Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs #57

This week, it is my honor to bring you the 57th edition of the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. Each week a different member of the True Crime Blogroll hosts this carnival, made up of True Crime Blogroll member submissions. Recently, we’ve begun to include submissions from outside the TC Blogroll, so if you like what you see on a non-TC Blogroll blog, be sure to bookmark them!

I’ll begin this Carnival with one such submission. Leon of Sox First, a business blog heavy on corporate crime, has an entry up titled The Top Scams of 2006. He supplies links to a few respected organizations’ Top Scams lists from the past year, as well as a must-read article about the internet changing the “con.” Thanks, Leon!

Trench of notes an irony concerning a Craigslist CEO and Net Neutrality in his People in Glass Houses entry., “a place for fiends,” contains nearly 800 entries concerning crime connected to social networking websites like MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, etc. And it’s definitely worth ignoring your chores for a few hours’ reading.

MySpace: A Place for the Missing is a recent entry by contributing author Stephen McCaskill at He writes of the advantages of using MySpace as a tool for missing persons. McCaskill is also the author of Crime Scene Blog, and was recently interviewed by the True Crime Blogroll for a new series of blogger interviews we have begun.

Author Nene Adams of The Year ‘Round brings us 19th century true crime which, while often horrifying, is delivered with her distinctly genteel panache. This week her Appearances are Deceptive entry recounts a rage-filled double slaying from 1846 Ireland.

Domestic Violence is the focus at Home Sweet Home. A Night of Horror tells the developing story of a man who allegedly murdered his wife and her daughter, and injured her son last week. The son allegedly killed the stepfather in self-defense. The details are still not fully known, but there certainly seems to be much more to this than a guy who “snapped.”

Pias from HOTT writes 2006: The year in Review where she details the most-viewed crime stories from her blog by month. Take a good long look at these cases, as many of them are unresolved and she’s asking for your tips.

This next one has a lot of people angry; might want to check your blood pressure before reading this one. Parents Behaving Badly writes about another fine mother in Nancy Dyer Naps as Toddler Takes Stroll on Interstate. How's that blood pressure now?

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime focuses on murder, and she has many entries about missing/abducted and murdered children and adults. This week, she has compiled a list of high-profile murder cases from Utah in her entry 2006: The year of murder in Utah review.

Our upstairs neighbor Harding from T. O. Crime writes about a street corner in Toronto where violence is not rare. He also includes a video in his New Year’s in Toronto: A True Crime Story.

Thank you all for the submissions for this first Carnival of 2007. If anyone would like more information about the True Crime Blogroll and our Carnivals, please visit our website.


CrimeSceneBlog said...

Great job and I love the graphic.

Home Sweet Home said...

Great Job! And Thank You!

Susan said...

Good stuff as always. I love the pics you all use for your carnivales. Did you see LILO has an update on the loser mother who's toddler was found on the highway?