. Your "source," whoever he/she was, was not very accurate. Also, you know, it is BAD enough what Shasta and her family is having to go through without you making it all worse by GLAMORIZING J.E.D. Don't you realize that is what you are doing? You are making him a star and putting photos of him up, making videos of him, writing what all he has are giving him just what every psychopath wants. You allow horribly vulgar words to be displayed, shaming that adorable boy Dylan into less than Duncan, and you hellishly disgrace precious little Dylan in the process. By the way, you are NOT doing ANYTHING to help these children that are hurt, nor are you ALL one here some big wonderful advocates. You're all sick, and this website should be shut down. I thank GOD That Dylan cannot see what you ALL (not just hammer) are making of him down here. If you're going to GLAMORIZE anyone, make a website for DYLAN and glamorize him and his little life as a hot wheel loving and video game playing, and family faithful boy....not the deranged killer who is feeding like a vampire off of your words. You're all fools and I PRAY for the day when you are STOPPED.

Voice of Reason said...

Are you for real??? Um yeah I guess it's better just to not talk about it and pretend it never happened. What? Does your husband beat you or something?? You pray for the day when we stop talking about what is happening in our world? To our fellow people? What we can keep in mind to prevent this from happening to our own families like simply locking the door?
Everyone needs a reality check from time to time to remember there REALLY ARE MONSTERS out there that will hurt you and your family-and it can happen to anyone,anywhere. We all need to be careful and sadly that's just the way it is.
Why don't you "pray" for a day when we won't need to ever have this conversation because there are no deranged pedophile murderers? Don't EVER try and stop people from communicating...talking can heal and talking can save lives.
Who cares if those freaks get off on the attention, their days are numbered and they will get what's coming to them soon enough.