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The War Against NAMBLA

What you are about to witness is nothing short of a systematic dismantling of Nambla's entire organisation, one member at a time. -rikijo

"Oh... yes!" was my immediate reaction upon reading this today. Thanks to Steve Huff for notifying me of this brand-new blog by ├╝berhacker "rikijo" of AHM (that's alt.hackers.malicious) fame. Rikijo and his friends have used their elite skills in dogging NAMBLA via the internet for several years now. One may read through some of their past exploits via the AHM newsgroup.

The War Against Nambla blog is not a new concept for rikijo and his associates, but an old one which now rears its head with perfect timing. These guys aren't fooling around; this isn't a glib threat... This Declaration of War should not be taken lightly. And for those still in the dark- NAMBLA is an acronym for North American Man/Boy Love Association.

My first real knowledge of this organization occurred over ten years ago. I think it was John Walsh of America's Most Wanted fame that I saw on a television program back in 1993 or 1994 who railed against this group... Either way, on from there- via the internet, of course- I searched for and found little snips here and there on newsgroups and internet bulletin boards which bespoke of the coming evils of this group. These detracting posts were summarily shrugged off by some 'net denizens as the rantings of anti-gay, hyper-religious nut-jobs. Well... A couple years later, NAMBLA was all over the news in my part of the country.

Jeffrey Curley

October 1, 1997: A 10-year old Cambridge, Massachusetts boy named Jeffrey Curley was missing. Cute-as-a-button Jeffrey was last seen by his grandmother at her house on that afternoon when he gave his dog a bath, the local papers reported.

Enter Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari. Two scumbags who evidently couldn't interest a grown woman with their nasty appendices and so preyed upon pre-pubescent boys for their sexual jollies. These sick freaks were in possession of NAMBLA "literature" when they accosted Jeffrey.

Earlier, they had allegedly stolen Jeffrey's bicycle- and so they created an opportunity for themselves to entice this young boy into their vehicle, a silver Cadillac, and their care- with the rosy promise and reward of a shiny new bike! Jeffrey willingly went along with them- as any 10-year old familiar with these two well-known "neighborhood guys" might do under the circumstances. Prior to this final "outing," Jeffrey had allegedly accompanied these scumbags out to neighborhood restaurants at meal times, and young Jeffrey was apparently allowed to "drive" the car during some of these jaunts.

Bad, bad thing. Jaynes and Sicari drove little Jeffrey to a local bicycle shop after showing him some "introductory" images of Man/Boy love pornography on a public library computer, then killed him inside their vehicle in the bike shop parking lot when Jeffrey wouldn't succumb to their sexual demands. A gasoline-soaked rag over his mouth and nose... a flabby, smelly, 250+ lbs to Jeffrey's 60 lbs? He had no chance.

Adding to the depravity of this horrendous crime is the evidence that at least one of these scumbags sexually violated Jeffrey's dead body within Jaynes' Manchester, NH apartment (not far from where I now reside) before the pair packed Jeffrey's body inside a Rubbermaid container with a hefty dose of Quik-Crete cement, secured the lid with duct tape, and dumped it into Maine's Great Works river. That's it, they couldn't get the Man/Boy "Love" from a live child- so they settled for the necrophiliac version? I guess this is an option. For some.

In case some of my readers have a smaller monitor than most: humor me for a sec. Scroll back up and look at Jeffrey's picture again. Remember that sweet face as you have Dylan Groene's. No, Jeffrey wasn't exactly national news like Dylan and Shasta are- but I hope you can now see how more than a decade of LEGALLY fighting this vile "organization" has not brought our proud, Constitutional Republic any closer to eradicating this disgusting draw for some of the "men" who currently walk among us.

As noted ACLU board member and ATAA attorney Harvey Silverglate says,"There is room in this country for people who believe that man-boy love is OK"

Deroy Murdock, National Review Online:

NAMBLA certainly has a First Amendment right to argue that America's laws should be changed to permit sexual relations between adult men and third-grade school boys. Most Americans would disagree vehemently, as well they should. That's called debate. It's the American way.
NAMBLA is "not just publishing material that says it's OK to have sex with children and advocating changing the law," says Larry Frisoli, a Cambridge attorney who is arguing the Curleys case in federal court. NAMBLA, he says, "is actively training their members how to rape children and get away with it. They distribute child pornography and trade live children among NAMBLA members with the purpose of having sex with them."

Frisoli cites a NAMBLA publication he calls "The Rape and Escape Manual." Its actual title is "The Survival Manual: The Man's Guide to Staying Alive in Man-Boy Sexual Relationships."

"Its chapters explain how to build relationships with children," Frisoli tells me. "How to gain the confidence of children's parents. Where to go to have sex with children so as not to get caught...There is advice, if one gets caught, on when to leave America and how to rip off credit card companies to get cash to finance your flight. It's pretty detailed."

"In his diary, Jaynes said he had reservations about having sex with children until he discovered NAMBLA," Frisoli continues. "It's in his diary in 1996, around the time he joined NAMBLA, one year before the death of Jeffrey Curley."

The practical, step-by-step advice Jaynes followed goes far beyond appeals to sway public opinion in favor of pedophilia. Such language aids and abets felonious conduct. If such conspiracy results in homicide, it is reasonable for NAMBLA to face civil liability if not criminal prosecution.
The ACLU's supporters should contemplate where this organization has placed itself vis-à-vis NAMBLA and the Boy Scouts. The ACLU seemingly believes that everyone deserves a lawyer, no matter how odious his case. Perhaps, although it would be nice to see NAMBLA siphon its own bank account rather than the ACLU's to justify its evil ways. The ACLU decides for itself where to devote its finite resources. Hence, its leaders freely chose to stand with cheerleaders for pederasty while torpedoing those who mentor rather than rape little boys.

Today's ACLU makes one wish it would find some whales to save.

Some of my favorite, older hacks on NAMBLA by rikijo and his friends are still available for viewing on the 'net, at least in a preserved form. One of my favorites dates back to April, 2000, wherein they "diverted" ownership of NAMBLA for a while: NAMBLA Hacked Hard. The epitath reads, in part:

Take the advice of the `New President` of NAMBLA..Find a New-Hobby..Get cured!...Leave Little Boys Alone.. Help create positive communities for which children can live-in without-fear and oppresion...As Hackers.. we are now exercising OUR- right to FREE-SPEECH..We will oppose ANY-Group...

..however-Large, who seek to condone the use of children and minors as partners in an Adult-based sexual-relationship..We "The Jedi Of ro0t!" find this activity un-acceptable..and will Speak-out AGAINST this behavior on behalf of those who may not have the resources, or the COURAGE to-do -so! ...The noise you hear is the `World Cheering`..We have given them a voice..they are saying .."it`s about-time.." We the Hackers "The Jedi of ro0t" will oppose any organization on the Internet, that seeks to promote sexual-relationships between grown ADULTS and children..We will EXPOZE JOO!
Sick individuals such as yourselves, don`t deserve sympathy..`Just a prison-cell`with someone Named "BUBBA"-BWAHAHAA!!

And if that's not enough snot-snorting fodder for you, this same hack ends with the following "contact" information:

The North American Man/Boy Love Association - WWW

I am ecstatic that rikijo and his group have raised the awareness of their longstanding "hobby" to a more public spectrum. Father of true crime bloggers Steve Huff first introduced rikijo to the true-crime-reading masses in this Dark Side entry from September 29th about pedophile Phil DiStasio (a.k.a. "Brother Pateticus"). And Steve's blog entry last night, Meet RikiJo and the Jedi Knights of Hacking, is an exceptional piece (what do you expect from Huff?) on pedophile vigilantism/internet sleuthing/hacking that is not to be missed. It begins,
Meet a hero.


Word, Steve. Like some, I frown upon the H word having been pasted upon sports figures, celebrities and the like for years. But these guys from AHM and their allies, who have collectively called themselves "The JEDI of ro0t" ? Yup. They should be celebrated for their "bold exploits," noted for their "nobility of purpose," "courageous action" and "special achievement in a particular field." Heh. Yes, they are heroes, and I salute them, support them, as they publicly declare War on NAMBLA.

Nods to:
Apartment 3D Blog- 4.27.05
Doug Giles, Townhall.com- 11.6.05

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Jet's Fargo, Part II- Joseph Duncan plays God: Life as Simulation

Many of us understand the fascination with "SIM" computer games. Some of us have played them, a few play them frequently- but all those familiar with the latest computer games likely comprehend the concept and the basic draw of these SIM games. Simulation as in "imitation" and "representation." Some find it interesting and fun to entertain themselves with these simulated environments, simulated people and all the baggage that goes with them, simulated cities, amusement parks... even simulated pets. Yet even those who really get into the Sim thing- those who play for hours and days- literally!- they still understand that they are playing a game- a simulation.

While those who play these games as entertainment undoubtledly draw upon their actual life experiences in the course of their ham-handed manipulations of these "computer people," (which they have created and whose lives they must sustain), and the situations and other variables which affect them- they do not confuse living, breathing, feeling humans for their binary counterparts.

Those who play these simulations, they do not go the other way; turn it all upside down and inside-out. Life imitating art aside, one cannot expect to project one's "God role" from a "Sim" program upon actual human beings. To do so would be... sociopathic, psychotic.

I suspect Joseph Duncan did not differentiate between real people and so-called SIM modules. Just, outright had no freaking clue about the living, breathing, feeling aspect of flesh-and-blood people. Yes, he was diagnosed as a sociopath, a sexual psychopath. So why does the following new revelation about him still surprise me?

I've written previously about my suspicions concerning his sociopathy as it relates to his command of computer software programming. The following insight from a Fargo, ND man who knew Joseph Duncan pretty well helps cast a more focused light upon Joseph Duncan's inner workings, at least from my lay person's point of view. I shall call this man "Erik" in this blog entry. I have had numerous e-mail exchanges and telephone conversations with Erik. He knew "Jet" very well. I have vetted this man and personally deem him a reliable source. As usual, readers shall continue to use their own judgement regarding the integrity of my "sources."

I asked Erik about Jet's programming ability, the nature and scope of his computer skill; what he told me was far more revealing than I had anticipated (emphasis mine):

Joe has a god complex. He was very excited about creating life through a computer program, true "artificial intelligence" and I was able to see his "simulation" run several times, but the people in his simulation, which were male and female and distinguished as colored dots, one was red the other blue and I can't remember which was what, would always die off naturally and the fact that he could not figure out why bothered him, a lot.

It's bad enough that we know what likely happened to these gorgeous, sweet, innocent children and their older brother, mother and mother's boyfriend, but to hear of some "SIM" program he created in which the "dying off" of colored dots merely representing human beings bothered him- a LOT??? Oh, hello! WTF???

Had Shasta, Dylan, Brenda, Slade and Mark merely represented red and blue "dots" to Joseph Duncan, would they have lived? Would he have had some consideration for them had they not expressed human feelings and reactions? This recent insight into this disgusting slug's workings makes me cry all over again. The months-long fight I've had with depression just took a major nosedive. How pathetic and twisted is this? It can't be this simple, can it? I am missing something here- actually missing a lot- I know it. But could it all be this simple? Most of what I have read about psychopaths like Joseph Duncan tell me that yes, it could be, disgustingly, this simple.

There's that Mask of Sanity again. Truly, this psychopath was "everyman" to every man. And at least one woman... Just your "average Joe," Ha ha ha! Trying a bit too hard to fit in, to be one of the guys... belaboring to all who would listen, or read his blog, the totally unfair persecution he suffered for that mere "indiscretion" as a teenager. Most of us have read his blog, where he identifies with the Jews who suffered some of the most horrifying torture and destruction known in history during the Third Reich.

Oh yes, poor Jet suffered unimaginable persecution, to hear him tell it. The "lady" doth protest too much, methinks (apologies to Bill & Gertie). It's quite common among sexual predators and pedophiles to spew this garbage at every turn. The internet has been a boon to that ilk; so easy to spread their filthy "philosophy" like Joseph Duncan did ad nauseum with his prolific internet postings on the subject (read one, you've read them all!) I hope everyone who knows about Joseph Duncan and what he wrote in his blog will never, ever forget this. Don't EVER forget what a seemingly charming, likeable, intelligent guy who made a "mistake" when he was younger, can, and likely WILL go on to do!

Erik recounted to me situations where "Jet" was around Erik's family members on social occasions, and the feelings he now has about this:

I think often about what could have happened to [my young nieces and nephews and their parents] and this is why I am feeling a lot of anger at myself for being conned by Jet and at Jet. Just because Shasta is somebody else's daughter and niece does not minimize what he did. I was praying about this the other night and the thought entered my mind that Satan has Jet in the palm of his hand, Jet let him in, but he is the one orchestrating the show.

These are the monsters we fear. And we accept them into our lives. They have "Happy Joe" faces and want to get along with everyone. They play with our kids. They bring us homemade cooking. They're just "getting their life back together and need a break" and we give them that break.

Is it worth it?

Just as a SIM game fan will "interact" with a simulated being- there is no "there" there. No soul. No conscience. No regrets. And no matter how much one would like to believe it, that just isn't going to change. No matter how witty, smart, likeable, nice, attractive the package. There can be no "reform" if there never was any form to begin with! 1's and 0's.

Trusting that one of these monsters is just like you and I (deep down, even), is like trusting a SIM with your life. Just smashing. What a clever, fun guy! Then some day [snap!] you find youself pleading, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal." And your formerly good buddy Hal says "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that... This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardise it."

That's the way I feel about giving sex offenders and predators any second chances. They have no conscience, and like a machine, will do what they will do- regardless of prior human interactions. Yet unlike a machine, there is always a warning. Sometimes it is sealed away in Juvie records, true, but it is there. Someone knows about it. And often that someone avoids the clear implications and overlooks this warning. When that someone is a doctor or even a group of doctors, funded even partially by taxpayers, that is inexcusable.

Erik also warns about the writings of his former friend:

Be very wary of the things that you read that Jet posted, in his blog or otherwise, the picture that you and everyone else that is reading what he posted is what Jet intended you to think after reading it, not what he actually had (has) in mind. He is very smart and he posted those things for a reason.

Most of us interested in this case have assumed this, yes, however it is worth noting that one who knew him well can say this. He goes on:

The stuff he did not want to be found is locked up on his hard drive and apparently even the government can't crack his password, but he was very open about other things. Why?

I'm sure we will never really know.

Suggested reading for my fellow laypersons:
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jet's Fargo

This entry will be the first in a series of entries concerning Joseph Duncan's life in Fargo, ND- as told by his friends and acquaintances from the Fargo area.

Fargo, ND: Late summer/early fall, 2000. "Jet" arrives in Fargo, registers with the Fargo police as a Level III Sex Offender, enrolls at North Dakota State University (NDSU), secures an apartment and a software programming job...

Imagine you are a 30-something, single, professional man in a city of 90K people (wait- is that really a city, or technically a town?). You meet a man through some friends, and become friendly with him. He wants you to call him "Jet."

So, you find that you and Jet have a few things in common: the people you know, the kind of work you do, your single status, your love of the outdoors- and you form a friendship. You don't know so much about Jet, yet he is amazingly up-front about his Sex Offender status right away... and since he is a great student at NDSU, apparently has a fine position at a local company, an intellect to match yours, along with a couple of powerful, well-respected friends from Fargo who you have heard of, and he is quite the likeable guy- well, hey!- you trust that he is on the up-and-up.

You and Jet go out about once a week- to the movies, local clubs, you shoot some pool together, attend some local events together. Do the double-dating thing. You meet his "powerful" friends on more than one occasion, and they seem smitten with him. Smart guys, by all accounts. Successful, too. They'd certainly be good judges of character.

As the friendship progresses, you take note of how vociferously Jet opposes the persecution of sex offenders. You note how he constantly complains of the police visits and checks upon him- when he "never does anything wrong. " But he does take satisfaction in "screwing" with the police chief on the chief's internet forum, claiming to use many aliases to "set him up." What fun!

He seems to be obsessed about being falsely accused and being sent back to prison. He is quite emphatic about this. You feel bad for him, begin to sympathize with him. He quotes the bible. You're a religious guy, and you can level with him on this. But... he doesn't have quite the interpretation of the bible that you do.

You note discrepancies in his tired monologue: when he openly speaks about his conviction for raping a boy at gunpoint, he also adds that he "would not hurt a fly." But what does that mean, really? Here and now? You do not know.


But you know enough to demur when Jet asks you to go camping with him. More than once. Something about him rippled through your soul and shook your 'nads, and you hedged on the invitation, then just said "nope, can't- sorry." More than once. And you wonder, now, if you'd have made it back from a camping trip with him. Or if you'd have been ambushed while you slept: bludgeoned, raped, mutilated, and your broken body left in a stand of trees for the hunters to discover the next fall... ?

Because everything you thought you knew about this man, this "Jet," is wrong. Yes, there were some quirky feelings about things he said and did, but what did they mean, at the time? You now wonder who accepted Jet's invitations to go camping when you refused. He so wanted company. Did he pick up a young man- a hitchhiker- at a rest stop, instead? You watched the beautiful skies on one of those dark nights and thought you'd probably be enjoying a better view if you had just gone camping with Jet...

You don't know what you were missing.

That night, as you watched the skies? There may have been a young man staring up at the same stars, eyes open wider than you can imagine- begging for his very life. At the hand of that nice, intelligent guy you thought you knew. You shook that hand soon after, too. And all of this makes you sick now.

Imagine that you were one of the last people to see him before he absconded soon after his April 5th court date for the molestation charges in Becker County, MN. He actually came to your home for dinner the following Friday- April 8th. He sat at your table and spewed about the "false accusation" and the unreliability of "that kid who only had MY picture to choose from!" (assuming a photo lineup?) and went on and on during dinner about how he was the victim here...

And he "bitched about the money for his lawyer and the check that would bounce," he acknowleged his friend "Joe" paid his bond of $15,000.00, his friend "Rich" lent him $7,000 for lawyer's fees- BUT he was not worried about paying any money back. Not worried at all about how he'd pay that money back...

Nothing you knew, up until July, 2005 made any sense. When he took off in April, just days after he had been at your house- well, he's just running from the Becker County molestation charges. "Joe," you knew, had been in contact with Jet a couple times by phone. And since "Joe" had a lot of money to lose, and seemed OK with things, well then- who were you to say otherwise?

Until you watched the news on July 2nd, 2005.

I thank Sean for sharing with me his personal recollections and experiences with Joseph Duncan.

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Joseph Duncan's videos will not be copied

In today's hearing, the prosecution and defense agreed that the prosecution will not be making copies of Joseph Duncan's videos, as the prosecution does not plan to use them in the trial or penalty phase.

KXLY.com: Deal Reached In Duncan Tape Controversy

More video coverage with KXLY News4's Melissa Luck reporting here.

KTVB.com: Attorneys reach deal on Duncan videos

Attorneys on both sides of the Joseph Duncan kidnapping and murder case have struck a deal that will grant the defense team access to videotapes without copies being made.
In-Forum: Deal reached in Duncan tape controversy
"We worked out an agreement that if the defense wants an expert to look at the videos, we'll accommodate that by taking it to them," [Assistant Prosecutor Lansing Haynes] said.

The issue was unusual because Duncan is not charged in state court with any crimes against Shasta or her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, who presumably are on the videotapes. Dylan was slain and his remains were found at a campsite in Montana.

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