Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #64

The Cellar is proud to present this week's Carnival of the True Crime Blogs, a showcase of recent entries from some of the best True Crime blogs. Always fascinating, always original, the True Crime Blogroll currently consists of over three dozen blogs and websites with top-notch quality True Crime information and stories. The True Crime Blogroll details and links may be found in the sidebar of this blog.

Starting off this week's Carnival is the mind-boggling story behind the graphic seen above. Gregg Olsen, accomplished True Crime writer/investigator has a new blog entry at CrimeRant, a blog which he shares with fellow True Crime writer M. William Phelps.

In his latest blog entry, Eli Stutzman: DNA and Prints to Solve Colorado Murders?, Gregg reveals more information concerning suspected crimes of recently-deceased Eli Stutzman, former Ohio Amishman and subject of his acclaimed book, Abandoned Prayers.

Olsen thinks Stutzman may have gotten away with murdering two men in Durango, Colorado, in addition to the murder he served time for in Texas, and the suspected murders of his pregnant Amish wife, Ida, and years later- the murder of their 9-year old son Daniel, also known as "Little Boy Blue" for the color of the sleeper pajamas he was wearing when found.

Gregg Olsen is doing his best to see to it that law enforcement will utilize Stutzman's fingerprints and DNA to help solve the "cold case" murders of those men in Colorado. Gregg has posted several blog entries concerning Stutzman- also linked from his recent entry- and is always on top of this case. I recommend buying his book, as Gregg Olsen is the authoritative voice on Eli Stutzman and "Little Boy Blue."

Update 2/25: Gregg Olsen has updated his Eli Stutzman entries at CrimeRant with more information on his perseverance in solving the murders of two Colorado men linked to Eli Stutzman.


J.D. Chandler
from Slabtown Chronicle brings us the first part of a story that is shaping up to be a domestic nightmare. Jennifer Lindbo shares the story of her marriage to Joe Meling in J.D.'s Exclusive: A Survivor's Story. Part two will be coming soon, be sure to check back with J.D.

One can learn more about J.D. from his recent blogger interview, courtesy of the True Crime Blogroll: Blogger Interview with J.D. Chandler. true blogger tradition for each to choose their ’style’ he has chosen to respond in the narrative. J.D. is a storyteller and a published author and I promise you, it is a narrative well worth reading.
It truly is well worth reading. Thanks to Home Sweet Home for the interview! More blogger interviews will be coming very soon.

Home Sweet Home, whose blog focuses mainly on Domestic Violence crimes and issues, recently wrote The Police Response about a pregnant Randi Regensberg being murdered by Cory Kotrba, who then killed himself. This is a story not to be missed, as the issue of 911 NON-response occurs in cities and towns across this country, every single day.


Lilo recently wrote a story about Obed Cortes, a child rapist who decided to quibble with the plea deal he had been given. He thought things were looking quite rosy for him, until... Well, Lilo has the "feel good" story in her post, I would love nothing more than to see him sit in prison for the rest of his life.

Harding from T. O. Crime presents Who Will Speak for Paula and Julie? Two women in Canada murdered, separately. Two families grieving and in need of answers.


Criminal Conduct tells the story of a young boy who disappeared just over three years ago from a boys' home in Wyoming in Little Boy Lost: What Happened to Justin Harris? Sad and strange, the reader will wonder why this boy's family does not seem to be doing anything to find him.


Finally, Neill from TrueCrimeBlogUK brings us a story of a sadistic, sex thrill serial killer in Allan Grimson: Nightmare in the Navy. Neill is a new member of the True Crime Blogroll and has a lot of great writing on his blog of crimes from the UK.


KatK said...

Little boy blue? Is that the poor child who was found in a refrigerator box, that was a John Doe last I knew? Or, is this another child?

Capt. Fantastic said...

Hi KatK!

Little Boy Blue was Danny Stutzman, son of ex-Amish killer Eli Stutzman. His frozen little body, dressed in blue footed pajamas, was found in a ditch on Christmas Eve in 1985 in Nebraska.

The story is laid out in several posts at Gregg Olsen's blog, (the latest story with updates is linked in my entry) and Gregg's 1990 book ABANDONED PRAYERS.