Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What did Joseph Duncan have in the rental Jeep?

According to this new information just released, the following items were seized from the stolen rental Jeep Joseph Duncan was using while on his killing spree:

  • digital and video cameras

  • laptop computer

  • binoculars

  • letters that Shasta and Dylan Groene had written to their father

  • letter from Dylan to Shasta

  • briefcase with Mark McKenzie's wallet and checkbook

  • hatchet

  • knife

  • sawed-off shotgun

Included were several state maps, among them Michigan, Kansas, Idaho and Washington. City maps of Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls were also found.

Much of this was known long ago, at least unofficially. However, the news of the Michigan and Kansas maps could be a boon to us 'net sleuthers.

This article offers much more information about the items recovered from the Jeep:

a GPS device, a JVC digital camera, and binoculars. Also in the SUV, they found a hatchet with red smears on the blade, latex gloves, a sawed off shotgun, two hand saws, and a police department sticker on the rear window...

And from the Groene/McKenzie home:
Winchester shotgun shell found near Brenda Groene's body; duct tape, both on a roll and wadded up; and a green-handled hunting knife covered with blood and hair, found in a shop at the Northwest corner of the home.

Investigators also collected a cut or broken white plastic zip tie. News4 has reported the family was tied up with zip ties... and a large-cell flashlight covered in mud, which was found in a child's room.

Joseph Duncan had also written a few letters which were taken from him while in Kootenai county jail:

They include a letter written on a piece of tissue paper and titled, "Dear Mom," and a piece of tissue paper with other writings, including one addressed to Shasta.

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Mike Schuler said...

KXLY also reported that Duncan had maps for Illinios.