Monday, October 31, 2005

Steve Huff on Rita Cosby 10/31- Scott Dyleski

Tonight, Steve Huff appeared on MSNBC's Rita Cosby Live & Direct to discuss new information concerning the suspect in the Pamela Vitale murder- Scott Dyleski.

Steve has been writing about this case on his Dark Side blog; so be sure to read his The Murder of Pamela Vitale Archives.

Steve was magnanimous in giving me credit for finding some new photos of Scott. And, as the URL for the Cellar was plastered across the images on the television screen, I am putting them up here. So... Welcome, Rita Cosby/MSNBC viewers!

Click images for a larger view.

Two of the above photos were deleted from the internet photo account after the Rita Cosby show. The LiveJournal account which hosts the other two is still online at this time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Steve Huff's latest at Crime Library

The Religious Conversion of Joseph Edward Duncan III is the latest piece on Joseph Duncan at written by Dark Side blogger Steve Huff.

Did accused killer of the Groene family, Joseph Edward Duncan III, want to be arrested?

Steve's article offers that theory, a theory I've held since Joseph Duncan was arrested shortly after 2:00 a.m. in the Denny's restaurant in Shasta's hometown. I do see his action as a "test" of sorts, especially now that we know his friend, lover, and financial supporter Dr. Richard M. Wacksman "yelled at him for running from the law" in a phone call just several hours earlier.

Was Duncan playing a game when he took Shasta Groene to a restaurant 2 miles from the home where he'd allegedly abducted her and her brother months earlier, and murdered her family? Could his motive have simply been a thrill-seeking sexual psychopath's need to further escalate his own sense of power, of omnipotence?

Playing games against his "demons," perhaps. Simply bringing Shasta to the police and turning himself in wouldn't be a challenge, wouldn't be enough of a test of "God's will." Bringing her to a restaurant at 2:00 a.m. early on a Saturday morning after the bars closed would even the odds. If I am caught, then it was the right choice and God wins. Else, the demons have truly won.

If, then, else
. A basic statement of computer programming language. I suspect Joseph Duncan may have constructed much of his life like the software programs he wrote. I suspect he generally thought this way.

If he hadn't been caught, I think he would have accepted that as proof his demons won, and I do think he would have killed Shasta. He may even have eventually gone back to Fargo to face the child molestation charges from Becker County, MN, knowing that he wasn't suspected in this case. Another case of "getting even," with him alone holding his sick secret.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Steve Huff on Joseph Duncan

Fellow "True Crime" blogger and my mentor Steve Huff has a new piece at Court TV's focusing on Joseph E. Duncan.

Steve made his Crime Library debut with his amazingly introspective and well-written chapters on Ben Fawley, the lead suspect in the murder of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Behl. This ongoing coverage by Steve is also not to be missed. Steve has a certain panache for writing about true crime- or just about anything, as far as I've seen... and while it is not likely that Cellar readers have not been to Steve's blogs, I'd like to point the rare reader who doesn't know about Steve to his main crime blog: The Dark Side.

Steve's recent piece concerning the crimes of Joseph E. Duncan exposes the essence of the foul crimes of this gutless puke and how he recorded them. It also raises some questions concerning a newly-released FBI bulletin regarding photos of three young boys:

The same day the court documents in question were unsealed, the FBI asked for assistance from the public in identifying and locating three young boys from the South Bay area of San Francisco. According to a brief article posted at the website of San Francisco TV station KRON, the boys had been photographed some time in 1997. The FBI would only say the photos had been obtained during an ongoing investigation, and that the boys might have been the victims of a crime.

The timing is certainly suspect, given Joseph Duncan's presence in the San Francisco area for parts of 1997. Cellar Dwellers have been digging around for more info/clues since this news broke last Thursday about the three photos of the young boys which were supposedly made in 1997 and are part of an ongoing FBI investigation.

Please, look at the photos of these little boys. Can you help?

Photos released by the FBI are believed to have been taken in 1997 in Northern California and were obtained as part of an ongoing FBI investigation. The child shown in Photo 3 may possibly go by the name of Josh, according to a press release. The FBI did not release any further details.Anyone having information concerning the identity or location of these boys is requested to contact the San Jose Office of the FBI at (408) 795-4320. All calls are treated confidentially, the FBI said.

Also see Steve's Dark Side blog entry from yesterday: Joseph Edward Duncan III, Filmmaker. The Real and Hideous Truth.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

"God sent an angel to save me"

I received a phone call a few hours ago from Joseph Duncan's brother. He had just received a letter from "Jet." Part of that letter, we felt, would be important to quote here because of all the discussion in the Cellar forums concerning Joseph Duncan's capture- or surrender. That part reads, verbatim:

The "light" is the truth- God's truth. I "came into the light" (faced up to the truth of what I was doing) by bringing that little girl home. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do! Compared to "facing the light"- dying will be easy!

(the bolded word "truth" is actually underlined in the letter, but I can't underline just one word in Blogger)

So, the Cellar Dwellers can once more discuss the "capture" or "surrender" (or whatever they think it was) with this added input from Joseph Duncan himself. For what it's worth.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Unsealed search warrant for Duncan's computer and files is now reporting on the contents and scope of the unsealed search warrant for Joseph Duncan's computer(s) and peripherals:

Newly released court documents show convicted sex offender Joseph Duncan may have been creating and trading child pornography, while he was in Montana with the Groene children.

Be sure to watch the video. News4's Melissa Luck has much more to report on this search warrant.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Judge: Prosecutor must copy videos for defense

From the Coeur d'Alene Press:

Gibler sided with [Public Defender John Adams], ordering prosecutors to turn over copies of the video clips, but mandated they must be encrypted by the defense and kept locked in a safe in the public defender's office. Only Adams or his chief deputy, Lynn Nelson, are to have access to the material during preparation of a defense. At the conclusion of the trial and any subsequent appeals, the copies must be returned to the prosecutor's office for destruction.

Along with some interesting arguments concerning the quantity of videos and photos which law enforcement actually recovered and the quantity which the prosecution claims to have:
Adams claimed that in addition to the videos, he was questioning whether his office has received all the evidence it's entitled to. He said one police officer said there were 15 other videos. He said another told him there were "hundreds."

Adams said the withholding of other evidence and documents by the prosecution puts a restraint on his ability to defend his client. "Absent those materials, the defense is not prepared to go to trial," Adams said.

Douglas said all of the evidence -- including copies of nearly 12,000 pages of reports and documents -- has been turned over.

I do wonder about that discrepancy. The FBI knows that Duncan uploaded photos and videos from Montana. If any other videos are considered evidence in the upcoming Federal case- the kidnapping of Shasta and Dylan, and the murder of Dylan, which occured in Montana- then these two videos in question are probably the only two which Joseph Duncan made in Idaho.

So Kootenai County would not have any other videos or photos save for those which pertain to the Idaho case: the murders (and kidnappings of) Brenda and Slade Groene and Mark McKenzie. (And save for those which would show motive- the murder of these three people in order to take the children for sexual purposes.) The Feds are keeping all the others for their case. And then there is the probability of another case against Joseph Duncan for the production of child pornography.

At least I think that's where the two versus 15 videos discrepancy originates. There certainly are a lot of people in law enforcement who maintain there were many videos found. I've been told very few people actually viewed them, and then mandatory counseling for those few, as well as some paid leave because the videos are so horribly disgusting and evil.

No, I can't believe that this filthy freak only made two videos in those seven weeks. Recording his vile acts was what he lived for- what he felt was his mission.

I hope the Feds are on to the file sharing network/recipient(s) Duncan was uploading to while in Montana.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two down

Thanks to Oprah's program from October 4th which highlighted predators like Joseph Duncan and John Couey, and several alert tipsters, two sexual predators were captured within TWO days of the program's airing!

Two Fargo-Moorhead women, recognized the Indiana-registered child molester William Carl Davis after seeing the October 4th Oprah program. They were each rewarded with $50,000.00 of Oprah's own money on yesterday's show.

Presenting a $50,000 check to each woman, Oprah says, "I am doing this for parents across America. This is the best money I ever spent."

Karie Miller, Jean Rosenthal and Oprah- Thank You!

The other gutless puke captured as a result of Oprah's program is Niles Scott, wanted in Cleveland, Ohio, and found living and working as a taxi driver in Belize City, Belize. According to, there are three tipsters vying for the $100,000.00 Oprah reward in this instance. Yet The Reporter claims a tipster named Patricia Waight expects to claim Oprah's reward. And reports Cleveland area tipsters aided in his capture. The FBI and Belize police officials shall determine who will receive the reward, or if it will be split up between several tipsters. Thank you all!

In-Forum has the transcript from yesterday's Oprah show here, and more details, including photos from the show, can be found here.

William Carl Davis was a fugitive from Indiana, living in Fargo while using his brother's name. Niles Scott was a fugitive from Ohio with known ties to Central America, found living in Central America, under an assumed name. This underscores the need for at least a comprehensive National sex offender registry, if not a Universal one!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Families file claim against Minnesota judge

KXLY broke this story* late last night:

Spokane Attorney Russell Van Camp filed papers on behalf of the Groene and Mckenzie families claiming that Becker County Judge Thomas Schoeder, and two county prosecutors should be held partially responsible for the crimes committed in North Idaho by convicted sex offender Joseph E. Duncan.

I believe this judge and two prosecutors are only the last few links in a long chain of accountability. I recall a widely publicized case out of Boston several years back concerning Judge Maria Lopez' extremely lenient sentence -probation!- of a dangerous pedophile who forced an 11-year old boy to perform a sex act with a screwdriver held to his neck. Judge Lopez wasn't the only lenient one, either. Not by a long shot, as outlined in this article, Playing loose with pedophiles, by Katherine Prudhomme which highlights a few other lenient judges in Massachusetts.

Including Judge Walter Steele, who released Nathaniel Bar-Jonah (a.k.a. David Brown). Note: this Billings Gazette article was one of the least graphic I could find. Bar-Jonah was as disgusting and evil a child predator as Joseph Duncan. He also "encrypted" his writings about his filthy crimes, which the FBI was able to decode.

Ms. Prudhomme's article raises another question I have concerning the Becker County, MN judge's handling of Joseph Duncan:
Judges in Massachusetts give lenient sentencing when they find out the accused is willing to leave the state.
Knowing that Joseph Duncan was a resident of Fargo, ND- a short trip across the border from Detroit Lakes- did the matter of Becker County, MN resources (i.e. Money) aid the decision to let Joseph Duncan off so lightly?

This KXLY article continues,
The families hope that the outcome of this judgment will send a message to other courts throughout the country that might be handling cases involving sexual predators to be careful.

I hope so, too. Public outrage alone hasn't helped in Massachusetts. Judges there are now up against this when attempting to sentence convicted child rapists with knowledge of their prior offenses.

*Also watch the KXLY video here for additional information on this claim, and to hear what Attorney Van Camp had to say.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sick of it!

He should have been behind bars the FIRST time! I'm so... SICK of it!
-Oprah Winfrey, barely restraining her contempt for Joseph Duncan and others of his ilk- 10/04/2005

Today's Oprah program, "Kidnapped by a Pedophile" highlighted the evil crimes Joseph Duncan "allegedly" perpetrated upon Steve Groene's family. In particular, his children.

This popular program focused on the horrifying reality of child predators, and (I hope!) drove home the importance of putting them away "the first time!" I'll admit, this is perhaps the second time in about 10 years I have watched Oprah- let alone any television show of this genre.

So while I cannot say for certain that Oprah is breaking new ground here among TV show hosts in leading a movement to put these sick freaks away forever, I can say that I was quite impressed with this program and very moved by her emphatic pleas for "us" (you, me, "we, the people") to stop thinking of these victims as other people's children, and start realizing that they are all OUR children.

Mr. Groene was Oprah's guest today, and- bless this man- I cannot imagine where he found his strength. I do believe he found at least some strength in his amazingly brave little girl, Shasta.

Oprah was visibly disturbed while recounting the details of Joseph Duncan's atrocious, disgusting crimes. And who wouldn't be disturbed, deeply affected- even wounded, by the knowledge of his capacity for evil?

Sadly, Joseph Duncan's evil crimes were not the only ones recounted in this program today. Remember Polly Klaas? Jessica Lunsford? Jeannette Tamayo, who had the courage to appear on Oprah's show? These were just three other cases highlighted on Oprah's program today- horrible, disgusting examples of what WE allow to occur, when we refuse to acknowledge and react productively to the acute danger hanging over the head of every single child in this country.

This is only happening to "some other poor child" until it happens to YOUR child.

Ayup, that seems to be the general opinion nationwide. Thankfully, with the activism of people like Mark Lunsford- loving father of Jessica Lunsford- times, they are a'changing.

Still, the "Jessica Lunsford Act" has many flaws, and may not be suitable for adoption in states other than Florida, where it was recently enacted.

I would take this opportunity to point readers in the direction of the One Strike Law movement's website. Oprah did not mention this movement, but OSL has maintained the same "One strike, and they're OUT!" view for some time now. If Oprah's program today awakened any semblance of outrage in you, the reader, at these disgusting monsters being free to molest, rape, torture, maim and kill our children- especially after having been convicted of a predatory crime against children in the past!- then hie over to Citizens for a One Strike Law now and educate yourself about their movement.

The Oprah Winfrey Show's website contains a disturbing overview of Joseph Duncan's crimes, as well as those of similar gutless pukes John Couey and David Montiel Cruz. The piece is aptly entitled America's Shame.

Also see Oprah's Child Predator Watch list.

"Sasha" explains his ties to Joseph Duncan

I have a new fan, Jerry, who thinks I should make a documentary about my experiences. I think he is right, I should, but not until I am ready I think. Jerry sounds like a really neat guy, he has a great blog (see "Sasha" entry below) that I think I understand. Keep your eyes on the air waves, Jerry, I could be famous sooner than you think, but hopefully not too soon.
-Joseph Duncan, from his Fifth Nail blog entry dated January 30, 2005

Cellar Dweller and fellow blogger Imahologram has published part of the e-mail correspondance she shared with "Sasha" of the Panda Conspiracy website. In the e-mails, Sasha explains how "Vaughn" came to contact Joseph Duncan.

He claims Joseph Duncan was "paranoid" at the first contact, initiated by Sasha's friend- someone he calls "Vaughn" but whom Joseph Duncan called "Jerry,"
Joe was paranoid, "How did you find me!?" said his first Email...
Imahologram's previous blog entry on this topic, Joseph Duncan Meets The Panda Man, is a must read for the early details about this interesting connection. Those readers not familiar with the "Panda Man" should read this above-linked blog entry first.
After Duncan’s arrest the cyber community uncovered the Panda Conspiracy site through it's reference on Duncan’s blog.

The Panda Conspiracy has not been mentioned in the general news media, the only venue in which this site is known is through bloggers, newsgroups and message boards...

Ima's been sleuthing out the details in the Cellar forum for weeks now, and watching this develop has been pretty cool. And confusing. At times, it has even been hilarious.

Check out for Imahologram's information connecting the dots between Joseph Duncan and the Panda Conspiracy. Best to bookmark Ima's blog, as this story isn't over yet.