Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dylan's Law

Citizens For A One Strike Law's (CFAOSL) Tracy Oetting has now filed the initiative for Dylan's Law! "Dylan's Law is a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for violent and predatory sexual crimes such as kidnapping, to the vicious rapes and molestations of our young and defenseless children."

Initiative Measure #861
(I-861) is viewable as a pdf file from the Washington Secretary of State website, here. The draft summary is on Tracy's website, here.

Please visit the CFAOSL website for more information:

On January 1, CFAOSL's Mike Schuler began placing his handmade 4' x 8' signs around Spokane, WA and wrote about it in the Cellar forum to much praise and support:

They are at one of the busiest intersections in town, right across the street from Spokane Community College.

I hope they draw some attention.

A lot of people who live in Idaho and work in Spokane travel this way, as it's the quickest route to Rathdrum and Hayden Idaho.

Mike goes on to explain why support is needed from citizens outside WA as well:
It's not just Washington State. The whole country needs Dylan's Law. If Washington State is the first to enact it, it will force all of the other states to follow suit, and get off their empty smoke screens that aren't really solutions at all.

As it was with Megan's Law, the Jessica Lunsford Act, and many others.

Too many others. How many more laws and acts concerning sexual violence against children will it take for our legislators to acknowlege their "best" hasn't been good enough? Requiring these predators to register as a Level II or III Sex Offender and making that information available to the public is NOT good enough! A "mandatory 25-years to life with parole [so, they get out in maybe 15 years with perhaps some "counseling?"] and then GPS monitoring," even for the remainder of their lives, is NOT good enough!

It didn't stop Joseph Duncan. GPS monitoring? Ha! He'd probably be laughing his ass off as he removed that device and went on his way across the northwest, molesting and murdering people, unrecognized, until *he* decided it was high time to show his face in Coeur d'Alene. Nope, none of that would have prevented Joseph Duncan from doing what he did. And I certainly don't think it would have stopped Jesse Timmendequas or John Couey, either. So, of course I feel that Megan's Law and the Jessica Lunsford Act- while they have helped- have not enough teeth to really make a difference.

Joseph Duncan served 14 years of a 20-year sentence for his rape and assault of a 14-year old boy before he was first released on parole. He did not complete counseling. In fact, he even escaped during an overnight family visitation with his mother to masturbate while window-peeping in the neighborhood outside the facility- oh, and he brought an extension cord with him!- while in a counseling program.

Just a year and a half after paroled to "IT House" in Seattle, Washington, Joseph Duncan allegedly murdered Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias while on supervised parole. He admitted involvement with their murders before he was muted. Then on April 4, 1997- about two and a half years after Duncan's parole- Anthony Martinez was kidnapped from Beaumont, CA. Joseph Duncan's own confession to the FBI- and his fingerprint- tie him to this crime. (Then, of course, there are numerous other child molestations and murders during that time frame which Joseph Duncan could have committed, the kidnapping, molestation and murder of Deborah Palmer on March 26, 1997, just 8 days before Anthony Martinez, being one of them.)

There we have at least three child molestations-murders, as admitted by Joseph Duncan, during the time he was on supervised parole. When he absconded after his failed polygraph exam (and kidnapped and murdered Anthony Martinez during this flee from the law), he was not caught until August 27, 1997, at a relative's home in Kansas City, MO-a known location he might have been visiting, nonetheless. Oh, big surprise. This, a full five months after he absconded, and at least one molestation/murder later- that of Anthony Martinez- unknown at the time (only admitted 8 years later while in the hot seat for the Groene kidnappings/murders/molestations).

So, in late August, 1997, Joseph Duncan was sent back to prison for another three years, to "finish" his original sentence. That's right, "finish," even though three more years would still only bring his total time served to 17 years out of the TWENTY he was sentenced to serve! No extra time was tacked on to his sentence for his 5-month Excellent Adventure (again, even though no one knew he had molested and killed at least one child during this time!).

Readers... one child molestation/murder is one too many! I think we all agree on that, yes? If you have any doubt, just ask Anthony Martinez' family. It is time for We, the People, to make our voices heard.

Joseph Duncan is not an anomaly. He is the NORM for sexual predators. How many crimes did he commit that he was never even suspected of? A dozen? A hundred? I'll give you a hint: it's certainly more than 5.

After Joseph Duncan served these additional three measly years, he was released. He moved to Fargo, ND. He took to trolling the roads and parks around the area- and around places he visited while camping, skydiving, scuba diving, etc... - for victims. Joseph Duncan managed to "handle" the visits from law enforcement. After all- he wasn't being a bad boy just at that moment... only after these visits, apparently. When he got excited, exhilarated, cautious about being caught. To hear his local friends, teachers, neighbors, and area businessmen tell it: Joseph Duncan was a reformed Sex Offender who was making amends for his crimes. He was a responsible adult who was gaining a degree in college, gainfully employed, yadda-yadda... puke.

Come on! That bullshit has become a euphamism for "cat's still acting squirrelly, but we can't exactly blame him for anything." No, one couldn't blame someone like this for anything, save that hinky feeling they radiate. It's not IF they will re-offend, it's WHEN.

This is why Tracy and Mike need our support; our children need this protection! We can all help, whether we live in Washington, Ohio, Canada or even Australia. I'll boil it down here for the casual reader- but please, visit the CFAOSL website for more information, and bookmark it.

Washington residents, especially Spokane locals:
  • CFAOSL needs Volunteers to be Area Coordinators to help with
  • Area Volunteers who will gather signatures and pass out flyers, and
  • Volunteers to host fundraisers
  • Monetary contributions are needed!
  • Print and distribute the fundraising letter, here.
  • Write to your WA state legislator, asking them to please support I-861/Dylan's Law. Find yours here.
Please sign up at the CFAOSL website Volunteer page, here.

Non-WA residents:
  • Your monetary support is needed, please donate.
  • Contact media (e-mail forms from their websites are quick & easy!) and ask them to support and publicize I-861/Dylan's Law.
  • Spread the word about Dylan's Law and the website! Add it to your e-mail signature line.
When contributing your monetary support by mail, please make checks payable to "Citizens For A One Strike Law" and mail them to:
P.O. Box 192
Skykomish WA, 98288

There are more ways we can all help at the CFAOSL website.


Neantaeus said...

I'm happy see that you are back up and running and in full voice. Your site is linked to many other true crime sites, so you should expect a lot of traffic if you keep producing righteous and well-reasoned rhetoric like this. And believe me, they will listen.

Hat's off to Jules!

JoJoFox said...

"Shiver~me~timbers,Capt"'ve done it again!
Damn proud to know ya, Yankee!

Anonymous said...

This will never become law in the united states. No one with half a brain cell believes it would stand up to a challenge. It is unconstitutional and poorly written. Happy New Year