Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tips from Shasta lead to other cases

KREM's Shannon Sims reports tonight that Shasta Groene was responsible for authorities tying Joseph Duncan to other murdered children.

Steve Groene says alleged kidnapper and murderer Joseph Duncan told his daughter about the cases while he allegedly held her captive.

“Shasta basically told them right when they interviewed her when she was first found he had told her about killing a boy in California,” Groene said.

That boy was Anthony Martinez.

The others were Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias in Seattle. Videos of this interview with Steve Groene are available at the KREM website link for this story.

Shasta is an amazing kid, and I hope she will be the recipient of any rewards offered in these cases.


Imahologram said...

I agree Capt. Shasta is definately deserving of any reward that had been offered in connection with those cases. Had she not remembered what he had told her they may have remained unsolved.

anon said...'s wonderful that she was able to remember and a testament to her strength, but this gives me the horrors as least as much as the original and horrific details of what he did to Dylan. Just imagining the ways in which that monster compounded all her physical torture with the psychological: telling her that he had killed other children, she must have felt the ultimate despair, the complete conviction that no one could save her, because not only had he killed her family, and then killed her brother in front of her, he was telling her he'd done it before and more than once---and gotten away with it.

Every time I think this is the worst crime imaginable, some detail of it comes out that makes it even worse.

I am opposed to the death penalty, but I'd like to kill that man myself, slowly and painfully.

JoJoFox said...

Knowing now how Shasta was told by Jet of his earlier murders and knowing how she then had to watch while her brother was also primed to be murdered, truly helps me to understand the incredible bravery of this young child. Now when I view her roaming around in that mini-mart security tape prior to being apprehended, I can see how she must have felt, all caved in and totally numb ...and just a shell of a person, barely hanging on as she walked through the surreal nightmare of those hours....I think she may not have felt anything at all until she was finally asked her name in Denny's. She then could at last open up her terror and cry out. Such a very, very brave child.
I remain utterly astounded.

Soobs said...

If Duncan is the epitome of evil in this world, Shasta has to be the epitome of good. And bravery. And so many other positive qualities. I am in awe of that little girl. For many reasons, she is a real hero. Not just for making it through all that, but to identify Duncan as a suspect in those other cases........Bless her.

CD said...

Before we convict Joseph based on the heresay testimony of a 9 year old girl, lets wait until he has his day in court. Remember american justice states you are iinocient until proven guilty.