Monday, October 16, 2006

Prosecutor accepts plea deal

Prosecutor Bill Douglas has accepted Joseph Duncan's plea offer. Melissa Luck at KXLY reports that the plea accepted is essentially the same offer which was previously rejected by Douglas on October 6th.

In the plea deal that was offered and subsequently rejected Duncan confirmed that he knew if he entered a plea in Coeur d'Alene the federal government would seek the death penalty against him and he knew that any statements he made would be "admissible in evidence" in both state and federal courts.

The great part of this new deal is that Kootenai County will be able to bring Joseph Duncan back for death penalty sentencing if the feds don't sentence him to death.

Update 4:30 p.m.-

The Spokesman-Review has added documents to their website:
¤ Public Statement
¤ Factual basis for guilty plea
¤ Details of plea deal (counteroffer)

Excellent- thank you, Coconut Willy!


bloo said...

Which is more appropriate?
a BIG hell Yah
a big HELL YAH!

Soobs said...

Amen! Let me you think that the federal case will require that Shasta testify? Since we know he has video.

Capt. Fantastic said...

Dunno, Soobs- as only Federal Defender Peven will have (has?) the encryption keys, per the "revised" plea offer.

Definitely some hinkiness going on.

Compasssrose said...

I feel hoodwinked. It is like Duncan and Peven were in the driver's seat with this second plea deal. When the DA finally faced the reality that Shasta could be truly traumatized by testifying and public and political pressure was applied, the power had shifted to a slicker lawyer. And this shyster has the files.

Anonymous said...

The disappearance of Jason Jolkowski from Omaha in June of 2001 seems to fit, in some ways, the Duncan timeline and mo. With Duncan's sister in Kansas City, Omaha would have been directly in the travel zone of a trip from Fargo to Kansas City. Although Jason was 19 when he disappeared, he looks younger to me, and since he was reported as being shy, that, too, would have made him seem younger than his years.

I think any missing child case on any route Duncan might have traveled should have a another look taken at the circumstances. Has the Jolkowski case been given the "Duncan test?"