Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Joseph Duncan's videos will not be copied

In today's hearing, the prosecution and defense agreed that the prosecution will not be making copies of Joseph Duncan's videos, as the prosecution does not plan to use them in the trial or penalty phase. Deal Reached In Duncan Tape Controversy

More video coverage with KXLY News4's Melissa Luck reporting here. Attorneys reach deal on Duncan videos

Attorneys on both sides of the Joseph Duncan kidnapping and murder case have struck a deal that will grant the defense team access to videotapes without copies being made.
In-Forum: Deal reached in Duncan tape controversy
"We worked out an agreement that if the defense wants an expert to look at the videos, we'll accommodate that by taking it to them," [Assistant Prosecutor Lansing Haynes] said.

The issue was unusual because Duncan is not charged in state court with any crimes against Shasta or her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, who presumably are on the videotapes. Dylan was slain and his remains were found at a campsite in Montana.

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Magnolia said...

Thanks for this info...what a relief !!I have been concerned that any "human" would force a copy to be made...just no reason too.