Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Families file claim against Minnesota judge

KXLY broke this story* late last night:

Spokane Attorney Russell Van Camp filed papers on behalf of the Groene and Mckenzie families claiming that Becker County Judge Thomas Schoeder, and two county prosecutors should be held partially responsible for the crimes committed in North Idaho by convicted sex offender Joseph E. Duncan.

I believe this judge and two prosecutors are only the last few links in a long chain of accountability. I recall a widely publicized case out of Boston several years back concerning Judge Maria Lopez' extremely lenient sentence -probation!- of a dangerous pedophile who forced an 11-year old boy to perform a sex act with a screwdriver held to his neck. Judge Lopez wasn't the only lenient one, either. Not by a long shot, as outlined in this article, Playing loose with pedophiles, by Katherine Prudhomme which highlights a few other lenient judges in Massachusetts.

Including Judge Walter Steele, who released Nathaniel Bar-Jonah (a.k.a. David Brown). Note: this Billings Gazette article was one of the least graphic I could find. Bar-Jonah was as disgusting and evil a child predator as Joseph Duncan. He also "encrypted" his writings about his filthy crimes, which the FBI was able to decode.

Ms. Prudhomme's article raises another question I have concerning the Becker County, MN judge's handling of Joseph Duncan:
Judges in Massachusetts give lenient sentencing when they find out the accused is willing to leave the state.
Knowing that Joseph Duncan was a resident of Fargo, ND- a short trip across the border from Detroit Lakes- did the matter of Becker County, MN resources (i.e. Money) aid the decision to let Joseph Duncan off so lightly?

This KXLY article continues,
The families hope that the outcome of this judgment will send a message to other courts throughout the country that might be handling cases involving sexual predators to be careful.

I hope so, too. Public outrage alone hasn't helped in Massachusetts. Judges there are now up against this when attempting to sentence convicted child rapists with knowledge of their prior offenses.

*Also watch the KXLY video here for additional information on this claim, and to hear what Attorney Van Camp had to say.


Ult said...

The law of averages demands and cannot be refuted.

(I find it odd) that the Judges sitting on the bench, pedophile defense lawyers and prosecutors in the courts and with the high rate of police divorce,
why haven't any of their children been abducted, raped and torchured? The law of averages say that children alone for any length of time are at the highest risk for becoming a pedophiles/abductors target. I have searched high and low and could not come up with a single sausage on any single one of these "field of law" professionals having ever lost a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or a neighbor. They are part of the general population!
I find this highly suspicious!
It will never happen to one of their kids because there's a secret code.
When these perps are released they are payed a visit and told one thing and one thing only, where and who to stay away from.
It took me a year of nosing around to find out that I live in a cop/fed housing community,,,. Whew.... no crime here other than an occasional car getting egged or a yard that's been toilet papered.
I'm going to look into these numbers and bust them open. Probation officers and prison release boards use mathamatics on the probability of when these pedophiles will re-offend and they probably have a a secret graph charting map of the exact vacinity it will happen in.


Ult said...

Incidently, last Friday while at Ralph's super market I walk in and shazaaam, a man stood there and I began to stare at him because I recognized his face as the one and only Kenneth C. Scott, resident of Camarillo, California. He is a level three sex offender who kidnapped, a girl under the age of 14 and did everything sexually imaginable to that poor little girl.

Yes, there he stood in line pitifully to pay for a loaf of bread and he decided to smile at me but when he recieved an "if looks could kill"glare in return, he became somewhat
nervous but stood his ground so I ran up and told the manager of the store that he was a level three sex offender and was checking out my daughters. They were absolutely sickened to find this out as he does all of his daily shopping there so he can flirt with the cashiers. I said thanks for the FYI because I wouldn't be coming back there any more.
That is the second time I've seen a level III pedophile in six months.
We have over 700 sex offenders in a 20 mile radious here and they are every where.

Schwarzmann said...

I think this is the Kenneth C. Scott Ult refers to.

Ult said...

Yes... it's him.