Monday, October 24, 2005

Steve Huff on Joseph Duncan

Fellow "True Crime" blogger and my mentor Steve Huff has a new piece at Court TV's focusing on Joseph E. Duncan.

Steve made his Crime Library debut with his amazingly introspective and well-written chapters on Ben Fawley, the lead suspect in the murder of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Behl. This ongoing coverage by Steve is also not to be missed. Steve has a certain panache for writing about true crime- or just about anything, as far as I've seen... and while it is not likely that Cellar readers have not been to Steve's blogs, I'd like to point the rare reader who doesn't know about Steve to his main crime blog: The Dark Side.

Steve's recent piece concerning the crimes of Joseph E. Duncan exposes the essence of the foul crimes of this gutless puke and how he recorded them. It also raises some questions concerning a newly-released FBI bulletin regarding photos of three young boys:

The same day the court documents in question were unsealed, the FBI asked for assistance from the public in identifying and locating three young boys from the South Bay area of San Francisco. According to a brief article posted at the website of San Francisco TV station KRON, the boys had been photographed some time in 1997. The FBI would only say the photos had been obtained during an ongoing investigation, and that the boys might have been the victims of a crime.

The timing is certainly suspect, given Joseph Duncan's presence in the San Francisco area for parts of 1997. Cellar Dwellers have been digging around for more info/clues since this news broke last Thursday about the three photos of the young boys which were supposedly made in 1997 and are part of an ongoing FBI investigation.

Please, look at the photos of these little boys. Can you help?

Photos released by the FBI are believed to have been taken in 1997 in Northern California and were obtained as part of an ongoing FBI investigation. The child shown in Photo 3 may possibly go by the name of Josh, according to a press release. The FBI did not release any further details.Anyone having information concerning the identity or location of these boys is requested to contact the San Jose Office of the FBI at (408) 795-4320. All calls are treated confidentially, the FBI said.

Also see Steve's Dark Side blog entry from yesterday: Joseph Edward Duncan III, Filmmaker. The Real and Hideous Truth.