Friday, October 13, 2006

Bookmark 'em

Television news station KXLY and newspaper The Spokesman-Review, both out of Spokane, WA, have excellent "special coverage" sections for Joseph Duncan's crimes and this trial. I'll add them to the links at right, but it'd be a good idea to bookmark them for ease in getting quick updates on this case.

I know KXLY's Melissa Luck will continue to cover this case, as she has since May, 2005, and The Spokesman-Review's Taryn Brodwater has also been following this case for many months. Both of these newswomen have done a fantastic job in their reporting, and I know they work hard to get the story right, with details the other media overlook or just plain don't think to look for in their reporting.

¤ KXLY's Joseph Duncan coverage

¤ Spokesman-Review's Joseph Duncan coverage

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