Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Federal Charges Filed in Idaho

Joseph Edward Duncan, III won't be going anywhere for a while. He cannot be extradited to California for murdering Anthony Martinez, to Washington for his alleged murders of Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias, nor any other state that might be bringing charges against him- until the Feds are finished with him.

JED'll be sitting tight in Idaho now that the Feds have filed their first charges against him: for stealing the rental vehicle from Enterprise in St. Paul, Minnesota (the 4 page document is below in slideshow form). Joseph Duncan rented this vehicle on April 15, 2005. It was considered stolen when he did not return it by April 20, 2005, but was not reported as stolen until May 4, 2005.

The Feds have him all to themselves now, and I am confident they will have their pound of flesh. That red Jeep Cherokee Laredo he stole for his nasty adventure is being cleverly used to keep his ass in Idaho while the Feds cross their t's and dot their i's with the more serious charges.

It really is the little things that count.

Nice work, Special Agent Gneckow- and all those in Federal law enforcement concerned with ensuring Joseph Edward Duncan, III gets what he deserves.

Click on the slideshow below to read the 4-page document:


D said...

You call him a murderer when he hasn't been convicted yet. I hope you are never required to serve on a jury. Joseph needs our prayers and support not condemation. He is shown to be a caring man and the needs help.

Anonymous said...


Next they can charge him with the other little things like child porn and stealing auto tags, then take their sweet time with the kidnapping, sexual assault, torture, and murder charges.

You know this case is going to drag on forever!

Sue said...

Awesome. They still have to charge him with kidnapingX2, molestationX2, and murder right?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but I call butchering a family and kidnapping 2 kids for sex a monster!! Where was the caring in that? He does need our help....to the chair!!!

Compassrose said...

Duncan is a convicted of murder -- three of them. He confessed and told the details of the crime to the LE. All that makes you a murderer. If he was a caring man, he would confess and spare the families the truama of a trial.

Mike Schuler said...

Thanks Compassrose. I was just going to point out that Duncan is indeed a convicted murderer. He was convicted of 3 counts of 1st Degree Murder and 3 counts of 1st Degree Kidnapping in Kootenai County last year. He was sentenced to 3 life terms without the possiblity of parole for the kidnappings, and he is serving his sentence in the Idaho State Prison while he awaits sentencing on the murder convictions.