Friday, August 26, 2005

Was Joseph Duncan trolling for victims in Missoula, MT?

The FBI has reason to believe Joseph Duncan was in Missoula, MT before he began stalking the Groene family in Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

I read this piece by Tristan Scott of the Missoulian this morning and it gave me the willies.
"FBI agents are trying to verify whether convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan III was prowling Missoula neighborhoods in the weeks leading up to the kidnappings and murders of an Idaho family."

Duncan made like his old girlfriend "Casper" and essentially vanished for about one whole month prior to the murders and kidnappings in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Was he in Missoula? Well, why not? The sick freak was all over the map, and seemed to thrive on driving long distances in his search for victims, as many serial killers do.

I have a few ideas about places he may have visited in the area, based on a theory I've held about Joseph Edward Duncan, III since the Spokesman Review published his numerous Psychological and prison documents. I created a spreadsheet based on my theory, and after reading Mr. Scott's article about Missoula, simply cross-referenced "Missoula" to get a few hits from my collected data:

  • McCormick Park in Missoula (especially the west side of Orange St. bridge)
  • Clancy I-15 rest stop, just south of Helena
  • Lewis and Clark county fairgrounds in Helena, on the way to Missoula from Fargo
  • Lolo National Forest- the portion outside Missoula near Frenchtown
  • several privately-owned campgrounds I won't name in this blog
A more detailed search of my data brings up more than three dozen additional places Joseph Duncan may have visited between Fargo, ND and Coeur d'Alene, ID, based on my theory.

And then there's St. Joe National Forest, just across the border in Idaho, on the way to Coeur d'Alene. Which, we know, is also the place sex offender John Rollins Tuggle was known to have been on his recent run from the law after stabbing his 12-year old daughter and leaving her to die.

The Missoulian article continues:
"Robbins would not confirm reports that Duncan used a Global Positioning System to track potential victims.

However, it has been widely reported that Duncan kept a GPS device in his vehicle and used it to map geographical way points, keeping a database of potential victims. The system would also have tracked Duncan's own movements, showing agents what areas he may have staked out.

As the article implies, I also feel confident the FBI is using that data from Joseph Duncan's recovered GPS unit to track his movements. Naturally, I'm curious to see if my theory pans out. (I'm cautious to write about this theory on this blog, as it is a volatile subject and I don't want to inflame or denigrate certain people. But those famliar with the art of glassblowing need only refer to their early days of instruction and recollect the one part of the equipment that caused then to snicker, at least to themselves. )

I hope the FBI and local law enforcement are checking out the areas I named above, in any case. I truly hope we don't hear of any molestation incidents in and around Missoula from this time; Duncan has already ruined enough families and surviving victims' lives to earn him the big daddy of flaming, barbed spikes in Hell.


Anonymous said...

Something I've been wondering, with all the trips to western WA from points east, is if anyone has determined if he drove a route through central WA, or if perhaps he dropped down south to I84. Seems he's been all around the OR/WA border... I'd be interested in hearing if he's ever tracked through Portland or the Gorge.

Mike Schuler said...

"Does anything matter? My mother is crying right now, because her son is in trouble again." - Joe Duncan III

I live in Spokane, and I've been following this case since about 3 hours after they found Shasta. The above is from Duncan's final blog entry on May 13, 2005. It was reported in the local news that Duncan told Shasta that he had been spying on their house and peeking in the windows at night, with night vision goggles to study the layout of the house for "several days" before he attacked. The attack took place on the night of May 15th, so he was probably in Coeur d'Alene or Spokane when he made that final entry with his laptop. He states his mother is crying right now. His statement is in the present tense. I'm wondering if he made his May 11th entry from Tacoma at his mother's house, then went to Wolfe Lodge campground to spy on the Groene's? He could have had them already picked out, because the children playing in the yard would have been visible from Interstate-90 as he drove westbound for Tacoma.

Also, it was reported early on that the GPS device led invetigators to all of Duncan's campsites that he went to during the almost 7 weeks that he had the children. That, and information from Shasta is how they found Dylan's remains so quickly. I wonder if the GPS pinpointed everywhere he went from the time he started using it?