Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Breaking News: Anthony Martinez

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has scheduled a press conference in Riverside, CA today at 1:00 p.m. PDT to discuss the link between Joseph E. Duncan, III and the kidnapping/murder of Anthony.

"CBS-2 first broke the story last week, that internet "bloggers" suspected Duncan may have been in Southern California in April 1997, when Martinez was abducted. 15 days later, the boy's body was found naked, bound in duct tape, and partially buried under rocks near the Indio Hills.

Bloggers say Duncan's father lived in Vista, CA at the time of the Martinez murder, and that he was driving a car similar to one described by eyewitnesses of the kidnapping."

CBSTV2's Brooke Beare has the update on her initial story.

NBC4 is also reporting on the story now: Idaho Suspect Tied To Unsolved California Kidnapping, Murder:

"Sources tell NBC4 that Idaho suspect Joseph Edward Duncan III, who is charged in a triple homicide and the kidnappings of Shasta and Dylan Groene, may be implicated in the abduction and murder of a boy from Beaumont, Calif., southeast of San Bernardino, in 1997. In the Idaho case, Shasta Groene said she and her brother, Dylan, were repeatedly molested by Duncan. Dylan Groene was later found dead."

And Joseph Duncan linked to California boy's murder in 1997
"The Riverside County Sheriff's Department confirmed Wednesday that the suspect charged in a triple homicide and the kidnappings of two Idaho children, one of whom was found dead, is the "prime suspect" in the killing of Anthony Martinez, who was kidnapped from home eight years ago."

And Man held in Idaho abduction-murders probed in '97 Beaumont murder

"The sheriff says confirmation of the fingerprint match was received Monday.
Doyle says he is "pretty confident" Duncan is the man who forced the boy into a car in Beaumont as his child's friends watched. The sheriff says his agency has followed up 15-thousand leads and now, in his words, "You can imagine the elation that everybody has."

More to roll in as the minutes and hours pass... Cellar Dwellers- are you holding your breath? I am.


Anonymous said...

"Joseph Edward Duncan III, 42, is linked by a single fingerprint to the scene of the killing of Anthony Martinez, Sheriff Bob Doyle told a press conference in Riverside, 60 miles east of Los Angeles."
"Confirmation of the fingerprint match was received on Monday, the sheriff said."

Wow, they sat on the confirmation for 2 days. Maybe to talk with Anthony's family?

Gina said...

i guess I am at a loss as to what is happening , from some of these posts a young boy of 10 has been kidnapped , is the child safe now ?
another wacko is loose to hurt our children , what the heck is wrong with some of these idiots ...arrg .. anyone who hurts a child in anyway deserves to be in jail for the rest of his freakin life ...

Gina said...

oh shucks ...okay the child was killed ... cause a screw loose is on the loose ... well i hope they catch him and throw away the key to his cell .

scubagirlKA said...

Hi gina. This is a story we've been following for weeks - it's an unsolved murder from 8 years ago. It now turns out that Joseph Duncan III, the guy that killed a family & abducted their children in Idaho, is the one responsible. He's already been apprehended in Idaho, but he was just now linked to this other murder of Anthony Martinez in CA in 1997.

Steve Huff said...

Keep an eye out now, y'all. This is reliable, as the source for the following also had a line on a fingerprint in the Riverside case weeks ago -- just didn't know if it matched Duncan for sure yet -- look for POSSIBLE developments in OK, and AZ. That's all I know right now, and it could be wrong, disclaimer, disclaimer, yadayada. Ya get the picture.

Bloo said...

May Anthony Martinez rest in peace and may his family finally have closure to the mystery surrounding his untimely death.

I'd like to extend a huge "thank you" to all of the Cellar dwellers involved in giving Law Enforcement a nudge in JET Duncan's direction.

CountryGirl said...

Why was my comment deleted?

JoJoFox said...

I am feeling the largest rush of empowerment....we helped to nudge LE..

We are the Celler Dweller Nudgers !

Congratulations all !

Capt. Fantastic said...

You seemed to have been confused as to whose blog you were posting on at the moment. A comment for Steve or one of his posts should go on his blog. A comment for the Cellar would go here.

Congrats to JoJoFox, scubagirl, Angie, bloo and all the other great sleuthers in the Cellar!

CountryGirl said...

No I wasn't confused. I knew where I was.

I said "Way to Go" (meaning The Cellar)


And "Way to Go Steve."

I know Steve posts here too so I was congratulation both of you for a job well done.

CountryGirl said...

BTW, where did your fabulous map go?

Capt. Fantastic said...

Ahh, thank you countrygirl. Be sure to visit Steve's forum, too.

The map wasn't visible for me, either, when you noted its absence. I re-published the blog, and it's back now. :)

tonylr said...

fantastic work everyone, I wish I had found this blog earlier.

Dokich is a Duncan waiting to happen and we are trying our best to prevent it.

take care all and be safe

CountryGirl said...

Thanks Capt.Fantastic! I didn't get a chance to study it Monday.

Anthony lived about 50 miles from me (Mojave Desert) and I remember when this horrible crime happened.

I hope they find every one of his victims and hold him accountable.

I guess I have to register at some forums and stop hogging the comment section.

Ult said...

Right on!!!! Who was it that came up with the Martinez/Duncan connection?

I am very very proud of you.

Anthony's family , friends and community all love you. I love you.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

On your map you may want to include San Bernardino, CA as
Duncan's father lived in Highland, CA from 1993 to 1997 which is only about 23 miles (20 minutes via the freeway) to Beaumont, CA.

In fact, his dad's prior address in Highland is ttill listed at ZabaSearch.

Anonymous said...

We lived in Southern California at the time of Anthony's abduction. My children were very young, and I was horrified at an even older boy being taken from his front yard. I was just wondering the other day if this case had ever been it really shook me. I'm thrilled to find this site. You are all awesome. I look forward to watching you all make history. Thankfully, the creep (can't bear to use his name) was such an internet junkie.

Anonymous said...

While surfing through CNN articles today I came across this story about a guy in Idaho doing horrible things to children and in the article was a mention of the 1997 murder of Anthony Martinez. I was shocked for Beaumont is my hometown and I was living there when Anthony was taken. He lived just blocks from where me and children lived. I have since moved from the area but still have family there. My heart goes out to the Martinez family now as it did then. It shook our community to the very core for nothing like this had ever happened before. I am relieved that murderer has been caught and though he wishes for the death penalty I hope he doesnt get it. Other prisoners should deal out the justice in my book.

Eddie C. said...

Duncan needs to be drenched in gasoline and burned at a steak on national television.