Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brenda's Family Wants Death for JED

According to KREM2's Shannon Sims' interview this evening with Brenda Matthew's sisters-

“He needs to be done with the right way, he needs to die. I wish he could die the way he killed my sister and Mark but that's the only justice,” Brenda’s sister Sandra Doble said.

The family strongly opposes any plea deal that could spare Duncan’s life.

The sisters also said 9-year-old Shasta Groene is prepared to testify against her accused kidnapper.

Watching the brief interview with these women via KREM video, it's not difficult to understand why they feel this way. Hell, one need only have read a fraction of this blog to know why most people would want Joseph E. Duncan swingin' from a-high, but in reality? Sit tight: It's going to be a while.
The Devil [walked/knocked] on their door that night... and took 'em all away.


Compassrose said...

Shasta is a marvel. Her resolve and courage puts us all to shame. I think that not only the love and support of her family gives her strength, but the deep love of the family she lost gives her a courage and determination to seek justice for them. There was no purpose for the senseless and cruel deaths of her family except to satisfy Duncan's twisted desires, but Shasta has a purpose, and it is to get justice for their lost lives. Bless you Shasta. If our prayers can help you and your family in any way -- I hope you know we remember you all everyday.

Magnolia said...

From what I can tell,Shasta's family is using positive reinforcement vs the "oh you poor thing" with her. This will give her tremendous strength throughout her life.I only wish her peace of mind came first with the courts, and not any "rights" of the devil.

Home Sweet Home said...

Defense is really promoting the idea of a plea deal in his case citing the probable 20 yrs it will take to get him to the electric chair and the cost of getting there. I hope that Douglas holds firm.

CD said...

There are two many victims in this case already. A death penality will only make Joseph the next victim if he is guilty indeed