Monday, January 23, 2006

Joseph Duncan: Sex Crimes and Serial Killers

Joseph Duncan writes about sex offenders and a friendly "serial killer" in a recent letter dated January 8th, and unwittingly underscores the need for Dylan's Law:

If you take control away from a person who has an obvious need for control (a “sex offender”—just for example) then what do you think they’ll do? Give up? Not likely. They are going to find a way to take control back, at any cost. And guess what? Do you really think they’ll look for a new way to get control, or resort to the one way they know? Hmm, maybe if common sense doesn’t snap us out of our delusion history will. Since America started getting tough on Sex crime in the mid 80’s we now have more than double the sex crimes per capita than the 70’s.

He goes on to detail the alleged crimes of a "friend" of his- a "serial killer," in order to underscore the "uselessness" of the current and newly-proposed laws aimed at protecting our children from these disgusting, violent freaks:
...a very good friend of mine who happens to be a “serial killer” told me that he committed more sex crimes during the two years he was on parole (including killing three children) than he did in the entire five years he was not on parole.

"With friends like that, who needs enemies?" as the saying goes. Damn, I thought his previous blog entry about his "remorse" (rather, lack of!) was about as bad as it was going to get. No, this one is just as bad- if not worse. Joseph Duncan clearly has no remorse for the vile molestations, tortures and murders he has committed throughout his life. Duncan shares an awful lot of similarities with this "serial killer friend" he writes about. Hmm.
In fact—he tells me that while he was not on parole he committed NO crimes until the police started doing illegal quarterly registration checks at his home (coming to his house to make sure he was complying with the law). He said that was when he started looking for control again—to prove (consciously and subconsciously to himself) that “they” couldn’t control him. So now more people are dead and hurting because some police chief decided to take it upon himself to “get tough on sex crime.”

Oh yes, the same diatribe against sex offender "check in's" that he wrote about in his original Fifth Nail blog. This recent letter is so disturbing and revealing: he even goes on to rail against an unnamed "police chief" in this missive- much as he complained about (and taunted via the "Chat with the Chief" forum) Fargo, ND police chief, Chris Magnus, on his blog.

This new, controversial blog entry was briefly posted late this morning (EST), and then quickly pulled. However, I understand this new blog entry will be re-posted to Joseph Duncan's new blog again tonight, after KXLY News4's Melissa Luck breaks this story in the mainstream media on their 5:00 (PST) news.

Updated: 8:08 p.m.- the entry is now on the blog, here.
Edited 1/24 11:45 a.m.


JoJoFox said...

Jet says, "He said that was when he started looking for control again—to prove (consciously and subconsciously to himself) that “they” couldn’t control him."

Excuseme Jet, isn't this called resisting evil...didn't you say that was wrong and against God's will..? Didn't you say resisting God's will(be it good or evil..because all is relative) would just create more chaos..? Guess what ...I think you are getting your just deserves now and will continue to get your lumps far into the future.

Guess you misplaced your own philosophy of humans have to "go with the flow and not resist what they consider evil"... To bad you didn't just trust God that he was leading circumstances in the right way. bad!

Magnolia said...

Trying to appear insane is not a bright move on his part. I think he should be allowed all the paper and pencils he he can trip over himself at trial.
I'm glad you did this CF...I know it's difficult to be second guessed.

Mike Schuler said...

All Duncan's new writings show, is that he is a psychopath, which is not a mental illness. Even if he gets Idaho's repeal of the insanity defense struck down, he's incriminated himself much to far to ever hope for that defense for himself.

bloo said...

You tell 'em Jules! Tell 'em like it is. The Duncan case would not be as exposed to the media if it weren't for your uncanny ability to sleuth and destroy. You've exposed the Jazzi-Jet side of Duncan. You've exposed Duncan's odd and secretive friendships. You've exposed his latest "Born Again Blog".

Don't let the naysayers get to you. Just keep doing what you do. You do it better than the rest.

JoJoFox said...

Yeh...and that goes for me too!
"Nobody does it better..."
(all together now!)

a hoser said...

Three (sort of) mysteries: First, I'm a Christian, so I have to believe in redemption. For everyone. That may upset some...

Second, there is NO mystery that Capt. Fantastic (Pinball Wizard?) is brilliant, but also charismatic in order to be able to access and elicit information beyond that held in a computer.

Third - and this is the real mystery to me - why does this have to become so personal? I'm surprised and frustrated about the "ire" that the dissemination of this information seems to draw. I'm sure we can all agree that it's very interesting, in both content and Capt. F's presentation...after all, we're all here, no? But as for personal attacks? Maybe someone can clue me in on the wisdom of that...

Liver Let Die said...

For me it's not so much how much bile I can spit, but how far I can spit it. (-:

Neantaeus said...

As much as I hate the idea that the Duncan miscreant is enjoying being public again, it is easy to understand why the authorities would let him and his agent(s)blog. I'm sure they were hoping that he will incriminate himself through his rantings (and rantings they surely are: Supressing criminals makes more crime? What a whacko.)
As for Jules' motivation for posting this Duncan drivel (Why does everyone say this guy is so intelligent? I've never seen anything from him that is backed up with any sort of facts. He's appears to be just another faux-intellectual web wonk, who thinks that his opinions are so suave that no one will ever submit them to the burden of proof.) here, well anybody who has bothered to read this site knows that she is just doing what needs to be done: shining a light on the cockroaches to flush them out and make them easier to squash.

Sorry to hear that the crazies are at you Capt.

Capt. Fantastic said...

Thanks guys, I'll just have to use the comment moderation. :)

People who don't want to know certain information will just have to put on their big pants and stop themselves from reading it.

thpunishrr said...

Oh, I'm sorry all this time I thought Duncan should of been put to death a long time ago. I thought he was just a filthy human less piece of dirt. But now I see that he is just a martyr an activist for punishment too harsh. What a joke!!!! This man is totaly useless and on top of it all he still has a voice. Some of his victims do not. Duncan is the perfect argument for a one strike law and one of the many reasons I have started my own crime blog. Keep up the good work exposing scumb for what they are. The Punisher awaits.

FiveFootBagel said...

Yes, keep it up, Jules. I appreciate your sleuthin'. I'd rather know what the freaks are up to than bury my head in the sand.

Brittany said...

The orignal picture that can be seen doctored on on of his TIME covers. (Off his MSN Profile)
I don't know if you have this picture already, so if you do, sorry!