Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Sasha" explains his ties to Joseph Duncan

I have a new fan, Jerry, who thinks I should make a documentary about my experiences. I think he is right, I should, but not until I am ready I think. Jerry sounds like a really neat guy, he has a great blog (see "Sasha" entry below) that I think I understand. Keep your eyes on the air waves, Jerry, I could be famous sooner than you think, but hopefully not too soon.
-Joseph Duncan, from his Fifth Nail blog entry dated January 30, 2005

Cellar Dweller and fellow blogger Imahologram has published part of the e-mail correspondance she shared with "Sasha" of the Panda Conspiracy website. In the e-mails, Sasha explains how "Vaughn" came to contact Joseph Duncan.

He claims Joseph Duncan was "paranoid" at the first contact, initiated by Sasha's friend- someone he calls "Vaughn" but whom Joseph Duncan called "Jerry,"
Joe was paranoid, "How did you find me!?" said his first Email...
Imahologram's previous blog entry on this topic, Joseph Duncan Meets The Panda Man, is a must read for the early details about this interesting connection. Those readers not familiar with the "Panda Man" should read this above-linked blog entry first.
After Duncan’s arrest the cyber community uncovered the Panda Conspiracy site through it's reference on Duncan’s blog.

The Panda Conspiracy has not been mentioned in the general news media, the only venue in which this site is known is through bloggers, newsgroups and message boards...

Ima's been sleuthing out the details in the Cellar forum for weeks now, and watching this develop has been pretty cool. And confusing. At times, it has even been hilarious.

Check out desktopdetective.blogspot.com for Imahologram's information connecting the dots between Joseph Duncan and the Panda Conspiracy. Best to bookmark Ima's blog, as this story isn't over yet.

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Thanks you so much for the mention Capt. Your pretty darn Fantastic! But I bet you hear that all the time.