Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Justin Harris: Another Joseph Duncan victim?

Why not? We know Joseph Duncan wasn't exactly picky when it came to his prey...

True Crime Blogger Imahologram, who is also a fellow Cellar Dweller and friend, boils it down in her recent blog entry about Joseph Duncan and the Disappearance of Justin Harris.

Ima broached this possibility in the Cellar forum back in August (Topic "Did Duncan snag a victim in WY?") and hasn't given up on it since.

Sometime between the late hours of Saturday, February 14th and the early morning hours of Sunday, February 15th 2004 thirteen year old Justin Phillip Harris disappeared.

At the time of his disappearance Justin was reported to be approximately five feet tall, weigh roughly 100 pounds and have a cognitive ability of a 6 or 7 year old. Justin had been residing at the R. L Mills Home, a state-run facility, located at 116 East “H” Street in Casper, Wyoming since the summer of 2003...

Especially compelling to this case is the odd entry Duncan made in his Fifth Nail blog on February 16, 2004 about having gone skiing that weekend. Alone. For the first time in his life.

We know Joseph Duncan had lied in the past, on what he assumed was a "record," concerning his whereabouts. Was this just another instance of his fabricating an alibi? Many followers of this case who are famliar with Joseph Duncan's blog are aware of his overstated need- compulsion- to minutely detail his whereabouts on certain dates. Usually dates when children have gone missing. This is just one of them.

Imahologram goes on to explain her reasoning behind this suspicion:
When I first posed the theory that Justin Harris had become a victim of Joseph Duncan, I thought that perhaps I was grasping at straws. Mainly because Fargo, North Dakota is about 900 miles or so, give or take from Casper, Wyoming. It’s roughly about a 12 hour drive, again give or take.
So let’s assume that the weekend of the 15th Joseph Duncan decided to take a drive. He had no plans for the weekend other than making a web page. So he decided to get in his car and just head down the road, maybe only for an over night trip. Perhaps he didn’t even have the thought of hunting for a victim in his head at the time. There's a Wi-Fi hotspot in Cheyenne, he could create his web page away from home and upload it to the Internet from there, if he was so inclinded.

If Joseph Duncan ended up headed toward Casper, Wyoming from Fargo guess what Interstate he would have found himself on? Interstate 25 South, right in front of the Mills Home where Justin Harris resided.
Exactly. Add to that, the number of state and national parks in the area- known Joseph Duncan killing/disposal grounds- and we have a serious possibility here.

Justin Harris is considered an "endangered runaway." Justin was last seen Feb 15, 2004.

Please visit Imahologram's blog to read more about Joseph Duncan and the Disappearance of Justin Harris.


Anonymous said...

Let's just say Duncan has no plans to go skiing at all and as he is heading out on Interstate 25 he spies Justin and a crime is committed. While driving home he sees so many cars weekend- traveling with ski racks, sooooo he makes up the skiing story...and on the blog he embellishes with improvised details...the borrowed pants....his bosses' son...the aches and pains.....
Oh yeah...I say it is more than possible... I say its highly probable.

JoJoFox said...

The above Anonymous comment is mine..oops !

FiveFootBagel said...

Yes, and one can't help but notice he spends several days around Justin's disappearance crying again about his crime, his innocence in not realizing it was a crime because he was so victimized as a youth, and his opinions on registering as a sex offender.

FiveFootBagel said...

And, I bet that CEO who brought his 5 year old along to ski with Duncan is still shaking in his ski boots over what he subsequently learned about his ski-buddy. I found it interesting that Duncan mentioned the five year old.
I feel sick knowing Duncan would have taken the freeway past my house on his way to Anthony Martinez. I can only imagine how that dad (and kid) must feel.