Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tori Vienneau and Dean Springstube

Steve Huff of Crimeblog.Us requested that other bloggers help disseminate this KFMB-TV interview with Dayna Herroz, mother of Tori and grandmother of Dean:

If you are a blogger or crime blogger please consider posting the video on your own blog. Let’s make the man you will read about below an Internet Celebrity.

I'm glad to help out, Steve!

Dennis Potts of Bonita, CA is the biological father of baby Dean:

Readers, head over to Crimeblog.US to read how Steve Huff has been helping the Herroz family in their quest for justice.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LII

It's been that long?

Yes! This is the earmark, dear readers. The one-year anniversary of the True Crime Blogroll, as created and developed by Trench and Steve (muh Blog-Daddy, ayuh!). Our Trench is hosting this anniversary edition of the Carnival:

It is my extreme honor this week to bring you the 52nd weekly edition of the True Crime Blog Carnival which also makes it the one year anniversary edition. Lost in Lima Ohio held the very first carnival and we've been blessed to have some very talented bloggers host and participate in the past year of carnivals. But rather than rest on our laurels we're bringing you another fresh edition of the carnival...
Please visit Trench's Carnival blog entry for the low-down on the various blogs participating in this week's Carnival, and be sure to visit those blogs whose stories are highlighted in Trench's round-up; you won't be disappointed! Many excellent bloggers with fascinating True Crime stories await you... but not on company time, you know ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The following images are scans of some Joseph Duncan scrawls from the Kootenai County jail sent to the "ghost blogger" of JED's 5nrevelations blog. They were posted exclusively in The Cellar Forum on October 21, and now are being brought to this public blog. These scrawls were the precursor to his "We Need Tougher Sex Crimes (uh... laws)" blog entry from January 23. 2006. Joseph Duncan didn't want these to go onto the blog, so he scribbled them out and wrote the words "NO BLOG" over them.

The Sickness:

Ignorance is Bliss?:

I swear, he expells this excrement out of his ass so fast and furious, Big Al & friends must be eunuchs by now.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Remember Russell Turcotte?

In July, 2005, just days after Joseph Duncan was captured in Coeur d'Alene, ID and the horrible scope of his crimes was being revealed, crime blogger extraodinaire Steve Huff listed Russell Turcotte in his blog entry about possible Joseph Duncan victims. Steve again wrote about Russell's unsolved death in this blog entry on October 28th, 2005, A New Look at the Unsolved Murder of Russ Turcotte.

Today, fresh reports concerning the investigation into his death allege Joseph Duncan WAS present at the same truck stop in Grand Forks, ND "within hours" of the time Russell was last seen there.

The Cellar Dwellers have been discussing this case since last October at the Cellar Forum, where a more recent photo of Russell- allegedly taken the day before he disappeared- was posted to aid discussion. Apparently, some investigators initially discounted Joseph Duncan because Russell was a 19-year old young man- and not a child. However, what we know about Joseph Duncan to date doesn't exactly fit any one special serial killer/child molester/psychopath profile. This picture shows a much more frail, younger-looking 19-year old than the other photos of Russell which were previously supplied to the authorities and the press.

Free Image Hosting at

One of Joseph Duncan's earlier victims, Anthony Martinez, was 10 years old. He was about 4'11"tall and 70 lbs. Slade Groene, one of Joseph Duncan's last victims was a sturdy 13 years old and about 5'4". Russell Turcotte's father, in an interview from one year ago:

Duncan's past record indicates he favored victims younger than Russell was, but Bill says his son, though 19 when he died, looked like a much younger teen. Turcotte recalls the last photo of his son, taken July 12 by the young woman Turcotte was staying with when he phoned his mother for cash.

“He'd been away from home. His cheeks were hollowed out, he looked vulnerable,” Bill said. “He looked real boyish.”

Boyish, vulnerable. Like the young man in the photo posted above. Add to that, he was returning from a Rainbow gathering, and was from all accounts a very mellow, sweet and peaceful young man... Yes, that seems like someone Joseph Duncan would feel able to "handle." Russell's death certificate listed blunt force trauma to the skull- as did Anthony Martinez' and Slade Groene's (as well as Slade's mother's and her boyfriend's death certs). That in itself doesn't mean Joseph Duncan killed Russell, of course, it's just another one of those Hmmm's.

More information, letters from Russell's family, and theories can be found at

Monday, October 16, 2006

Prosecutor accepts plea deal

Prosecutor Bill Douglas has accepted Joseph Duncan's plea offer. Melissa Luck at KXLY reports that the plea accepted is essentially the same offer which was previously rejected by Douglas on October 6th.

In the plea deal that was offered and subsequently rejected Duncan confirmed that he knew if he entered a plea in Coeur d'Alene the federal government would seek the death penalty against him and he knew that any statements he made would be "admissible in evidence" in both state and federal courts.

The great part of this new deal is that Kootenai County will be able to bring Joseph Duncan back for death penalty sentencing if the feds don't sentence him to death.

Update 4:30 p.m.-

The Spokesman-Review has added documents to their website:
¤ Public Statement
¤ Factual basis for guilty plea
¤ Details of plea deal (counteroffer)

Excellent- thank you, Coconut Willy!

Jury Selection CANCELED- possible plea deal!

That's right- jury selection has been canceled! Instead, a hearing is now scheduled to take place at 9:00 a.m. Monday. KXLY's Melissa Luck informs on the recent developments of this possible deal:

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department reports jury selection in the Joseph Duncan murder trial has been canceled. Instead, Judge Fred Gibler will hold a hearing in the courtroom and the media and public will be allowed to sit in.
The news comes on the heels of media reports that a plea deal has been reached. Several people involved in the case were contacted Sunday night but no one would confirm a possible plea deal.

Update 11:50 a.m.: The Associated Press reports that a plea deal has been reached, quoting an anonymous source:

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of gag orders in state and federal courts, said this morning the agreement was slightly different from what Duncan's lawyers had been seeking but gave no details.

"This will move it into federal court," the source said.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Groene v Duncan

Steve Groene filed a wrongful death suit against Joseph Edward Duncan, III on October 4, 2006. Below is a photo loop of the documents filed so far for this suit:

¤ First Cause of Action- Wrongful Death
¤ Second Cause of Action- Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
¤ Third Cause of Action- Battery

Under the Demand for Jury Trial heading, note this:

For such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper, including an Order prohibiting Defendant Duncan from profiting from his crimes against Plaintiffs by writing books, providing television or movie content, or other such similar activities.

Awesome. Good luck Steve, Shasta and family!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bookmark 'em

Television news station KXLY and newspaper The Spokesman-Review, both out of Spokane, WA, have excellent "special coverage" sections for Joseph Duncan's crimes and this trial. I'll add them to the links at right, but it'd be a good idea to bookmark them for ease in getting quick updates on this case.

I know KXLY's Melissa Luck will continue to cover this case, as she has since May, 2005, and The Spokesman-Review's Taryn Brodwater has also been following this case for many months. Both of these newswomen have done a fantastic job in their reporting, and I know they work hard to get the story right, with details the other media overlook or just plain don't think to look for in their reporting.

¤ KXLY's Joseph Duncan coverage

¤ Spokesman-Review's Joseph Duncan coverage

Jury selection will be private

Today Judge Fred Gibler ruled that the jury selection for Idaho v Joseph Edward Duncan, III will be closed to the public and the media.

"I find the right to a fair trial and an impartial jury outweighs the right of the press to cover voir dire," Gibler said of the method for selecting jurors.
Judge Gibler ruled for a private jury selection mainly out of concern that people called for jury duty would witness the answers of those being questioned before them, and they would then finagle their own answers to "fit the bill."

There are also some pretty personal questions asked of potential jurors, and I could imagine a good portion of those people being uncomfortable and/or plain untruthful in answering them if the media is recording every word. In this case, potential jurors will also be asked very touchy questions about any sexual abuse they may have suffered. While their answers will not be broadcast on national television, the transcripts of jury selection will be made available to the media and the unwashed public after a jury has been seated.

California charges still possible

Anthony Martinez has not been forgotten. Riverside County, CA is still reviewing and investigating the case, and may charge Joseph Duncan for the murder of the boy after "the other jurisdictions ahead of us complete their case(s)".

Judge rules Shasta "competent" to testify

Judge Fred Gibler met with Shasta yesterday and interviewed her for more than an hour, determining she is competent to testify against Joseph Duncan.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The first trial- Idaho v. Joseph Edward Duncan, III- is scheduled to begin on October 16th with jury selection, possibly closed from the public. (The Federal trial, concerning the kidnapping, assault/rape and torture of the two children, Shasta and Dylan, and the brutal murder of Dylan, will come later. Charges concerning the creation and dissemination of child pornography are also likely to be made. No charges have been filed for the Federal case at this time.) Whether one agrees with it or not, both Kootenai County, ID and Federal prosecutors have the death penalty in mind.

Rejecting Joseph Duncan's October 4th plea offer to confess to all these crimes and more, Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas aims to seek the death penalty for Joseph E. Duncan's home invasion, kidnapping, torture and slaying of Slade Groene, Brenda Matthews Groene, and Mark McKenzie in May, 2005. Despite Steve and Shasta Groene's personal requests for a plea deal that would prevent young Shasta from having to face her torturer and the evil which single-handedly destroyed her family, her childhood, and probably her chance for a normal future:

For months Groene has lobbied for a plea deal that would keep his daughter off the stand in the local case and in cases expected against Duncan in other states.

"I've said this all along: I'd rather see everybody come together and plea bargain this thing out so Shasta doesn't have to testify," Steve Groene said. "Everybody shot that down."

These horrible slayings were perpetrated by Joseph Duncan, allegedly to further his kidnapping and sexual assault plans for the two younger children, upon whom were committed some of the most odious acts of twisted, paraphiliac rage and perversion EVER. Crimes which caused the violent death of young Dylan Groene in view of his little sister, survivor Shasta- who was allegedly forced to participate in "cleaning up" the crime scene- a "camp" Joseph Duncan brought the children to in an otherwise peaceful, remote area of western Montana's Lolo National Forest. This unbelievably horrific "end" which justified Joseph Duncan's "means" will be the focus of the Federal case.

Idaho's Kootenai County Prosecutor Douglas obviously realizes a death penalty sentence in the State case for Joseph Duncan is a pretty safe bet, as does Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson. Watson was recently quoted in this CDA Press article by Dave Turner regarding the U.S. attorney general's announcement that Federal prosecutors are allowed to seek the death penalty for Joseph Duncan :
Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson said he was also in favor of the trial going ahead.
"The citizens of Kootenai County were also Duncan's victims," he said. "The trial should be here."
He said if convicted, Duncan deserves to die.
"This way, you will have two shots at death because Duncan is evil," Watson said Tuesday.
This statement, as well as- and especially- those made by federal Public Defender Roger Pevan (watch his interview with KXLY here), spurred Judge Gibler to impose a gag order this morning:

Gibler also imposed a gag order on attorneys and others involved in the triple-murder trial. Gibler said he is concerned about recent statements those involved in the case have made to the news media.

In a pretrial hearing this morning, Gibler described his gag order as “quite broad” and said he is concerned about news articles in the press over the past few days.

“We’re trying to preserve anyone’s right to a fair trial,” he said. “I’m asking for some cooperation here. I’m not particularly pleased with what’s happened.”

Idaho and the Death Penalty

Idaho's Department of Correction currently houses 19 death row inmates, the oldest of whom, sentence-wise, is Lacey Sivak, now 47, who was sentenced to death in December, 1981, for his stabbing and shooting murder of a gas station attendant when he was 21 years old.

Then there is Erick Virgil Hall, convicted of the September 24, 2000 murder of Lynn Henneman, who was the first person in Idaho to be sentenced to death under the state's newly-adopted jury system for death penalty cases in October, 2004.

Hall kidnapped and raped Ms. Henneman, a flight attendant from New York, and killed her by strangling her with her own sweater. Ms. Henneman's body was found in the Boise River about two weeks after her death. Hall had an extensive criminal history at the time of Henneman's death, having raped a woman in 1991 and having assaulted at least two other women, who testified at his trial for Henneman's murder. Hall was also later found guilty of raping and murdering Cheryl Ann Hanlon in March, 2003. Hall's DNA was present on both Henneman's and Hanlon's bodies, as well as other items linking him to their deaths.

Add in Gene Stuart, convicted of beating a 3-year old toddler to death in 1982, and lone female Death Row denizen Robin Row, convicted in 1993 for the arson-related murders of her husband, son and daughter... and you have a toothless death penalty system.

Resentencing NOT required:
A decision issued by the United States Supreme Court June 24 means that 14 of the 20 Idaho prisoners sentenced to death do not have to be resentenced by a jury, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said.

The Supreme Court, in a five to four decision, reversed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Schriro v. Summerlin.

"Today's decision provides much needed clarification of the Court's earlier decision in the Ring case," Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said. "As a result of the decision, the victims' families will not have to go through the trauma of resentencing proceedings for every death-sentenced defendant."

Cuckoo for Coconuts!

Yes, the Idaho Death Penalty is a joke. Especially when it comes up around an election year. Prosecutor Bill Douglas, AKA "Coconut Willy," wants your vote. It seems he's willing to ignore the pleadings of the surviving child victim and her father, as well as the similar pleadings and plea offers of the disgusting, evil defendant in this case (which happen to actually favor this child witness!), in order to serve his own Headline/Election-fueled Justice.

As Coconut Willy (Bill Douglas) states on his own website:
I have strived during my fifteen years as your elected Prosecuting Attorney to be a strong voice on behalf of crime victims and survivors by insuring that they are not forgotten in the criminal justice system. Only until recently, have victims truly begun to become part of the criminal justice system. Our Victim Assistance Coordinator and Domestic and Family Violence Victim Advocate both provide crime victims a helping hand when they encounter an intimidating court system.

Over the past fifteen years, we have sponsored and provided important training to members of the law enforcement community to provide them with the tools to survive the criminal justice process. We need to do an even better job in continuing to provide victims with a strong voice.

Well, what stronger voice could you want than 8-year old Shasta Groene and her loving father telling you that she does NOT want to face Joseph Duncan? The voices of Shasta and Steve Groene have been heard 'round the world, Mr. Douglas, and it is clear: they do not want Shasta to have to face Sickfuck Duncan in the Idaho trial.

The Method

Idaho* is one of only two states** which might utilize a firing squad as a death penalty, if the preferred method of lethal injection is deemed "impractical." Idaho has executed one condemned inmate since 1976, save for Keith Wells, who "demanded" to be executed- and was- in January, 1994.

* Utah banned this method in 2004, however there are several death row inmates who were "grandfathered" at the time of the ruling and may still request this method when their time comes.
** The last death row inmate executed by firing squad in the United States was Utah's John Albert Taylor, on January 26th, 1996. Taylor was convicted of the brutal 1988 rape and murder of 11-year old Charla King.

Confession, encryption key rejected

Yesterday it was revealed that Joseph Duncan had made an offer to Kootenai County prosecutors on October 4th to admit to the murders of Brenda and Slade Groene and Mark McKenzie, the kidnapping of Shasta and Dylan Groene and the murder of Dylan. He also offered the pass key for his encrypted journal!

These confessions were offered in exchange for a sentence of life without parole in the State of Idaho case. The confessions made in this case, however, would likely bring a death sentence in the Federal case, for which charges have yet to be made.

Recall that this "encrypted journal" allegedly contains information about other crimes Joseph Duncan may have committed. In his Blogging the Fifth Nail blog entry dated May 13, 2005- just a couple days before the Wolf Lodge slayings and kidnapping of the two youngest children, he wrote:

I wish I could be more honest about my feelings, but those demons made sure I'd never be able to do that. I might not know if it matters, but just in case, I am working on an encrypted journal that is hundreds of times more frank than this blog could ever be (that's why I keep it encrypted). I figure in 30 years or more we will have the technology to easily crack the encryption (currently very un-crackable, PGP) and then the world will know who I really was, and what I really did, and what I really thought.

Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas rejected the offer. Melissa Luck from Spokane's KXLY reports on this surprising development here. Also watch her interview with Federal Public Defender Roger Peven here.

More information on this offer and Prosecutor Bill Douglas' rejection from the Spokesman-Review's Taryn Brodwater here. A copy of the plea offer is also available for viewing in the Spokesman-Review's excellent documents section.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Game On!

This blog post has nothing to do with Joseph E. Duncan, III, however, it does concern a scumbag who has an internet presence similar to Joseph Duncan's. The bottom-feeding parasite in question is known to myself and several other "True Crime" bloggers, and he needs to be put down like the rabid dawg that he is.

Imahologram has a Clue Game in session now at her blog regarding this low-life pervert. I'm not going to steal any of her thunder, but I do want to direct your attention to her blog and this serious issue via a somewhat lighthearted "game."

Hiding in Plain Sight; A Real Time Game for Sleuths- Part 1

Hiding in Plain Sight; Scooby-Doo Clue #2

October 12: New Clue! :::snort:::

Hiding in Plain Sight; Fruit from the Poison Tree- Clue #3

Hump it on ovah to Ima's blog to make your best guess. Winner gets to endlessly "Nyah Nyah" the loser Ick-Man responsible for the concerned "missing children" websites.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Cellar Forum is back up

Update 9/23 2:00 p.m. The forum is now online and functioning again. A backup issue apparently delayed the server move.

Cellar Dwellers:
The forum is down, and has been for over 24 hours now. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The server owner sent a system notice just before he took the forum offline for this server switch, and there was not enough time to let everyone know of this outage.

Please be patient, and use the comments section for this blog entry to post new information. Or send it along to my e-mail address: thecellarblog AT hotmail DOT com.

Sorry again for the inconvenience!

Friday, August 04, 2006

In Memory of Spyder

March 6, 1965 - July 31 2006

Cellar Dwellers, and Cellar Blog readers, you need to know that Spyder (JED's brother) died this past Monday from a heart aneurysm. (Or, more correctly, from complications following the emergency surgery to REPAIR a thoracic aortic aneurysm).

Spyder was a sensitive, caring man, with a couple "kids" of his own, who agreed with the focus of The Cellar Blog in recording the TRUE details concerning his older brother, Joseph Edward Duncan, III.

He and I shared many, many e-mails and phone conversations since he first contacted me last July when I took over this blog, and I consider him my friend. Spyder was a great conversationalist, once you managed to break past the one- or two-word replies. Yeah, he had a LOT to be wary and protective about. Namely, "his daughter," a young teen- who was the first person that alerted him to his estranged brother's crimes when the local news broke in Washington, with an innocent, "Hey, isn't that your brother Jet?" comment while the television news was blaring in the living room.

Off went the TV! (The "daughter" was likely sent on a household errand or out to play with the dog while Spyder made some phone calls- knowing him) . Yet ON went the troubles at work (your brother's a baby fucker!), at home (my mom said I can't be friends with [your daughter] anymore...) , with his physical and mental health (I won't go into this out of privacy and respect for this man, but some of the crap he read about himself and his siblings on the internet ate away at him!)...

And especially, I believe, in his heart.

On and ON went the persecution of this genuine, intelligent, caring man, who just happened to share the same DNA as Joseph Edward Duncan, III.

I called Spyder several days back, and thought it strange that his number was no longer in service. He hadn't replied to the last e-mail I sent him, either. This wasn't normal for Spyder, he was consistently responsible in replying to phone calls, messages, e-mails... I told a fellow Cellar Dweller about my concerns, as well...

Then I received a phone call from one of his siblings:
had passed away, and they were letting his friends know about it...

Spyder, my friend, I will miss you. I ALREADY miss you. I am proud to have been your friend, and I am sorry for the bullshit you had to deal with the last year of your life. You know now that it was pure anger on their parts, right? As you always said, "Kiss My Ass!" :)


I don't know how I could possibly express my feelings in this public "blog," though I feel I did, in private, to his siblings over the telephone... and while I've tried to write a blog entry- this blog entry- a few times already... I'm just going to hit the "publish" button this time.

There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Well it's my time coming, i'm not afraid to die
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time
Of time

Wait in the fire...

And she weeps on my arm
Walking to the bright lights in sorrow
Oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow
Oh my love
And the rain is falling and i believe
My time has come
It reminds me of the pain
I might leave
Leave behind

Wait in the fire...

And I feel them drown my name
So easy to know and forget with this kiss
I'm not afraid to go but it goes so slow

-Grace, Jeff Buckley

Bye, Guy. Thanks for letting me be your friend.


Update: For those who want to know, Spyder's (Bruce's) family is requesting that any donations be made to the American Heart Association in Bruce Duncan's name.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BLOG: The Movie

From the years 2000 - 2005,
evil made a home in North Dakota...

Bert Frishman and Lightstruck Video Production present:

It is an adaptation of JED's Fifth Nail blog, and is being shot on location in Fargo, ND. Watch the preview at or at the end of this entry. It took me about 30 seconds to know they captured, at least in the preview, the gestalt I personally felt while reading Joseph Duncan's Fifth Nail blog.

I don't know 'bout that Cheech Marin mustache, though.

Good luck, RupertK, I'm very interested in seeing more of this. The concept of BLOG is original and, I believe, compelling to the tens of thousands of netizens who have pored over this freak's blog since July 2, 2005.

Click the "Play" arrow on the image below to watch the preview.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brenda's Family Wants Death for JED

According to KREM2's Shannon Sims' interview this evening with Brenda Matthew's sisters-

“He needs to be done with the right way, he needs to die. I wish he could die the way he killed my sister and Mark but that's the only justice,” Brenda’s sister Sandra Doble said.

The family strongly opposes any plea deal that could spare Duncan’s life.

The sisters also said 9-year-old Shasta Groene is prepared to testify against her accused kidnapper.

Watching the brief interview with these women via KREM video, it's not difficult to understand why they feel this way. Hell, one need only have read a fraction of this blog to know why most people would want Joseph E. Duncan swingin' from a-high, but in reality? Sit tight: It's going to be a while.
The Devil [walked/knocked] on their door that night... and took 'em all away.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tips from Shasta lead to other cases

KREM's Shannon Sims reports tonight that Shasta Groene was responsible for authorities tying Joseph Duncan to other murdered children.

Steve Groene says alleged kidnapper and murderer Joseph Duncan told his daughter about the cases while he allegedly held her captive.

“Shasta basically told them right when they interviewed her when she was first found he had told her about killing a boy in California,” Groene said.

That boy was Anthony Martinez.

The others were Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias in Seattle. Videos of this interview with Steve Groene are available at the KREM website link for this story.

Shasta is an amazing kid, and I hope she will be the recipient of any rewards offered in these cases.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dylan's Law

Update on the Dylan's Law meeting in Burien, WA from the One Strike Law blog:
Last night’s meeting in Burien went very well. We had several new volunteers, the press was there and most importantly a big lot of the Groene family was there to support CFAOSL and our staff despite some people’s attempt to say that I am doing this for the publicity! What publicity we can get!

I want to say thank you to the Groene’s for their support and love towards all of us and I am so glad to have met the nicest bunch of people in a long time.

The meeting was basically an organizational meeting and talking about what crimes are under Dylan’s law. We talked about how when this law is passed it will force Oregon and Idaho to pass their own laws and how this will create a wildfire across this country...
(emphasis added by me)

Please visit the One Strike Law blog and the Citizens for a One Strike Law website for more information on Dylan's Law, and the ways you can help, even if you aren't a registered voter in the state of Washington.
- - -

Initiative 921 Open House tonight from 6-8 p.m.


Let's not say we're doing it for the children--let's really do it for the children!

Dear Dylan's Law Supporter,

Please spend three seconds reading a small message from the Groene Family:

One Strike Law open house Feb. 28 at 6 pm.

"The Groene family feels very strongly that sex offenses against our nations youth are reaching an epidemic level. It is up to each citizen to work together to bring about changes in our legal system that will keep these predators far away from our children. That is why we feel Dylan's Law is imperative to saving lives and give it our full support.

Please join our family and other concerned citizens at the Burien Public Library, Feb 28 from 6-8pm for more information on Initiative 921 and what we can do as a community to ensure the safety of every child,"
states Wendy Price, the aunt of Dylan Groene.

Please join us in this fight to keep violent sex predators in prison for life.

If anyone deserves a second chance it is a child not a predator!

Burien Library
6-8 pm
14700 6th Ave SW
Burien, WA (Map)

Thank you,

Tracy Oetting
Founder of Citizens for a One Strike Law
P.O. Box 192
Skykomish, WA 98288

Please support Dylan's Law!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Idaho Trial Delayed Until October 16th

ABC News4's KXLY reports:

COEUR D'ALENE -- The judge in the Joseph Duncan case has agreed to a defense request to delay the trial so they can have more time to prepare.

Defense Attorney John Adams asked for more time to prepare for the case, citing the huge volume of evidence he needed to go through.
Citing that it was a “Hard decision but right decision,” Idaho District Court Judge Fred Gibler sided with Adams and agreed to postpone Duncan’s trial date from April 4th to October 16th.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Leanna Warner and the Skydiving trip

Update 2/23- the June 14, 2003 skydiving video made by Joseph Duncan will be available to Cellar Dwellers soon. This will complete the "Joseph Duncan media" from that day.

- - -

Steve Huff has written a new entry about the possibility of Joseph Duncan having been involved in the disappearance of Leanna Warner ("Beaner"). In Revisiting Duncan, and Beaner..., Steve writes of a way Joseph Duncan could have made photos and videos to alibi himself:
How’s this for a theory? Duncan has timestamps on videos of people skydiving, sure. But if his friends were skydiving in a different part of the state, earlier in the day, maybe it makes sense to wonder who was skydiving that same day at the Chisholm-Hibbing airport… so close to where Leanna Warner disappeared. Videos of people skydiving in one place just before noon… and in another place entirely, near 4 or 5 pm. On a tape made on a long summer’s day, they might be virtually identical, and Duncan still has his time-stamped video of skydivers. Only the later tapes are at another airport, one situated closer to his prey. But when Agent Steve from the MN BCA e-mailed me last July 20, perhaps no one—me included, for sure—had thought of that, yet.

I'm with Steve. Nothing has been said about exactly what pictures or videos were Joseph Duncan's alibi in this case. We know he was with a group of people who were jumping that day- I've spoken with one of them- and we know he took some photos of the event. I was told that Joseph Duncan wasn't present "after around lunchtime" on that day. Where was he later that afternoon where he could have been photographed or filmed, providing him with an alibi over two years later? At the supermarket on the shopping trip he also mentioned? Doubt it. It's hard to believe anything he wrote on his blog, but when detailing his alibi in this entry, I'd think he would mention any other place he had been that day. So I assume the photos and videos that are his alibi were from a skydiving event, and he was the one filming.

We can't be sure "around lunchtime" meant around 12 noon to the person I spoke with, but it's a reference point we can use to pull a theory together. The appointment for the group was marked on the skydive company's calendar for 1:00 p.m. on June 14th.

I can't speak for this skydive company, but in my experience, if you show up early and they're not busy, you can go up early if the weather's right. So "around lunchtime" could mean closer to 12:00 than 2:00. Scheduling jumps around the weather (wind) means schedules aren't set in stone for this type of business. Could the group have begun their jumps earlier than 1:00 p.m.? Sure, and I'm thinking they did. Which would have given Joseph Duncan even more time to get to Chisholm, MN. I've found the airport where this took place, and it's about 210 miles from the airport to Leanna Warner's street. About a 4-hour trip. Leanna disappeared around 5:30 p.m.

There were five people in the group, all of whom were scheduled for tandem jumps. (A tandem jump is one in which the "customer" is snugly attached to an instructor- in front of the instructor- so that they jump together.) Since the plane which this company used at the time had a four-person limit, excluding the pilot, only two of the group could go up at a time. It would take three trips for all of them to get their turn.

Joseph Duncan likely took photos of that first jump only- two people from his group- and then left. He didn't hang around to watch the other three make their jumps. The photos I was sent of this event, which Joseph Duncan himself took, seem to bear that out. Several pictures of the plane, the general area, and then two images of separate jumpers coming down. The photos he took also include his "gag" gift of Depends, which he wrote about in his blog (scroll down to the bottom, entry titled "It Begins.") I don't know how many more images- if any- Joseph Duncan took on this day. I have only the CD of images he sent to a person who was there.

I'll add that the shadows in the photos indicate they were taken around 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Certainly not a few hours later, as the shadows are pretty much directly under the subjects casting them.

- - -

Something else I found: a "Joe Duncan" is listed as a student in the Jump School class which was held Friday June 27, around 6:30 p.m. and went on for 3-4 hours. The class resumed the next morning around 8:00 a.m. with the student jumps being made at 10:00 a.m., weather permitting. A search of the calendar (which I won't link from here as it contains an awful lot of personal information about the company's customers) revealed only one mention of "Joe Duncan." Here is a screen capture of that calendar, with the pop-up window of the class list for that day. Click on the image to enlarge. (I have blacked out all other names)

I had to go back through his blog and see if he ever wrote about actually making a jump. I know he mentioned wanting to do it, but I didn't find where he said he had.

Steve Huff will have more on this over at Huff's Crime Blog.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sick Leave

I'll be away from the blog for a few more days. I know I haven't updated in a while, though I do have a couple blog entries I've been working on. I hope to get at least one of them up by tomorrow night.

I was visited by a lovely viral infection which gave me acute bronchitis, and a nasty case of pleurisy, which brought along its own delightful infection and interesting pains.

I'm usually pretty good about responding to e-mails, but since I've been ill they have been backing up in my in-box. I'm sorry, please be patient. My family and my work come first. Then, the laundry. Then- maybe- this blog, as long as my husband is making dinner. :)

Discussion is ongoing in The Cellar Forum, if you're registered (new account activation is also a couple days behind). And there are always new, interesting, and usually maddening crimes being written about by my fellow True Crime Blogroll members over----> there.

See you guys in a few.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fifth Nail Revelations: Discovery and Reaction

It has been one week since the existence of Joseph Duncan's new blog, Blogging the Fifth Nail: Revelations, was leaked to the media by at least one person who had seen and understood the contents of some of the letters he wrote from his jail cell at the Kootenai County Jail in Idaho. It has also been a week of media flurry concerning Duncan's "new" blog, wild speculation concerning the identity of the "ghost blogger," and vitriolic comments directed at this blogger and anyone else "involved" in this situation.

That person, or people, who contacted the media apparently did not know the URL (web address) to Duncan's new blog. Had they known, they would have shared that with their media contacts, and I wouldn't have received e-mails from the media last Saturday asking whether I knew about it (or was blogging for him), and would I care to share the URL? So it's a small hop to narrow down the leak to someone at the KC jail or someone in law enforcement or involved in Duncan's prosecution or defense. The URL was not written in Joseph Duncan's letters; only his written blog entries were visible, and his instructions for putting them on the blog- including checking for spelling errors, and the deletion/replacement of one entry with a new one. Yes, it would have been obvious to anyone with knowledge of the letter contents to figure it out- Duncan was blogging again! But what was not easy to discover was the URL of his new blog.

Steve Huff makes a guess that echoes my suspicions, in his January 24 blog entry,…
In a Way, Joseph Edward Duncan III ‘Returns…’

If I were to hazard a guess — only a guess — I’d say someone on Duncan’s defense team did it, and they did it after reading the letter from the Kootenai County lockup that was intended to be that blog entry, as it is likely Duncan’s correspondence is monitored.
Steve's got a hell of a sniffer on him, as any casual reader of his blog knows. And while he's a friend of mine, and knew about this blog from the beginning- he did not know I had read some correspondence written by Duncan which also lead me to believe this was the case.

Imahologram caught the whiff early on, too. In her January 25 blog entry, The Devil's Revelations; Joseph Duncan's Secret Blog, she cites Steve's blog entry and concurs:
I’d say that the defense determined that the only way to shut Duncan up was to expose the blog. Surely the latest entry dictated by Joseph Duncan is enough to make any defense team shift into damage control and try to prevent their client from saying anything else incriminating – and that last entry is certainly incriminating. One doesn’t need a degree in psychology to realize that the “serial killer" Joseph Duncan refers to in this entry is himself. So again if I had to guess, I would agree with Steve Huff and speculate that the defense team has a leak.

One week ago today it began to unfold. Reporter Melissa Luck from ABC News4 in Spokane was the first to break this story in the mainstream media, reporting responsibly and in detail. She contacted noted handwriting and document examiner Hannah McFarland for her expert opinion on the "blog" entries allegedly written by Joseph Duncan. While shown faxed copies of the scanned letters (.jpg files), Ms. Mcfarland compared them with earlier, known samples of Joseph Duncan's writings and determined, in her preliminary examination, that the letters "likely came from the same person."

Imahologram and Steve Huff both knew about this "ghost blogging for Duncan" situation from the start. As did the FBI, which to me is a given- but some readers prefer to think we "amateurs" shouldn't have been involved at all. And that's where I knew I'd be taking some lumps. For sure, the accusations that I was the "ghost blogger" came banging at me like a screen door in a hurricane- e-mail, blog comments, message board posts, phone calls... in person (Oh, those were fun- DO call again! Heh heh...)

Not a few of the outright accusations were thinly-veiled ploys designed to induce me to offer up the identity of the "ghost blogger," I'm sure. Sorry to disappoint some of you, but when I say that I'm going to protect a source's identity- I mean it. Just as I have a personal interest- my reputation- in corroborating evidence and demanding proof of the things I choose to blog about here at The Cellar.

Those who need someone to blame, besides Joseph Duncan himself, for this new blog of his- need look no further than websites like,,,, and many, many others which traffic in the sale of letters, art, and other "collectibles" from notorious criminals: usually murderers and serial killers ( no longer allows the sale of "murderabilia"). The monetary interest of at least one person who wrote to Joseph Duncan, who was asked to blog for him, spurred this whole endeavor.

Andy Kahan, Director of the Houston, TX Mayor's Crime Victim's office, has been crusading against the profit made from this kind of "murderabilia" since 1999.

Kahan's crusade to end the sale of murderabilia began when he stumbled across a Web site selling the merchandise. Appalled that criminals could profit from their crimes, Kahan began following the auctions and purchasing murderabilia items hoping to catch the attention of state legislators.

"I was shocked. I can't think of anything more nauseating than criminals hawking items of their crimes for pure profit. I am not against making money, but you've got to draw the line somewhere," Kahan said.

High-profile people like Mr. Kahan, and John Walsh, of TV's America's Most Wanted, jumped on this type of auction years ago, succeeding in forcing mega internet auction site to cease hosting this type of auction:
Eventually bowing to public pressure, eBay decided to ban the sale of murderabilia items in May 2001, forcing the industry underground, where it continues to be pursued by the likes of John Walsh.
Enter a like-minded private citizen who had corresponded with Joseph Duncan and read my previous blog entry about one of the bottom-feeders hoping to make a buck off Duncan's letters on auction websites. This private citizen found the possibility of Duncan and someone else making money off the letters and/or blog as distasteful as I did. And so they decided to step up and change that. They offered to "ghost blog" for Duncan. Without any intent on making a buck off it.

Steve Huff's blog entry defends this act in a way I couldn't touch, so for the few readers who have not yet read his take on this, I refer you to his rundown on the situation: how it began, how it unfolded, and why it's not the evil act some people choose to think it is: needs to exist, as does But they don’t exist now for the man in jail writing the words found there. These blogs should be considered as existing for the rest of us. They are a kind of warning. Duncan isn’t enlightening anyone in the way he believes, with his writings of God as “William,” or the “Will I Am,” he is giving an answer to everyone who hears of crimes like he may have committed. Those who ask “why?”

Most of us, that is. The rest of us.

Imahologram's blog entry also aims to elucidate the birth and cultivation of this new Fifth Nail blog to the readers somewhat new to internet postings and blogs:
Duncan had specific requests, one of which was that he wanted a specific type of template, one that he felt would befit the subject matter. He believed that his verbal flatulence was readily available to the entire Internet. However the reality of the situation was a little different, the blog code was tweaked so it would not show up in search engines. It was not listed or advertised any where. The viewing audience was limited to four people - the ghost writer, Capt. Fantastic, Steve Huff and myself.

Law enforcement was notified of the existence of the blog and Duncan’s defense team became aware of the blog on their own, most likely through the security procedures used on inmate mail. The federal defense team knew of the blog, it is believed that the state defense team also knew of the blog.
I thank them both for their clearly-written blog entries concerning Duncan's "new blog," the "ghost writer," and how it all came to pass. If a few 24/7 TV news junkies with miniscule reading and comprehension abilities are still incapable of wrapping their brains around the situation after reading those two blog entires... that's OK. Some people need something to bitch about, however misdirected is their anger. Content in recusing themselves from being part of a solution, they are simply part of the problem.

Which brings me to an important blog entry Steve Huff wrote today, “… Everything Else is Just More Crime…” in which he compares the latest Fifth Nail: Revelations blog entry to entries Joseph Duncan made as far as one year ago on his original Fifth Nail blog:

... any disappearances, deaths, unsolved murders, you name it, that occurred between May, 2004 and May, 2005 in an area where Duncan would have lived or traveled need to be examined very thoroughly with the idea in mind that he could have been the abductor, attacker, the killer.

If Duncan was “looking for control again,” it could have been anyone, and for all we know, not always a sex crime, per se. At least, not outwardly.

I’ve solicited this sort of input before, but it is worth doing again — if you can think of unsolved murders and/or disappearances between the spring of 2004 and spring/summer of 2005, particularly in the west and midwest, that do not currently have a viable suspect connected to the incident, please let me know through the contact form or in the comments made on this blog entry.

Go. Read. Be part of the solution.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Joseph Duncan: Sex Crimes and Serial Killers

Joseph Duncan writes about sex offenders and a friendly "serial killer" in a recent letter dated January 8th, and unwittingly underscores the need for Dylan's Law:

If you take control away from a person who has an obvious need for control (a “sex offender”—just for example) then what do you think they’ll do? Give up? Not likely. They are going to find a way to take control back, at any cost. And guess what? Do you really think they’ll look for a new way to get control, or resort to the one way they know? Hmm, maybe if common sense doesn’t snap us out of our delusion history will. Since America started getting tough on Sex crime in the mid 80’s we now have more than double the sex crimes per capita than the 70’s.

He goes on to detail the alleged crimes of a "friend" of his- a "serial killer," in order to underscore the "uselessness" of the current and newly-proposed laws aimed at protecting our children from these disgusting, violent freaks:
...a very good friend of mine who happens to be a “serial killer” told me that he committed more sex crimes during the two years he was on parole (including killing three children) than he did in the entire five years he was not on parole.

"With friends like that, who needs enemies?" as the saying goes. Damn, I thought his previous blog entry about his "remorse" (rather, lack of!) was about as bad as it was going to get. No, this one is just as bad- if not worse. Joseph Duncan clearly has no remorse for the vile molestations, tortures and murders he has committed throughout his life. Duncan shares an awful lot of similarities with this "serial killer friend" he writes about. Hmm.
In fact—he tells me that while he was not on parole he committed NO crimes until the police started doing illegal quarterly registration checks at his home (coming to his house to make sure he was complying with the law). He said that was when he started looking for control again—to prove (consciously and subconsciously to himself) that “they” couldn’t control him. So now more people are dead and hurting because some police chief decided to take it upon himself to “get tough on sex crime.”

Oh yes, the same diatribe against sex offender "check in's" that he wrote about in his original Fifth Nail blog. This recent letter is so disturbing and revealing: he even goes on to rail against an unnamed "police chief" in this missive- much as he complained about (and taunted via the "Chat with the Chief" forum) Fargo, ND police chief, Chris Magnus, on his blog.

This new, controversial blog entry was briefly posted late this morning (EST), and then quickly pulled. However, I understand this new blog entry will be re-posted to Joseph Duncan's new blog again tonight, after KXLY News4's Melissa Luck breaks this story in the mainstream media on their 5:00 (PST) news.

Updated: 8:08 p.m.- the entry is now on the blog, here.
Edited 1/24 11:45 a.m.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

On the Blog Again

Updated 1/22:

Yes, Joseph Duncan has been blogging all this time. From jail.

His new blog entries can be read here if you choose to read them:

At this time, the person writing the entries for Joseph Duncan wishes to remain anonymous, and has assured me that they are not and will not be selling the letters on any "murderabilia" auction sites.

I'm confident these are really Duncan's writings, as I have seen some evidence that satisfied me. So after double-checking a few things, I can now post the URL.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Justin Harris: Another Joseph Duncan victim?

Why not? We know Joseph Duncan wasn't exactly picky when it came to his prey...

True Crime Blogger Imahologram, who is also a fellow Cellar Dweller and friend, boils it down in her recent blog entry about Joseph Duncan and the Disappearance of Justin Harris.

Ima broached this possibility in the Cellar forum back in August (Topic "Did Duncan snag a victim in WY?") and hasn't given up on it since.

Sometime between the late hours of Saturday, February 14th and the early morning hours of Sunday, February 15th 2004 thirteen year old Justin Phillip Harris disappeared.

At the time of his disappearance Justin was reported to be approximately five feet tall, weigh roughly 100 pounds and have a cognitive ability of a 6 or 7 year old. Justin had been residing at the R. L Mills Home, a state-run facility, located at 116 East “H” Street in Casper, Wyoming since the summer of 2003...

Especially compelling to this case is the odd entry Duncan made in his Fifth Nail blog on February 16, 2004 about having gone skiing that weekend. Alone. For the first time in his life.

We know Joseph Duncan had lied in the past, on what he assumed was a "record," concerning his whereabouts. Was this just another instance of his fabricating an alibi? Many followers of this case who are famliar with Joseph Duncan's blog are aware of his overstated need- compulsion- to minutely detail his whereabouts on certain dates. Usually dates when children have gone missing. This is just one of them.

Imahologram goes on to explain her reasoning behind this suspicion:
When I first posed the theory that Justin Harris had become a victim of Joseph Duncan, I thought that perhaps I was grasping at straws. Mainly because Fargo, North Dakota is about 900 miles or so, give or take from Casper, Wyoming. It’s roughly about a 12 hour drive, again give or take.
So let’s assume that the weekend of the 15th Joseph Duncan decided to take a drive. He had no plans for the weekend other than making a web page. So he decided to get in his car and just head down the road, maybe only for an over night trip. Perhaps he didn’t even have the thought of hunting for a victim in his head at the time. There's a Wi-Fi hotspot in Cheyenne, he could create his web page away from home and upload it to the Internet from there, if he was so inclinded.

If Joseph Duncan ended up headed toward Casper, Wyoming from Fargo guess what Interstate he would have found himself on? Interstate 25 South, right in front of the Mills Home where Justin Harris resided.
Exactly. Add to that, the number of state and national parks in the area- known Joseph Duncan killing/disposal grounds- and we have a serious possibility here.

Justin Harris is considered an "endangered runaway." Justin was last seen Feb 15, 2004.

Please visit Imahologram's blog to read more about Joseph Duncan and the Disappearance of Justin Harris.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dylan's Law update

News4's Melissa Luck brought Dylan's Law to the forefront in her January 11th coverage of numerous sex offender bills being presented to Washington lawmakers.

The proposed law would have put Dylan's accused killer, Joseph Duncan, behind bars for life in the early 1980's.

The initiative will need 225,000 signatures by July to get on the November ballot.

Be sure to watch the video of this segment here.

Visit CFAOSL's website to view the press release here. Also, read the FAQ for Dylan's Law (One Strike Law) here.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Steve Huff's new website

Steve, webmaster and Crime Blogger Extraodinaire of The Dark Side, now has a new web address:

The link on my sidebar was automatically updated, but I wanted those of you who don't use those links to know the deal. Congrats on your new home, Steve- lookin good!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dylan's Law

Citizens For A One Strike Law's (CFAOSL) Tracy Oetting has now filed the initiative for Dylan's Law! "Dylan's Law is a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for violent and predatory sexual crimes such as kidnapping, to the vicious rapes and molestations of our young and defenseless children."

Initiative Measure #861
(I-861) is viewable as a pdf file from the Washington Secretary of State website, here. The draft summary is on Tracy's website, here.

Please visit the CFAOSL website for more information:

On January 1, CFAOSL's Mike Schuler began placing his handmade 4' x 8' signs around Spokane, WA and wrote about it in the Cellar forum to much praise and support:

They are at one of the busiest intersections in town, right across the street from Spokane Community College.

I hope they draw some attention.

A lot of people who live in Idaho and work in Spokane travel this way, as it's the quickest route to Rathdrum and Hayden Idaho.

Mike goes on to explain why support is needed from citizens outside WA as well:
It's not just Washington State. The whole country needs Dylan's Law. If Washington State is the first to enact it, it will force all of the other states to follow suit, and get off their empty smoke screens that aren't really solutions at all.

As it was with Megan's Law, the Jessica Lunsford Act, and many others.

Too many others. How many more laws and acts concerning sexual violence against children will it take for our legislators to acknowlege their "best" hasn't been good enough? Requiring these predators to register as a Level II or III Sex Offender and making that information available to the public is NOT good enough! A "mandatory 25-years to life with parole [so, they get out in maybe 15 years with perhaps some "counseling?"] and then GPS monitoring," even for the remainder of their lives, is NOT good enough!

It didn't stop Joseph Duncan. GPS monitoring? Ha! He'd probably be laughing his ass off as he removed that device and went on his way across the northwest, molesting and murdering people, unrecognized, until *he* decided it was high time to show his face in Coeur d'Alene. Nope, none of that would have prevented Joseph Duncan from doing what he did. And I certainly don't think it would have stopped Jesse Timmendequas or John Couey, either. So, of course I feel that Megan's Law and the Jessica Lunsford Act- while they have helped- have not enough teeth to really make a difference.

Joseph Duncan served 14 years of a 20-year sentence for his rape and assault of a 14-year old boy before he was first released on parole. He did not complete counseling. In fact, he even escaped during an overnight family visitation with his mother to masturbate while window-peeping in the neighborhood outside the facility- oh, and he brought an extension cord with him!- while in a counseling program.

Just a year and a half after paroled to "IT House" in Seattle, Washington, Joseph Duncan allegedly murdered Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias while on supervised parole. He admitted involvement with their murders before he was muted. Then on April 4, 1997- about two and a half years after Duncan's parole- Anthony Martinez was kidnapped from Beaumont, CA. Joseph Duncan's own confession to the FBI- and his fingerprint- tie him to this crime. (Then, of course, there are numerous other child molestations and murders during that time frame which Joseph Duncan could have committed, the kidnapping, molestation and murder of Deborah Palmer on March 26, 1997, just 8 days before Anthony Martinez, being one of them.)

There we have at least three child molestations-murders, as admitted by Joseph Duncan, during the time he was on supervised parole. When he absconded after his failed polygraph exam (and kidnapped and murdered Anthony Martinez during this flee from the law), he was not caught until August 27, 1997, at a relative's home in Kansas City, MO-a known location he might have been visiting, nonetheless. Oh, big surprise. This, a full five months after he absconded, and at least one molestation/murder later- that of Anthony Martinez- unknown at the time (only admitted 8 years later while in the hot seat for the Groene kidnappings/murders/molestations).

So, in late August, 1997, Joseph Duncan was sent back to prison for another three years, to "finish" his original sentence. That's right, "finish," even though three more years would still only bring his total time served to 17 years out of the TWENTY he was sentenced to serve! No extra time was tacked on to his sentence for his 5-month Excellent Adventure (again, even though no one knew he had molested and killed at least one child during this time!).

Readers... one child molestation/murder is one too many! I think we all agree on that, yes? If you have any doubt, just ask Anthony Martinez' family. It is time for We, the People, to make our voices heard.

Joseph Duncan is not an anomaly. He is the NORM for sexual predators. How many crimes did he commit that he was never even suspected of? A dozen? A hundred? I'll give you a hint: it's certainly more than 5.

After Joseph Duncan served these additional three measly years, he was released. He moved to Fargo, ND. He took to trolling the roads and parks around the area- and around places he visited while camping, skydiving, scuba diving, etc... - for victims. Joseph Duncan managed to "handle" the visits from law enforcement. After all- he wasn't being a bad boy just at that moment... only after these visits, apparently. When he got excited, exhilarated, cautious about being caught. To hear his local friends, teachers, neighbors, and area businessmen tell it: Joseph Duncan was a reformed Sex Offender who was making amends for his crimes. He was a responsible adult who was gaining a degree in college, gainfully employed, yadda-yadda... puke.

Come on! That bullshit has become a euphamism for "cat's still acting squirrelly, but we can't exactly blame him for anything." No, one couldn't blame someone like this for anything, save that hinky feeling they radiate. It's not IF they will re-offend, it's WHEN.

This is why Tracy and Mike need our support; our children need this protection! We can all help, whether we live in Washington, Ohio, Canada or even Australia. I'll boil it down here for the casual reader- but please, visit the CFAOSL website for more information, and bookmark it.

Washington residents, especially Spokane locals:
  • CFAOSL needs Volunteers to be Area Coordinators to help with
  • Area Volunteers who will gather signatures and pass out flyers, and
  • Volunteers to host fundraisers
  • Monetary contributions are needed!
  • Print and distribute the fundraising letter, here.
  • Write to your WA state legislator, asking them to please support I-861/Dylan's Law. Find yours here.
Please sign up at the CFAOSL website Volunteer page, here.

Non-WA residents:
  • Your monetary support is needed, please donate.
  • Contact media (e-mail forms from their websites are quick & easy!) and ask them to support and publicize I-861/Dylan's Law.
  • Spread the word about Dylan's Law and the website! Add it to your e-mail signature line.
When contributing your monetary support by mail, please make checks payable to "Citizens For A One Strike Law" and mail them to:
P.O. Box 192
Skykomish WA, 98288

There are more ways we can all help at the CFAOSL website.