Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Duncan to blog again?

An article by Dave Turner of the Coeur d'Alene Press describes two letters from Joseph Duncan which have been put up for auction at a website called Murder Auction. One of those has sold and is no longer listed. The other is still viewable on the website, and is described and quoted in the article:

The letter is signed "Jet," the nickname Duncan used for "Joseph Edward the Third."

"P.S.," the letter continued. "Please call me 'Jet' but address letters to Joseph Duncan.

"P.P.S. can you type fast, I have a lot to blog about!" it said, followed by a smiley face.

This auction was closed on September 4, with no bids. There is an image of the letter, still available here.

I notice that this seller has quite a few letters from notorious criminals for sale, or which have been sold. Names like Richard Ramirez ("The Night Stalker"), Charles Manson, Theodore Kaczynski ("Unabomber") and other, less notorious but just-as-sick, murderers. Some of the auction images have visible zip codes on what appear to be the original mailing envelopes, and they match the five digits visible on the envelope which is claimed by the seller to have contained this purported letter from "Jet."

There is a message board associated with this auction site, and from reading the posts, it appears there are some who do this for extra income. Others post their wish list; they trade these letters, as well as paintings and other "murderabilia" like collector's cards.

I do wonder if this murderabilia seller has truly offered to blog for Duncan, or if the "support" they offered, which Duncan thanks them for, is only their vehicle for getting these notorious murderers to reply with interesting, "high dollar" product. Of course, to some of the people in that forum, blogging for a murderer would be quite a coup.

It wouldn't surprise me learn he is blogging again or will be soon. Especially after hearing about Esmie Tseng, the 16-year old girl from Kansas who was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing her mother last month. Esmie has kept up her Livejournal account from jail, with the help of a friend or friends.

I can't decide how I feel about Joseph Duncan being able to blog from prison. He claims he has "a lot to blog about!" yet how much could he, really? His lawyer stopped him from talking during inquiries into the murders of Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias.

While I don't think the scumbag should be able to get off on any more notoriety (though a relative informs me that Duncan claims to have no knowlege of any news about himself), I do think further writings from him could help solve more crimes. Or, just raise more questions. He is known to be a skilled liar.

I do not think he should be able to profit one bit from his crimes. Dave Turner's article continues,

Kahan said since 1992 he has worked with crime victims from all over the country to keep perpetrators from profiting from their notoriety. The latest version is the sales of all kinds of killer memorabilia over the Internet.

"And somebody's making a buck off of it," he said.

Kahan said one pencil sketch of a dog allegedly drawn by Rader opened at $1 and closed after 54 bids at $179.10.

Kahan said he wants to see legislation nationwide which would allow states to seize the profits from 'murderabilia,' even from third-party dealers, with the proceeds going to the victims' families.

This is long overdue. Some other countries, notably Japan, employ a restitution-based punishment system. Not that any amount of money will ever bring these poor people back, nor erase the trauma and suffering of little Shasta. But Joseph Duncan should never see one cent from his sick crimes, and I think people who offer to support him in prison by sending him money or goods should be smited. Repeatedly.

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Mike Schuler said...

When I heard about the toilet paper letters and notes being seized from his cell on a search warrant, I thought about Duncan's addiction to blogging his story. I say let him blog if he can. He's a pure narcissist, and anything he writes will be used against him in his trial. His trial will not be about guilt or innocence, it will be purely about the death penalty and the law. Once he's on death row, he can STFU, and they'll still have a good 15 or 20 years to study his brain while his appeals go through the system.

Anybody that collects even $1 from this freak's murderabilia should match it, and send it to Steve and Shasta Groene. Otherwise, there should be a special place in Hell for these sicko punks as well.

Neantaeus said...

Not Sure how to think about Duncan being allowed to blog? Well (no offense intended, I'm being rhetorical here) I will tell you how to think about it: it should never be allowed. Duncan and his ilk should be shut down and shut up.
I understand why you might want him to blather, as it gives you material that you can use to get closer to his mindset and his other crimes, but part of what makes a Duncan (please don't call him "Jet" that is a name he chose for himself and by using it you affirm the rightness of his choice) is the thrill that comes from letting the world know
what he thinks. The cretin needs a soapbox to make him happy. Your job is to make him miserable, no?

msbrooksie said...

I can't believe what I just read!

lostinlimaohio said...

I "borrowed" the image of the letter, rotated it and then added a bit more contrast, which gives a glance at some of the reverse side of it. In case the image is removed, or anyone has trouble viewing the other page- it can be found here:

Capt. Fantastic said...

LOL! I did the same thing on Wed morning and posted it in the Cellar forum. I put it up at imageshack:

The words "safe keeping" are the most obvious in this form, but if you invert the image, the negative yields more. ;)