Friday, August 05, 2005

Chattin' with the Chief

Duncan's blog entries for 2/11/05 and 2/14/05 refer to a Q&A session he had with Police Chief Magnus on this website: Chat with the Police Chief Chris Magnus. Check out the Q&A's for 2/9/05 and 2/14/05.

Duncan used the name "bas." It's worth noting he used the name twice. He could have used "anonymous" but he did not. So I'm wondering what "bas" means to him. Where else did he use this name?

The IN-Forum postings were brought to light and discussed a bit in this earlier blog entry. I don't want this to slip away, keep plugging away at it, Cellar Dwellers!

I had hundreds of hits using several search strings last night which looked really good- users and user profiles for a bunch of "bas-" ers- but can't go through them all right now. I'm loaded up with AutoCAD drawings to do today (uh... work? I do that sometimes!) So... please help me check it out, run it down. This is exactly how I found the Jazzi-Jet Prison Queen website; by noticing he was using that name on usenet posts and simply plugging it in to search engines.

I don't believe we've found all of his aliases- not by a long shot. I know most of you love to do this kind of 'net sleuthing, and you're good at it!

Thanks for any help!


scubagirlKA said...

I think I posted about this at the old forum. This is just my guess, but there is a psychological term or approach call B.A.S ( Behavioral Approach System). It sounds like something Duncan would know about.

'Several theorists have argued that two general motivational systems underlie behavior. A behavioral approach system (BAS) is believed to regulate appetitive motives, in which the goal is to move toward something desired. A behavioral avoidance (or inhibition) system (BIS) is said to regulate aversive motives, in which the goal is to move away from something unpleasant.'

scubagirlKA said...

Here's a little better definition:
'Jeffrey A. Gray (1990) offers a model for emotional experience and behavior based on three systems: the behavioral inhibition system (BIS), the behavioral approach system (BAS), and the fight/flight system (F/FLS). Reinforcing agents involved in states of arousal are paired with programs of responsive motor behavior. The three fundamental behavioral systems mediate cognition and emotion. The BIS is activated by anxiety and predictions are made based on memories of previous experience. The memory-based predictions are then compared with events occurring in the present. Incongruence between the prediction and reality results in behavioral inhibition and increased physical arousal and attention as the individual searches for more information (Gray, 1995). According to Gray’s model, the BAS is activated by environmental cues associated with reward, lack of punishment, or cessation of punishment. The BAS is a guide for goal-oriented behavior. Gray conceptualizes the F/FLS as a system that responds to unconditioned, aversive stimuli with unconditioned escape behavior or defensive aggression.'

bloo said...

I prefer to think that BAS is short for "freaky BAStard"... but Duncan was too vain for a moniker like that.

Polimom said...

How about "Big Al's Slave"? I tried playing with some combinations of that several weeks ago, but I don't think "slave" came to me then.

Ult said...

I was thinking today about a conversation I had with a computer security author named William. William told me that there was a new encryption disentigration method used by those who want to keep private info in the net that allows only them to access it and if anyone without permission accesses the super private encrypted site, then the mechanisms kick in and within 30 seconds the site auto-self disintigrates. It's used for groups who fee their communication must be hidden.

This has been my experience with accessing private Jet areas.I find one and go back 25 minutes later and it's gone, Zip, Bye-bye, Nada!

I pray that the cops were smart enough to go and sieze every server Duncan stored his mad man ramblings on.

Because.... JedIII, BAS, and Jazzi-Jet do have a Bohemian out there helping him eliminate the real confessions.

Anonymous said...

Another good description of uses for BAS is:

"The Sex Crimes Unit has also created a sub-unit in the Squad called the Behavioral Assessment Section (BAS). The underlying goal of the BAS activities is crime prevention, to prevent future victims by applying inventive strategies to existing criminal investigations and potentially violent situations. This section is staffed with experienced criminal investigators, specially trained in Threat Management, Risk Assessment and Behavior Analysis. This section is proactive in identifying sexual predators within our community and using every legal means to minimize the risk that these offenders will reoffend. Those with a proclivity for sexual (offences), who we have identified, know that they are known to the police and, where necessary, by the community."

I admit I need to go back to Duncan's prison/probation documents, but I do remember they were 'grading' him and his scores were listed, but there was no mention if the scores were high, middle or low. Nor was it mentioned the evaluation name. I am thinking BAS.

That is why I am posting to this thread.

I think this is why Duncan posted as 'bas' on the 'In-Forum' sites protesting offender registry and probation laws on the 'In-Forum' sites and in his 'Fifthnail' blog when he 'chatted with the chief of we could link those 'In-Forum' protests. I think he was upset about his scores; that he didn't 'fool' anybody. Just as he was 'despondent' about polygraph scores after the Martinez tragic case, while on parole, facing more jail time.


I looked/searched for other 'bas', found one I am still checking, but looks innocent (how to make a web page), the rest are Indian based names. I think 'bas' was just when Duncan was protesting offender registry laws.

The pattern I see with his aliases is one for school/work, one for Jazzi, another for geocatching, family, another for protesting offender laws, etc.

That may be a new 'timeline': topics he used under alias.


(Are blogger and forum users different? I thought M.R. 'fixed' that. OK. Had to do anony this post. Buggers.)