Saturday, August 20, 2005

Steve Huff has an idea

Steve asked for help spreading this around; please read it let him know your thoughts on it.

A Missed Opportunity to Stop a Monster? (Part III: Red Flags)

"The three red flags symbolize where Joseph Duncan should have somehow been "red-flagged" by authorities. The Detroit Lakes accusations, taken in combination with his status as a level III sex offender -- red flag. Seen at a park, possibly trolling for children, a police complaint is filed -- red flag. Contact lost, April 18 -- red flag.

The moment anyone, whether it was Fargo PD or Larry Bloomgaarden or whoever, realized that they didn't know where Duncan was, the moment it was understood that he may very well have absconded, why could his already-present status as a level III sex offender not have been cause for a serious and wide-ranging alert?

This is where has the right idea. I say though, that it is obviously time we took that idea a few steps further."

This is just a snip of his excellent piece on documented behavior patterns of violent Level III offenders which should have been cause for some kind of public alert, similar to the Amber Alert system.

Be sure to also visit the Predator Alert blog linked above, and in my sidebar to the right.

Update 8/21/05: Polimom also has an idea- a damn good one:

Paraphilia and the Sex Offender Registries is her recent blog entry and it meshes with Steve's idea.

"There's a fundamental flaw, however, in how these registries are designed and utilized. The "one size fits all" approach is undermining the validity and acceptance of monitoring. It is also blurring the lines between the dangerous and the merely different.

I believe we should be pursuing and supporting classification of sex offenders in relationship to paraphilia. Paraphilia are deemed “incurable”, and control requires constant effort, support, and monitoring. To me, these are the truly scary people - and there are lots of them."

Give it a read, I think she's spot on.


Ult said...

This is very interesting because as I mentioned last week in one of my posts that we should have a 24 hour television channel dedicated to alerting the public of these
predators that are violating their terms.

I also visualized Steve Huff as commentator but until we can look into the costs of airtime and find the most visible avenue, the predator blogspot will give us all some practice.

FiveFootBagel said...

Good for you Steve. Great idea. How bout a predator ticker alert like the Amber Alert ticker?

bfree said...

Why not put one of those computer id chips in these folks. If they're gonna let them out, at least they'd be able to track them. Add a remote control mechanism to 'stun' or 'disable' if they abscond. Better yet . . . 'annihilate'.