Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Steve Huff's latest at Crime Library

The Religious Conversion of Joseph Edward Duncan III is the latest piece on Joseph Duncan at written by Dark Side blogger Steve Huff.

Did accused killer of the Groene family, Joseph Edward Duncan III, want to be arrested?

Steve's article offers that theory, a theory I've held since Joseph Duncan was arrested shortly after 2:00 a.m. in the Denny's restaurant in Shasta's hometown. I do see his action as a "test" of sorts, especially now that we know his friend, lover, and financial supporter Dr. Richard M. Wacksman "yelled at him for running from the law" in a phone call just several hours earlier.

Was Duncan playing a game when he took Shasta Groene to a restaurant 2 miles from the home where he'd allegedly abducted her and her brother months earlier, and murdered her family? Could his motive have simply been a thrill-seeking sexual psychopath's need to further escalate his own sense of power, of omnipotence?

Playing games against his "demons," perhaps. Simply bringing Shasta to the police and turning himself in wouldn't be a challenge, wouldn't be enough of a test of "God's will." Bringing her to a restaurant at 2:00 a.m. early on a Saturday morning after the bars closed would even the odds. If I am caught, then it was the right choice and God wins. Else, the demons have truly won.

If, then, else
. A basic statement of computer programming language. I suspect Joseph Duncan may have constructed much of his life like the software programs he wrote. I suspect he generally thought this way.

If he hadn't been caught, I think he would have accepted that as proof his demons won, and I do think he would have killed Shasta. He may even have eventually gone back to Fargo to face the child molestation charges from Becker County, MN, knowing that he wasn't suspected in this case. Another case of "getting even," with him alone holding his sick secret.

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