Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chrono Report is here

The 28-page Chrono report on Duncan is now available for viewing:

Joseph E. Duncan, III- Offender Chrono Report

An Inmate Chronological Report details the contacts, discussions and actions between the case manager(s) and the inmate/parolee. Also recorded are significant social contacts and events, disciplinary actions, and the compliance progress of the inmate/parolee.

Special thanks to JoJoFox for obtaining it!


JoJoFox said...

To those who don't know..

The Chrono Report is the chronological documentation of The Department of Correction's interaction with an offender during parole and afterward.
It is all the parole officer's notes......good stuff

msbrooksie said...

Wow, I can't believe he is still being discussed and this blog is still up!

Way to go! Maybe people will see this and think twice before letting out someone like Duncan again.

Last I heard he killed more kids before the Groene family!


FiveFootBagel said...

As a parent, I am stunned by reading the notes. Who are these parents that allowed him near their children????? What were they thinking?

Capt. Fantastic said...

The forum server is down again. I updated the Chrono Report link to the Furl archive for viewing.

Schwarzmann said...

Check out the bottom of page 3 of the report...

April 12, 1995
"He was incarcerated half of his life and said he spent most of his time preparing for his eventual release and it has paid off as is doing quite well."

We all know about the getting out and getting even passage in his blog, but I'm going to repeat it anyway:

May 11, 2005
"As an adult all I knew was the oppression of incarceration. All those years I dreamed of getting out...And getting even."

bloo said...

Many thanks to JoJo for obtaining this valuable report. The information gleaned from the documents has already solved one mystery (the missing sibling).
Thanks JoJo!

Ult said...

Jojo, you're pretty solid and a real go getter. Thanks for the Chrono reports.

As I read through each one of these I can visualize him scouting and trolling especially where he says he walked around to get to know the neighborhood on his very first days of release.

I can visualize him looking for his next score of what ever he needs to get by and him justifying every ill scheme.
Has anyone here written a letter to him to see if he responds?

JoJoFox said...

Hey guys..Thanks for the Thanks...actually I got alot of help from Richard Roesler, a reporter from The Spokane Spokesman Review. I asked him how to get documents like the Spokesman had done. I told him what information I was seeking. He gave me the WA Department of Correction email address and contact person, told me what report to ask for and even appraised me of expenses....
I did also ask for the 1999 Psychological by Dr Whitehall
(repeatedly mentioned in other documents)but I was informed that that was a CONFIDENTIAL document. To gain access to it, I would have to get a court order (don't think so) or get written permission from Joseph Duncan.
.....I am composing my letter.

Ult said...

Right on! I get the feeling that Jojo gets what she wants.
Would you please ask him for the password or pgp thing to the encrypted diary?
We can always offer him money as a last resort but he may just feel like giving it to you if you tell him that he is the sole entity of our study group.

I'm dying to see that letter your composing Jojo.

FiveFootBagel said...

Great idea Ult. Sounds like in addition to Joe's obvious and numerous disorders, perhaps he also suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He may enjoy being the center of a 'study'... Just like BTK, I believe he will eventually need and desire to take credit for his deeds. Otherwise, why keep the diary at all?

Mike Schuler said...

Forty years ago, abduction/rape/murders were relatively rare. Today, they are a daily occurrence. This insanity is caused by our governments' false belief that violent sexual predators have to be rehabilitated and made into productive citizens, by releasing them back into our midst. So release them they do, whether it's wise or not. If releasing a particular individual is considered unwise, they tag him with a Level III designation, and pretend that knowing his address is going to stop him from creating future victims.

When it comes to violent sexual predators, our governments are suffering from a serious brain failure. I really do believe that violent sexual predators can become rehabilitated and make a contribution to our society, and lead healthy meaningful lives, as long as it takes place behind the walls of a state prison where they belong. I do believe that most of them would be happier there, away from temptation and among their own kind. Not having to worry about food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Not having to deal with the day to day stresses of survival in our modern world. They have already proved that they don't deserve, and can't handle, life in our free society.

The need to become safe from predators is now more urgent than ever. The solution is simple. Once a person has committed a violent sex crime, he has proved that he is not fit to remain in society, and so we lock him up in prison. But then we let him out again. Let's stop letting them out again. If we stop letting them out again, it will go a very long way in making our world safe from predators.

We are a nation of 50 states. In order to be effective, one state can't do it alone. If 50 states do it individually, than the same work is duplicated 50 times. Let's work together. To get laws changed it takes a lot of information. Gathering information is work, but by placing this information in an easy to find place, and helping others up the trail you have already been, we can all accomplish the goal of Safety From Predators.

I am the custodian of the Safety From Predators forum. I am also the Spokane Washington Area Cordinator for Citizens For A One Strike Law. I am a refugee from Steve Huff's Whispers In Dry Grass forum. We were building a data base and making connections accross the country, discussing ideas and learning from others. I thought it was a valuable tool, and I would like to continue it. I welcome anybody who wants to help and contribute to the cause of stopping abduction/rape/murder or at least drastically reducing it as much as we are humanly able. It is an Aimoo forum. There are no moderators or owners there, because we are all adults.

Ult said...

Wow Mike!
Thanks for the invite.
I'll be visiting often.

Capt. Fantastic said...

Excellent, Mike, thanks.

I copied your comment and links to the Cellar Forum.

My2cents said...

I do have one question for Mike Schuler: I was wondering if you have actual data regarding your statement that "Forty years ago, abduction/rape/murders were relatively rare." or if this is speculation? If it's true, could it be because they actually didn't happen or that they just weren't reported as widely as they are now? Forty years ago, there was no internet or cable news in most households so global 'communication' was restricted to the local newspaper and/or gossip. Its critical that we analyze what's happening at the core of our societies or we will remain victims flailing helplessly about while these acts are perpetrated upon our children. Carl Jung warned of this type of mindset in much of his writing, that the future awaiting us is even darker than what the world experienced during WWII and the holocaust because of our resistance to exploring the relationships between psychology, religiosity, and human nature. JDuncan discussed religion his blog, BTK was a prominent figure in his church, however T. Bundy had no religious 'mask' that we know of. This may not be the place for such a discussion but I would like to know if anyone is working on research in these areas. I've read some very interesting and disturbing stuff and this could get pretty deep but I have a burning desire to understand HOW and WHY these people are capable of committing these acts AT ALL, much less without remorse, deep psychosis or not.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

dustyco said...

When looking over the documents, did anyone else note #7, 8, & 9?

In 8/10/95, Duncan gets his panties in a bunch and starts harping about the system....
8/23/05, the PO goes looking for him and does not find him....
8/29/05 He calls the PO (hmmm, maybe he was home all along? NOT!)
8/30/05: Wow, Duncan is "Cooperative"; why the big change from hating the system?
12/8/95 - 1/12/96: Duncan 'disappears' and takes off "to his sisters" without permission after reporting 'feeling depressed'.

Also Consider: According to a first hand witness, (D Ellis's husband), Jet bragged about lying to the polygraphs and passing the test (which is possible), this further reduces the credibility of the tests as far as I am concerned.

This stinks to high heaven to me. Why is he all 'up in arms', ‘the PO doesn’t find him’, Duncan calls back six days later’, then Duncan is all cooperative. Did I miss something between 8/10/95 and 8/29/05 that changed his attitude?

These documents show how sloppy our system is and how much opportunity Duncan was given to feed his frenzy. I surely hope that no child was victimized during these 'holes', but it definitely has my spidey-senses tingling.