Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sick of it!

He should have been behind bars the FIRST time! I'm so... SICK of it!
-Oprah Winfrey, barely restraining her contempt for Joseph Duncan and others of his ilk- 10/04/2005

Today's Oprah program, "Kidnapped by a Pedophile" highlighted the evil crimes Joseph Duncan "allegedly" perpetrated upon Steve Groene's family. In particular, his children.

This popular program focused on the horrifying reality of child predators, and (I hope!) drove home the importance of putting them away "the first time!" I'll admit, this is perhaps the second time in about 10 years I have watched Oprah- let alone any television show of this genre.

So while I cannot say for certain that Oprah is breaking new ground here among TV show hosts in leading a movement to put these sick freaks away forever, I can say that I was quite impressed with this program and very moved by her emphatic pleas for "us" (you, me, "we, the people") to stop thinking of these victims as other people's children, and start realizing that they are all OUR children.

Mr. Groene was Oprah's guest today, and- bless this man- I cannot imagine where he found his strength. I do believe he found at least some strength in his amazingly brave little girl, Shasta.

Oprah was visibly disturbed while recounting the details of Joseph Duncan's atrocious, disgusting crimes. And who wouldn't be disturbed, deeply affected- even wounded, by the knowledge of his capacity for evil?

Sadly, Joseph Duncan's evil crimes were not the only ones recounted in this program today. Remember Polly Klaas? Jessica Lunsford? Jeannette Tamayo, who had the courage to appear on Oprah's show? These were just three other cases highlighted on Oprah's program today- horrible, disgusting examples of what WE allow to occur, when we refuse to acknowledge and react productively to the acute danger hanging over the head of every single child in this country.

This is only happening to "some other poor child" until it happens to YOUR child.

Ayup, that seems to be the general opinion nationwide. Thankfully, with the activism of people like Mark Lunsford- loving father of Jessica Lunsford- times, they are a'changing.

Still, the "Jessica Lunsford Act" has many flaws, and may not be suitable for adoption in states other than Florida, where it was recently enacted.

I would take this opportunity to point readers in the direction of the One Strike Law movement's website. Oprah did not mention this movement, but OSL has maintained the same "One strike, and they're OUT!" view for some time now. If Oprah's program today awakened any semblance of outrage in you, the reader, at these disgusting monsters being free to molest, rape, torture, maim and kill our children- especially after having been convicted of a predatory crime against children in the past!- then hie over to Citizens for a One Strike Law now and educate yourself about their movement.

The Oprah Winfrey Show's website contains a disturbing overview of Joseph Duncan's crimes, as well as those of similar gutless pukes John Couey and David Montiel Cruz. The piece is aptly entitled America's Shame.

Also see Oprah's Child Predator Watch list.


JoJoFox said...

This topic hits home with Oprah as she too was molested as a child....her disgust when speaking of the hundreds of child victims is real.....her visible motion is genuine. I did not see the show....but I heard it was terrific.

Mike Schuler said...

The proposed One Strike Law for Washington State will be a model that the rest of the states can use to create their own One Strike Laws. Washington State was the first to enact sex offender registration and community notification laws 15 years ago, 4 years before the killing of Meagan Lanka, the inspiration for Meagan's Law. After 15 years now, we know that these laws do not work. They have had absolutely no effect on recidivism rates for sex offenders. Other states are talking about using GPS monitors for sex offenders. Again, Washington has already tried that. The sex offenders just throw the monitors in the garbage and take off when they decide to go fugitive. GPS monitors only work for petty criminals that have a lot to lose.

When we start putting a higher value on the lives of our most innocent and vulnerable citizens, and start putting a lower value on the freedom of guilty sexual predators, the answer is clear. Any law that lets these freaks of nature back onto the streets is a grave mistake. Nothing short of life in prison with no release will prevent repeat offenses by guilty sexual predators. If a car thief re-offends, a car can be replaced. A sex offender can never really repay his debt to society anyway, so why let them out?

When the citizens sign this petition to put the law on the ballot for November 2006, and then vote to pass the OSL, state legislatures across the nation will have to take notice. In a few years time, the One Strike Law will be the law of the land.

Sabrina said...

I have been following the Groene case since the story first broke in May 2005. Then upon finding the fifth nail blogs and Huff's blogs I became addicted, as most readers did.
Prior to the case I was very unsure of what I was going to do with my life. I am currently married with 3 children and I had no plans for the furture beyond raising my children.
But now I do. I believe that I have the mental capabilities, the heart, the empathy, and the drive to work with these offenders. By working with them, I mean getting inside their heads, identifying who they are, what makes them tick. I will not work at getting these people off...oh no. I will be the biggest pain in the ass for the defence that has ever been.
To many of these offenders were in custody, we had them the first time, and too many have been set free..only to kill 10,20 50 or MORE innocent victims.
My family and friends are not very supportive in my desicion to enter forensic psychology, I guess they fear that I will get to far in and wont be able to come back out. They tell me to go work with the victims, help heal the wounded. My responce is there shouldnt have been victims.
We as the general public should have never heard of of the Groene's, we should only know Duncan as the teenage offender who was rightfully locked up for good.

How many more children, mothers, fathers, aunt, uncles, sisters, brothers, ...do we have to lose?

I have now dedicated my life to stopping these monsters. So if Jet Duncan ever did anything good for this world it was making me hear my calling. Because of Jet, there WILL BE less victims, and more offenders locked up for good!

Defence Attorneys, prepare to meet your worst nightmare.