Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Duncan to blog again?

An article by Dave Turner of the Coeur d'Alene Press describes two letters from Joseph Duncan which have been put up for auction at a website called Murder Auction. One of those has sold and is no longer listed. The other is still viewable on the website, and is described and quoted in the article:

The letter is signed "Jet," the nickname Duncan used for "Joseph Edward the Third."

"P.S.," the letter continued. "Please call me 'Jet' but address letters to Joseph Duncan.

"P.P.S. can you type fast, I have a lot to blog about!" it said, followed by a smiley face.

This auction was closed on September 4, with no bids. There is an image of the letter, still available here.

I notice that this seller has quite a few letters from notorious criminals for sale, or which have been sold. Names like Richard Ramirez ("The Night Stalker"), Charles Manson, Theodore Kaczynski ("Unabomber") and other, less notorious but just-as-sick, murderers. Some of the auction images have visible zip codes on what appear to be the original mailing envelopes, and they match the five digits visible on the envelope which is claimed by the seller to have contained this purported letter from "Jet."

There is a message board associated with this auction site, and from reading the posts, it appears there are some who do this for extra income. Others post their wish list; they trade these letters, as well as paintings and other "murderabilia" like collector's cards.

I do wonder if this murderabilia seller has truly offered to blog for Duncan, or if the "support" they offered, which Duncan thanks them for, is only their vehicle for getting these notorious murderers to reply with interesting, "high dollar" product. Of course, to some of the people in that forum, blogging for a murderer would be quite a coup.

It wouldn't surprise me learn he is blogging again or will be soon. Especially after hearing about Esmie Tseng, the 16-year old girl from Kansas who was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing her mother last month. Esmie has kept up her Livejournal account from jail, with the help of a friend or friends.

I can't decide how I feel about Joseph Duncan being able to blog from prison. He claims he has "a lot to blog about!" yet how much could he, really? His lawyer stopped him from talking during inquiries into the murders of Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias.

While I don't think the scumbag should be able to get off on any more notoriety (though a relative informs me that Duncan claims to have no knowlege of any news about himself), I do think further writings from him could help solve more crimes. Or, just raise more questions. He is known to be a skilled liar.

I do not think he should be able to profit one bit from his crimes. Dave Turner's article continues,

Kahan said since 1992 he has worked with crime victims from all over the country to keep perpetrators from profiting from their notoriety. The latest version is the sales of all kinds of killer memorabilia over the Internet.

"And somebody's making a buck off of it," he said.

Kahan said one pencil sketch of a dog allegedly drawn by Rader opened at $1 and closed after 54 bids at $179.10.

Kahan said he wants to see legislation nationwide which would allow states to seize the profits from 'murderabilia,' even from third-party dealers, with the proceeds going to the victims' families.

This is long overdue. Some other countries, notably Japan, employ a restitution-based punishment system. Not that any amount of money will ever bring these poor people back, nor erase the trauma and suffering of little Shasta. But Joseph Duncan should never see one cent from his sick crimes, and I think people who offer to support him in prison by sending him money or goods should be smited. Repeatedly.

More later...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Joseph Duncan's child porn,"snuff" films, and influential friends

The alleged crimes of Joseph E. Duncan are so foul, so unbelievingly twisted and evil, that people who hear of them are left speechless, at least for a good, long moment. Some of those people then shrug it off and go about their day; news is just news to some, after all. Yet others, those who are interested, disgusted or just plain nosy enough to have a need to know more, those people who discover even a fraction more than what is reported in mainstream media, have been caught unprepared for the wholly malevolent, atrocious reality of "Uncle Jet."

Many who fell into this latter group proffered theories involving child pornography rings when recovered evidence details relating to video cameras and computer peripherals were made public shortly after his arrest in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. The forums at Websleuths are an excellent example of this; it is one of the finer "True Crime" websites around. And Steve Huff's superb Dark Side blog delved into this as well, very early on. Much of what was written about the "child pornography" angle- at the time, only rumors and hearsay- concerning videos which Joseph Duncan made, were tentative. These rumors were often derided for their sheer sensationalism. And while I can't really fault many who did the deriding, I did strive to assess this information from an analytical bearing, and always concluded that none of the message board posts or blog entries I read concerning the rumors about Joseph Duncan's videos were made in a sensationalist manner.

Perhaps that objectivism was apparent to a few who seemingly had "insider information," because three people with no connection to each other recounted the same information to me when I contacted them. All three supplied more vivid and specific details than had been described (quite vaguely) in message board posts and blog entries- including this blog- since Dylan's remains were located in Montana. And regardless of my interpretation of their message- whatever their motivation- I am thankful for their honest and detailed accounts of the video footage in question.

I am inserting this warning before the following descriptions of some of the videos in question. The following is disgusting, vile, and probably more than most care to know. You have been warned.

  • Joseph Duncan made movies of himself sexually molesting and raping these children, starting very soon after he slaughtered their older brother, their mother and their mother's boyfriend.

  • Joseph Duncan made movies of Dylan hanging by his neck from a rope or cord, from a crossbeam in that cabin in Lolo National forest.

  • Joseph Duncan filmed the ongoing hanging of little Dylan, the video shows Duncan bringing him to the brink of death- only to lift him up to regain consciousness and let him hang once more... Duncan getting off on this scene the whole time.

  • Joseph Duncan then choreographed a scene in which he forced the traumatized Shasta to further degrade and harm her half-dead brother by making her drag him by the rope around his neck- through the campfire.

  • Joseph Duncan then murdered Dylan with a shotgun, and used his hatchet on his little body. Joseph Duncan filmed himself forcing Shasta to place her beloved brother's body parts in a campfire.

  • Later, Joseph Duncan filmed Shasta being forced to pick her brother's charred body parts out of the cooled ashes of the campfire. They were then placed in a culvert, to be washed out- or so Duncan thought- with the rain.

I can say I was sickened to hear all this early on after Duncan's apprehension, but to finally have these details confirmed by law enforcement nails it home in such a monstrous manner... We want to believe rumors are just that. In this case, the rumors flying around early on were pretty accurate. Recently, Justice Mag was able to get confirmation on these videos by multiple sources in Law Enforcement. This confirmation came as news broke that Duncan could face child pornography charges.

This revelation has made me physically ill, sad, angry and depressed. I have avoided writing about it until now, ten days later. My own little boy is 6. I was seeing Dylan when I kissed my son goodnight, while I helped him with his homework, when he played in the yard with his little sister...

Readers, this is why I concentrate this Cellar blog case on the sick monster that is Joseph Duncan, and not on the victims who suffered horribly at his hand. One can only compartmentalize so much; surely other bloggers better than I am able. I do need to let some of this frustration and anger out. I suppose living right near a firing range has its advantages.

That an entity with 46 chromosomes could do something like this. Could actually plan this and carry it out. This scrawny, nasty, scheming little scumbag. It chills my soul. What else did Joseph Duncan do between the time he rented the Jeep on April 15 in St. Paul, MN until the time he began stalking the Groene/McKenzie house in Coeur d'Alene, ID around May 13th? Missoula, MT and surrounding areas are now suspected as a "stalking" ground. But where else?

Was he also visiting and/or staying with someone who gave him moral and financial support?


Which brings me to motive: Why was Joseph Duncan making these movies? Who was he making them for? I doubt he made them for himself. He was spinning down the ol' crapper hole from the moment he decided to slaughter Slade and Brenda Groene and Mark McKenzie in order to kidnap Shasta and Dylan. I don't think for one moment that he ever expected he'd be able to hide away someplace and while away his years enjoying his filthy movies.

He was on the run- he had cut ties with local friends and close neighbors. He wrote bad checks for bail and his rent, took off on said bail, left his supposedly beloved cats to starve in his apartment, rented a vehicle in another city, another state, he went on a stalker's dream buying spree at Wal*Mart... and simply disappeared. Well, except for calling his doctor friend Richard M. Wacksman on April 15. The same day he posted the following to his blog,
"I have to carry out my orders or a lot worse than just me dying could happen."
What, exactly, were those "orders?"

His later fifthnail blog entries exposed at least a desire to go out with a bang,
"my reaction is to strike out toward the perceived source of my misery, society. My intent is to harm society as much as I can, then die."
So was the filming of these atrocities part of that affront to society, and also fulfilling an order?

Is this why he called Dr. Wacksman on July 1? Was he reporting in on his "orders?" Did he need more money? He sent a photo during this call. How touching. Only, we don't really know what the photo detailed. And even though Duncan and Shasta were spotted only about 10 hours after this phone call, in the early hours of July 2- Dr. Wacksman never told authorities about his phone call until the following WEEK! Dr. Wacksman claims he "yelled" at Duncan for running from the law, and that Duncan then hung up- cutting the call to 4 minutes. Takes all of maybe 15 seconds to yell at someone for running from the law... I wonder what was said in the remaining 3 minutes, 45 seconds?

Readers, that odor you smell is real, not a sensory manifestation. This pediatrician, former MeritCare physician and clinical professor of medicine at the University of North Dakota who swore that "Jet" was a "changed man" at his 1997 sentence review board, the same doctor who supported Joseph Duncan to the humiliation of his own family and character, was the same doctor who loaned Joseph Duncan about $6,500.00 to help defray attorney fees shortly before Duncan's April 5 court appearance for the molestation of a 6-year old boy and attempted molestation of an 8-year old boy in Detroit Lakes, MN about 9 months earlier.

If the doc honestly felt Duncan was such a "changed man," what the freakin' dilly-o did he think supported these charges from Detroit Lakes? Did he think the molestation fairy did it? Was Joseph Duncan that good in the sack (or San Francisco coffeehouse "glory hole") that one could overlook these "shortcomings?" Was it all worth it, doc? Why don't you ask your kids? Those kids whose lives you were so willing to risk by taking in the likes of sexual psychopath Joseph Duncan even when the review board was adamantly opposed to it.

Arghhh! The level of stupidity which the well-off men who were "close" to Duncan shared is uncanny. Of course, it could have been something else. Fargo businessman and "entrepreneur" Joe Crary is another friend of "Jet." He gave Duncan the $15K on April 5, after Duncan wrote a bad check to cover his bail. Duncan called Crary after posting bail, asking for (or demanding?) money to cover his bad check. As Crary tells it, he was only giving Joseph Duncan $15,000.000 as a favor. To help him out. Just like Crary claims he has done for "others." How come we haven't heard from any "others?" Maybe they're too busy skulking around back of the public restrooms and off the wooded trails in the Fargo parks to discuss it. Oh, I meant to write "bike trails." That IS what Crary called them, isn't it? Nice metaphor. Kinda like "coffeehouse" only more... rugged.

These gentlemen, while it's their right to avoid the media and hide out if they wish, don't they realize how sinister and twisted their ties to Joseph Duncan appear? Their names and connections to Duncan are all over the court documents, the media; their emotional and financial support of this dirtbag is clear. Neither one came forward on his own to 'fess up to any relationship with Joseph Duncan when this all went down- Detroit Lakes PD sussed out the Crary connection by accessing Duncan's bank records (that $15K windfall). And Fargo law enforcement tracked down Wacksman about that April 15th phone call. Not to mention his July 1 phone call, which he didn't report until the FBI was breathing down his neck. A week after the fact.

If these men are innocent of any collusion with Duncan, innocent of any support for his alleged felonies, then I think they need to make that perfectly clear. As I see it, they both have so much to answer for.

The FBI and foreign law enforcement are daily closing in on child porn purveyors and their clients. I hope that any movies Duncan was able to upload and share, if that was his intent, have been tracked. Joseph Duncan sought approval and validation from many people in his life; to the point that it became who he was. And so I do not believe that these videos he made were only for himself. Follow the money.

--Added content warning 9/27. C.F. All IP addresses and referring links are recorded.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Evidence documents

The Spokesman-Review now has the previously mentioned evidence documents on their website here in their superb ongoing coverage of the Groene investigation. They are in PDF format, under the "Documents" section in the box at the right. I have also linked them here under the Joseph Duncan Links section at right.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What did Joseph Duncan have in the rental Jeep?

According to this new information just released, the following items were seized from the stolen rental Jeep Joseph Duncan was using while on his killing spree:

  • digital and video cameras

  • laptop computer

  • binoculars

  • letters that Shasta and Dylan Groene had written to their father

  • letter from Dylan to Shasta

  • briefcase with Mark McKenzie's wallet and checkbook

  • hatchet

  • knife

  • sawed-off shotgun

Included were several state maps, among them Michigan, Kansas, Idaho and Washington. City maps of Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls were also found.

Much of this was known long ago, at least unofficially. However, the news of the Michigan and Kansas maps could be a boon to us 'net sleuthers.

This article offers much more information about the items recovered from the Jeep:

a GPS device, a JVC digital camera, and binoculars. Also in the SUV, they found a hatchet with red smears on the blade, latex gloves, a sawed off shotgun, two hand saws, and a police department sticker on the rear window...

And from the Groene/McKenzie home:
Winchester shotgun shell found near Brenda Groene's body; duct tape, both on a roll and wadded up; and a green-handled hunting knife covered with blood and hair, found in a shop at the Northwest corner of the home.

Investigators also collected a cut or broken white plastic zip tie. News4 has reported the family was tied up with zip ties... and a large-cell flashlight covered in mud, which was found in a child's room.

Joseph Duncan had also written a few letters which were taken from him while in Kootenai county jail:

They include a letter written on a piece of tissue paper and titled, "Dear Mom," and a piece of tissue paper with other writings, including one addressed to Shasta.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Joesph Duncan's polygraph exams

I've uploaded them to my Furl account for viewing. There are five pages in all; the earliest one is illegible, for the most part.

It is the final one, taken on March 26, 1997- the day Deborah Palmer was kidnapped and murdered- that he failed. And then he bailed.