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Remember Russell Turcotte?

In July, 2005, just days after Joseph Duncan was captured in Coeur d'Alene, ID and the horrible scope of his crimes was being revealed, crime blogger extraodinaire Steve Huff listed Russell Turcotte in his blog entry about possible Joseph Duncan victims. Steve again wrote about Russell's unsolved death in this blog entry on October 28th, 2005, A New Look at the Unsolved Murder of Russ Turcotte.

Today, fresh reports concerning the investigation into his death allege Joseph Duncan WAS present at the same truck stop in Grand Forks, ND "within hours" of the time Russell was last seen there.

The Cellar Dwellers have been discussing this case since last October at the Cellar Forum, where a more recent photo of Russell- allegedly taken the day before he disappeared- was posted to aid discussion. Apparently, some investigators initially discounted Joseph Duncan because Russell was a 19-year old young man- and not a child. However, what we know about Joseph Duncan to date doesn't exactly fit any one special serial killer/child molester/psychopath profile. This picture shows a much more frail, younger-looking 19-year old than the other photos of Russell which were previously supplied to the authorities and the press.

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One of Joseph Duncan's earlier victims, Anthony Martinez, was 10 years old. He was about 4'11"tall and 70 lbs. Slade Groene, one of Joseph Duncan's last victims was a sturdy 13 years old and about 5'4". Russell Turcotte's father, in an interview from one year ago:

Duncan's past record indicates he favored victims younger than Russell was, but Bill says his son, though 19 when he died, looked like a much younger teen. Turcotte recalls the last photo of his son, taken July 12 by the young woman Turcotte was staying with when he phoned his mother for cash.

“He'd been away from home. His cheeks were hollowed out, he looked vulnerable,” Bill said. “He looked real boyish.”

Boyish, vulnerable. Like the young man in the photo posted above. Add to that, he was returning from a Rainbow gathering, and was from all accounts a very mellow, sweet and peaceful young man... Yes, that seems like someone Joseph Duncan would feel able to "handle." Russell's death certificate listed blunt force trauma to the skull- as did Anthony Martinez' and Slade Groene's (as well as Slade's mother's and her boyfriend's death certs). That in itself doesn't mean Joseph Duncan killed Russell, of course, it's just another one of those Hmmm's.

More information, letters from Russell's family, and theories can be found at

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