Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The following images are scans of some Joseph Duncan scrawls from the Kootenai County jail sent to the "ghost blogger" of JED's 5nrevelations blog. They were posted exclusively in The Cellar Forum on October 21, and now are being brought to this public blog. These scrawls were the precursor to his "We Need Tougher Sex Crimes (uh... laws)" blog entry from January 23. 2006. Joseph Duncan didn't want these to go onto the blog, so he scribbled them out and wrote the words "NO BLOG" over them.

The Sickness:

Ignorance is Bliss?:

I swear, he expells this excrement out of his ass so fast and furious, Big Al & friends must be eunuchs by now.


Soobs said...

I'm not sure that Big Al and associates let him do too much talking.

compassrose said...

It does make me wonder what he has written in the last year. A man with this kind of inflated ego and perverted view of the world can't prevent himself from putting his twisted sick words to text.

miki said...

This is off the topic but in a another blog posting you had said that he had used the alis Bas. Well this is surly him talking here about the peterson case because he has said some of those same things in past blog postings he wrote in the fifth nail.

miki said...

Woops guess I forgot to put the url. Here it is