Monday, August 01, 2005

Timeline Map

Updated 8/29/05

This map is marked with locales Joseph Duncan physically visited, lived, or was incarcerated. It follows the Cellar Blog Timeline and should provide the viewer with a helpful visual of his travels.

(Click map for a larger version)

The gray markers represent locations Duncan was known to have been, along with the dates. The red markers represent other crimes Duncan may have committed, based on similarities to his other known crimes and the locations of the crimes. The green markers represent locations of relatives or friends he was known to visit.

A. Joseph Duncan's mother lived in Tacoma, WA. So did his brother, for a time. He was known to have visited them both, but mostly his mother- as documented in his Offender Chrono Report.

B. One of Joseph Duncan's sisters lived in Poulsbo, WA. He was known to have visited her home several times after his parole in 1994, often for several days at a time- per his Offender Chrono Report.

C. Joseph Duncan's father lived in Pahrump, NV. Per his Offender Chrono Report, he was known to have visited this location at least twice while out on parole, and possibly again during his run from the law between 3/31/97 and 8/26/97, when he was apprehended by the FBI in Missouri.

1. Duncan's last residence as a teen in Tacoma, WA. Duncan sent to Dyslin's Boys' Ranch in Tacoma 1979. 5/20/80- Admitted to Western State Hospital for treatment in their Sexual Psychopath program for his rape of a 14-year old boy. 3/82- Considered "not amenable to treatment" at WSH due to "continued sexually deviant behavior" which included peeping into windows and masturbating in public. Duncan is sent to prison to serve out remaining 18 years of original 20-year sentence.

2. 9/94- Paroled to halfway house in Seattle. Violated parole in 10/1996 for marijuana use and possession of a firearm, spent 30 days in jail, then was released back into the Seattle community.

A. 11/23-24/1994- Thanksgiving visit to Tacoma. Per Chrono Report, pg. 2

B. 5/25- 5/30/1995- Joseph Duncan spends several days visiting his father in Pahrump, NV- per Chrono Report, pg. 5.

C. 12/23-12/27/1995- Duncan spends Christmas holidays at his sister's home in Poulsbo, WA- per Chrono Report pg. 9.
#1 possible crime- 7/96 Sammiejo White, 11, and Carmen Cubias, 9, two half-sisters from Bothell, WA are last seen leaving their motel room to run an errand. Duncan was living and working in the Bothell area during this time. 2/98- the girls' bodies are found in a field in Bothell, WA. Steve Huff wrote about this yesterday over at my favorite crime blog, The Dark Side. King County Sheriff's department and Bothell police are investigating this case. See the latest Cellar blog entry about the unsolved murders of Sammiejo and Carmen.

A. 8/17-18/1996- Weekend visit to Tacoma to "help brother move." Per Chrono Report, pg. 12.

C. 8/24-8/25/1996- Visit to sister in Poulsbo, WA. Per Chrono Report, pg. 12.

#2 possible crime- 3/26/97- 7-year old Deborah Palmer is last seen walking to school around 8:35 a.m. On 3/26/97, Duncan had an appointment to take a polygraph exam in Seattle (time unknown)- about a 1.5 hour (~90 mile) drive from the neighborhood of Oak Harbor Elementary School where Deborah was last seen. 3/31/97- Deborah's partially-clothed body is found after 7 days, washed up on a beach 7 miles from where she disappeared. That same day is when Duncan apparently absconded in his girlfriend's car heading south. (see #3) While Deborah was not sexually molested, her death is considered a "sexually motivated homicide" due to the nature of the crime. She was asphyxiated/strangled. A Cellar Dweller posed this possibility in the forum on 7/18, and they've been laying it all out and have contacted authorities with the details. See the Latest Cellar blog entry about Deborah's murder.

3. 3/31/97- After positive marijuana test while on parole, he absconded in a girlfriend's car. His mother told his parole officer she had last seen Duncan on 3/31 and did not know where he was.

4a. Duncan may have visited a relative in southern CA. Possibly on a vacation with father out of Pahrump, NV. 4/4/97- Anthony Martinez is kidnapped from Beaumont, CA.

4b. 4/19/97 The body of Anthony Martinez is found outside Indio, CA on a road leading to Joshua Tree National Park. A partial fingerprint found on duct tape from Anthony's body is determined to be Duncan's fingerprint on August 1, 2005.
  • On 5/20/1997, Joseph Duncan's "friend," Dave Woelfert, told Duncan's parole officer that Duncan had phoned his ex-roomates from northern CA just one week earlier (5/13/1997) per Chrono Report, pg. 18.

5. By 6/3/97, Duncan is in San Francisco; meets Dr. Richard M. Wacksman at a "coffeehouse." Claims to be "living pretty much on the streets" in his blog entry from 1/15/04. This is also the time period he claims to have seen a piece of graffito in San Francisco,"the inequity that twists my conscience is permanently tattoed on my existence. -author unknown." (He wrote, "The message impacted me so much that I attempted to commit it to memory.")

6. During the time he is a fugitive in hiding, Duncan visited Wacksman in Fargo, ND. Chrono Report pgs. 19 & 20.

7. 8/26/97- Arrested in Kansas City, MO by the FBI while staying at his half-sister's house. Chrono Report, pg. 18.

8. 8-9/97- Sent back to prison in WA.

9. 7/14/00- Released from prison, placed on a bus headed to Seattle.

10. 7/21/00- Duncan arrives in Fargo, ND.

#3 possible crime- 2/15/01 12-year old Steven Earl Kraft, Jr. missing from Benton Harbor, MI while walking his dogs between 7 and 8 p.m. He was about half a block from his home. One of his dogs led the owners to a nearby pond, the other was found near a creek later.

#4 possible crime- 10/6/02 Shawn Hornbeck, 11, disappears from Richwoods, MO. He was last seen around 4:30 on his bicycle.

11. 11/02- Duncan is in Kansas City, MO for Thanksgiving with relatives.

#5 Possible crime- 3/26/03 Dalton Mesarchik, 7-year old from Streator, IL disappears. He was last seen in the front yard/porch area of his home. His body was found in a nearby river the next day; he had been bludgeoned with a hammer.

12. 6/7/03- Scuba diving in Crosby, MN.

13a. Summer, 2003- Scuba diving in Grand Rapids, MI.

13b. Scuba diving at Two Harbors, MN at Lake Superior- Madeira shipwreck.

13c. 8/2 to 8/3/03- Treasure Hunt Dive and Trash Dive in Crosby, MN at the mine pits. Duncan wins a prize: mask and defog

14. 12/03- Duncan visits mother, brother and sister in Tacoma, WA for Christmas. blog entry dated 1/7/04. While there, he helps make PB 'n J sandwiches for homeless people in Tacoma with his mother and her church.

15a. 2/15/04- Ski trip mentioned in his blog- no location- says it was his first time. (see 15b)

15b. 2/19/04- Second ski trip, Andes Towers Hills in Kensington, MN.

15c. 2/21/04- Third ski trip in a week- same place? Claims to have gone skiing for 8 hours, doesn't mention any company. (see 15b)

16. 2/25 to 2/29/04 (it was a leap year!)- Per blog entry dated 3/1/04: Duncan Visits Dr. Wacksman and family in FL. They spend a day at Epcot in Disney World (Orlando). Then drove to Tampa where the Dr. resides; went to the Strawberry Festival.

17. 4/16/04-4/18/04 A day after "Officer Martin" performs a sex offender address check which upsets Duncan, he makes another trip to visit Dr. Wacksman in FL. Duncan claims to have been in Ft. Lauderdale while his "doctor friend" was taking a class toward his 2nd doctorate. ( blog entries 4/15/04 and 4/29/04)

18. 4/24/04 or 4/25/04- Minneapolis, MN. Duncan drives down to the Mall of America with visiting "retired teacher friend" who is visiting from Concord, CA. ( blog entry dated 4/29/04)

19. 7/3/04- Detroit Lakes, MN. Duncan allegedly molests a young boy and attempts to molest another at a school playground. He had a camera with him. One day prior to this alleged molestation, Duncan writes in his blog about a coworker accusing him "of not caring." Duncan mulled this over, "What is really interesting about this whole way of looking at things is that a psychologist might call me sociopathic because I am rationalizing the fact that I am insensitive to how others feel." He ended with the proclamation, "Hmmmmmm, maybe we need more sociopaths then!" (emphasis added)

20. Late July, 2004- Scuba diving at Apostle Islands- Bayfield, WI. Duncan uses dive charter company Superior Divers out of Duluth, MN; boat is the "Wreckreation."

21. 8/13 to 8/15/04- 2nd Annual Treasure Hunt Dive and Trash dive in Crosby, MN at the mine pits. (Duncan can be seen in a few photographs from these event photo pages. Duncan wins a prize again? See third person from right in . Duncan seen in
Trash Dive 2004 photos (in at least 2 of the Zorbaz restaurant images).

22. 10/13/04 to 12/4/04- Geocaching in and around Fargo- various dates and locations.

23. 12/26/04- Geocaching in Washington state with his mother. Finds cache with his mother, and states this in his "found" note on the geocache website (as Jetd63). This entry has been deleted, only a google cache of the entry remains.

24. 3/12/05- Weekend visit to Wacksman in Key West, FL. Did Wacksman give him the $6,500.00 "loan" at this time?

25. 4/11/05- Last contact with police officer in Fargo, who was performing an "address check" at Duncan's apartment. Two days later, Duncan bought his night vision goggles and other items at Fargo Wal*Mart.

26. 4/15/05- He rents a Jeep in St. Paul, MN.

27. 4/27/05- Steals tags off a vehicle in Newton County, MO to place on rental Jeep, which is now considered stolen.

?27. Late April-Early May/2005- Duncan placed at Bighorn National Recreation center in WY. A key tag for the stolen Jeep he is driving is found in some trash at the park as rangers were cleaning up. (On his way to Coeur d'Alene or from Coeur d'Alene?)

?27. 5/13/05- Did he go back to visit his mother in WA? He writes in his blog that his mother's crying... could be he spoke with her by phone, but he is accessing the internet somewhere at this time, and so he could be at her home. His mother doesn't live far from Coeur d'Alene, ID.

28. 5/16/05- Stalking and killing the Groene family in Coeur d'Alene ID. He was probably here stalking them for at least one day previous to this date, if not several.

29. 6/25- or 6/26/05- Murders Dylan Groene, whose remains are found in Lolo National Forest in western MT on 7/4/05.

30.7/1/02- Evening- Duncan and Shasta are seen on a Conoco station's security cameras in Kellogg about 40 miles from the Denny's in Coeur d'Alene. 7/2/05- Six hours later- early morning, Coeur d'Alene ID- caught in Denny's with Shasta Groene.


Steve Huff said...

Really fine work on the map and related timeline. My hat's off to ya.

"Weiner" said...

You guys are remarkable... the colors are driving me nutty tho. But, I'm a blind ol dawg!

bloo said...

The map was a great idea as an additional reference to the written timeline. This is a great tool to help connect the dots.

CountryGirl said...

I guess I didn't know it was confirmed that Leanna Warner (Beaner) was murdered.

wallflower said...

really GREAT work...Thanks

Capt. Fantastic said...

Thanks, everyone. This map will be updated tonight, along with the Timeline.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about Duncans possible connection to the disapearance of Bryce Herda on the Olympic Penninsula. Please let me know what you have come up with there...

Thanks, you guys are amazing.. really!

Capt. Fantastic said...

Well, he was apparently living in the Tuscany apartments in Seattle in April, 95 when Bryce disappeared. :(

Anonymous said...

So does that mean you possibly think he could be connected? From what I have read neither Bryce nor his remains have been found.

Anonymous said...

I just moved from Newton County MO where the tags were stolen from. It is so creepy to think about all the places he visited that nobody knew about.

Anonymous said...

The real scary thing is those are places he was for sure. What about the places he had to drive through to get to other places. There is no telling how many crimes this guy has committed. It's so sad.

Anonymous said...

There are 3 other missing children from Washington that seem to fit his sick profile......
Bryce Herda, Neah Bay, WA 4/9/95
Jeff Klungness, Sumner, WA 3/2/96
Luke Phiangdae, Raymond, WA 2/6/96

JoJoFox said...

Everytime I read this ...I am amazed. Bloo is right. This timeline really helps to place him and connect the dots.

It also makes it very clear to all the sceptics that Duncan was NOT a highway wimp. He thought nothing of traveling very long distances ...and often. He could really rack up the mileage......funny how he really does not elaborate on this fact in his blog. Only when we set up a time line like this do we see (clearly) that he was a VERY frequent traveller all over the mid west and northwest.

With this is hard to dismiss his possible involvement in any crime ( west of the Mississippi) since his release from prison.

I keep coming back to this timeline and map.....I think his long distance travels do suggest a multitude of hidden horrors.

Anonymous said...

Is there any connection between this guy and Michael Devlin (who kidnapped the Hornbeck boy and the other boy)?