Saturday, October 22, 2005

"God sent an angel to save me"

I received a phone call a few hours ago from Joseph Duncan's brother. He had just received a letter from "Jet." Part of that letter, we felt, would be important to quote here because of all the discussion in the Cellar forums concerning Joseph Duncan's capture- or surrender. That part reads, verbatim:

The "light" is the truth- God's truth. I "came into the light" (faced up to the truth of what I was doing) by bringing that little girl home. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do! Compared to "facing the light"- dying will be easy!

(the bolded word "truth" is actually underlined in the letter, but I can't underline just one word in Blogger)

So, the Cellar Dwellers can once more discuss the "capture" or "surrender" (or whatever they think it was) with this added input from Joseph Duncan himself. For what it's worth.


Traci said...

I think Duncan would say whatever he thought the person, he was speaking to, wanted to hear at the time.

FiveFootBagel said...

Eating in a restaurant = bringing Shasta home? Yeah - WHATEVER.

JoJoFox said...

"bringing that little girl home. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do!"

So,in comparison, I guess smashing her family to death with a hammer, cremating her brother, torturing and raping ....I guess all that was easy...?!?

The only spirit this man listens to is lucifer.

Capt. Fantastic said...

"I guess smashing her family to death with a hammer, cremating her brother, torturing and raping ....I guess all that was easy...?!?"

:*( Apparently.

I hope Michael Mullen IS in hell, doing Hieronimus Bosch one better, and waiting for JED.

Aunt Em said...

I dont believe he took her to that Denny's in a ruse to bring her home. And we have read all his God is Truth crap on his blog.

He brought her there because he thought nobody would recognize her, and wanted to torture her even more. Make her think that nobody but HE cared about her. Why else would he have taken the sign down that the waitress went out to look at?

Barlee said...

Bullpoop -- absolute bullpoop.

If he was so concerned about this little girl he would plead guilty and spare her having to endure a trial.

Why doesn't he just say I did it and take the consequences. He is actually going to exploit this little girl again. I hope he has only begun to know what the "hardest" part might be. I'm sorry we can't hang him and revive him a few times before we get to the really painful stuff.

Aunt Em said...

I agree with that as well Barlee, pleading not guilty and making this poor kid go through hell again just testifies how evil he is.

I am sorry for his family, dont get me wrong, but I dont buy this for a minute, especially since I have seen almost the exact same wording in his blog.

Mike Schuler said...

Another preperation for a jailhouse conversion. Serial killer Robert Lee Yates became a Seventh Day Adventist while in the Spokane County Jail. The local church leader rushes to the jail to 'save' him. Now they have to accept him as one of their own, and do everything they can to help him, or they would go against their own teachings. This gets the inmate out of his cell for frequent visits from the church, and they bring him everything that the jail will allow him to have.

JEDIII,... still looking for victims.

Neantaeus said...

The monster is trying to sound like he is not all that bad. It is a ploy to elicit
sympathy from potential jurors.

And damnit, I hate that nonsense about God and truth, it makes my eardrums buzz.

jojofox is right: burn the letter. Or better yet, shove it down Duncan's throat with a broom handle.

Pat J. said...

I think Duncan is very manipulative and is already trying to tell family members and his attorneys that he feels remorse and is facing his actions, so he can lobby for a lighter sentence within the justice system. I don't believe it and if there was any spiritual light present, it came from the angel sitting on Shasta's shoulder that night when she was rescued. I think he probably took her there because she was very hungry as children can be, and he figured that at 2 am they would not be noticed, as many traveling families come into Denny's at night while on the road. I'm so glad Shasta is safe now. She is a very special person!

Imahologram said...

He's a manipulator and a liar. If he was bringing her home why did he remove her poster from the wall? Obviously he didn't wan't to take any extra chances that she would be recognized. He was able to take her out for short periods earlier without being recognized but to sit down in the same place for 30-40 minutes and have a meal -that's a little more risky. He certainly didn't need that poster up there where everyone could see it.

If he's so full of "light" then why doesn't he just fess up to who his other victims have been and plead guilty to all of his crimes? He's nothing but a murdering, child molesting, psychopath with no remorse or shame!!