Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two down

Thanks to Oprah's program from October 4th which highlighted predators like Joseph Duncan and John Couey, and several alert tipsters, two sexual predators were captured within TWO days of the program's airing!

Two Fargo-Moorhead women, recognized the Indiana-registered child molester William Carl Davis after seeing the October 4th Oprah program. They were each rewarded with $50,000.00 of Oprah's own money on yesterday's show.

Presenting a $50,000 check to each woman, Oprah says, "I am doing this for parents across America. This is the best money I ever spent."

Karie Miller, Jean Rosenthal and Oprah- Thank You!

The other gutless puke captured as a result of Oprah's program is Niles Scott, wanted in Cleveland, Ohio, and found living and working as a taxi driver in Belize City, Belize. According to, there are three tipsters vying for the $100,000.00 Oprah reward in this instance. Yet The Reporter claims a tipster named Patricia Waight expects to claim Oprah's reward. And reports Cleveland area tipsters aided in his capture. The FBI and Belize police officials shall determine who will receive the reward, or if it will be split up between several tipsters. Thank you all!

In-Forum has the transcript from yesterday's Oprah show here, and more details, including photos from the show, can be found here.

William Carl Davis was a fugitive from Indiana, living in Fargo while using his brother's name. Niles Scott was a fugitive from Ohio with known ties to Central America, found living in Central America, under an assumed name. This underscores the need for at least a comprehensive National sex offender registry, if not a Universal one!


Polimom said...

I just can't help wondering what the attraction is in Fargo...

Capt. Fantastic said...

Plenty of "bike trails?" ;)