Friday, August 04, 2006

In Memory of Spyder

March 6, 1965 - July 31 2006

Cellar Dwellers, and Cellar Blog readers, you need to know that Spyder (JED's brother) died this past Monday from a heart aneurysm. (Or, more correctly, from complications following the emergency surgery to REPAIR a thoracic aortic aneurysm).

Spyder was a sensitive, caring man, with a couple "kids" of his own, who agreed with the focus of The Cellar Blog in recording the TRUE details concerning his older brother, Joseph Edward Duncan, III.

He and I shared many, many e-mails and phone conversations since he first contacted me last July when I took over this blog, and I consider him my friend. Spyder was a great conversationalist, once you managed to break past the one- or two-word replies. Yeah, he had a LOT to be wary and protective about. Namely, "his daughter," a young teen- who was the first person that alerted him to his estranged brother's crimes when the local news broke in Washington, with an innocent, "Hey, isn't that your brother Jet?" comment while the television news was blaring in the living room.

Off went the TV! (The "daughter" was likely sent on a household errand or out to play with the dog while Spyder made some phone calls- knowing him) . Yet ON went the troubles at work (your brother's a baby fucker!), at home (my mom said I can't be friends with [your daughter] anymore...) , with his physical and mental health (I won't go into this out of privacy and respect for this man, but some of the crap he read about himself and his siblings on the internet ate away at him!)...

And especially, I believe, in his heart.

On and ON went the persecution of this genuine, intelligent, caring man, who just happened to share the same DNA as Joseph Edward Duncan, III.

I called Spyder several days back, and thought it strange that his number was no longer in service. He hadn't replied to the last e-mail I sent him, either. This wasn't normal for Spyder, he was consistently responsible in replying to phone calls, messages, e-mails... I told a fellow Cellar Dweller about my concerns, as well...

Then I received a phone call from one of his siblings:
had passed away, and they were letting his friends know about it...

Spyder, my friend, I will miss you. I ALREADY miss you. I am proud to have been your friend, and I am sorry for the bullshit you had to deal with the last year of your life. You know now that it was pure anger on their parts, right? As you always said, "Kiss My Ass!" :)


I don't know how I could possibly express my feelings in this public "blog," though I feel I did, in private, to his siblings over the telephone... and while I've tried to write a blog entry- this blog entry- a few times already... I'm just going to hit the "publish" button this time.

There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Well it's my time coming, i'm not afraid to die
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time
Of time

Wait in the fire...

And she weeps on my arm
Walking to the bright lights in sorrow
Oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow
Oh my love
And the rain is falling and i believe
My time has come
It reminds me of the pain
I might leave
Leave behind

Wait in the fire...

And I feel them drown my name
So easy to know and forget with this kiss
I'm not afraid to go but it goes so slow

-Grace, Jeff Buckley

Bye, Guy. Thanks for letting me be your friend.


Update: For those who want to know, Spyder's (Bruce's) family is requesting that any donations be made to the American Heart Association in Bruce Duncan's name.