Friday, August 26, 2005

Was Joseph Duncan trolling for victims in Missoula, MT?

The FBI has reason to believe Joseph Duncan was in Missoula, MT before he began stalking the Groene family in Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

I read this piece by Tristan Scott of the Missoulian this morning and it gave me the willies.
"FBI agents are trying to verify whether convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan III was prowling Missoula neighborhoods in the weeks leading up to the kidnappings and murders of an Idaho family."

Duncan made like his old girlfriend "Casper" and essentially vanished for about one whole month prior to the murders and kidnappings in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Was he in Missoula? Well, why not? The sick freak was all over the map, and seemed to thrive on driving long distances in his search for victims, as many serial killers do.

I have a few ideas about places he may have visited in the area, based on a theory I've held about Joseph Edward Duncan, III since the Spokesman Review published his numerous Psychological and prison documents. I created a spreadsheet based on my theory, and after reading Mr. Scott's article about Missoula, simply cross-referenced "Missoula" to get a few hits from my collected data:

  • McCormick Park in Missoula (especially the west side of Orange St. bridge)
  • Clancy I-15 rest stop, just south of Helena
  • Lewis and Clark county fairgrounds in Helena, on the way to Missoula from Fargo
  • Lolo National Forest- the portion outside Missoula near Frenchtown
  • several privately-owned campgrounds I won't name in this blog
A more detailed search of my data brings up more than three dozen additional places Joseph Duncan may have visited between Fargo, ND and Coeur d'Alene, ID, based on my theory.

And then there's St. Joe National Forest, just across the border in Idaho, on the way to Coeur d'Alene. Which, we know, is also the place sex offender John Rollins Tuggle was known to have been on his recent run from the law after stabbing his 12-year old daughter and leaving her to die.

The Missoulian article continues:
"Robbins would not confirm reports that Duncan used a Global Positioning System to track potential victims.

However, it has been widely reported that Duncan kept a GPS device in his vehicle and used it to map geographical way points, keeping a database of potential victims. The system would also have tracked Duncan's own movements, showing agents what areas he may have staked out.

As the article implies, I also feel confident the FBI is using that data from Joseph Duncan's recovered GPS unit to track his movements. Naturally, I'm curious to see if my theory pans out. (I'm cautious to write about this theory on this blog, as it is a volatile subject and I don't want to inflame or denigrate certain people. But those famliar with the art of glassblowing need only refer to their early days of instruction and recollect the one part of the equipment that caused then to snicker, at least to themselves. )

I hope the FBI and local law enforcement are checking out the areas I named above, in any case. I truly hope we don't hear of any molestation incidents in and around Missoula from this time; Duncan has already ruined enough families and surviving victims' lives to earn him the big daddy of flaming, barbed spikes in Hell.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Forum

The new Cellar forum is ready. I know most of you Cellar Dwellers were having a difficult time with the technical problems and server outages of the old forum. I told you I would do what I could to remedy those problems.

So thanks for being patient. I hope I've solved all the issues you were having with this move. Please stop by and register at the new forum today so you can get back to posting. Don't forget to bookmark the new link!

The Cellar Forum

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chrono Report is here

The 28-page Chrono report on Duncan is now available for viewing:

Joseph E. Duncan, III- Offender Chrono Report

An Inmate Chronological Report details the contacts, discussions and actions between the case manager(s) and the inmate/parolee. Also recorded are significant social contacts and events, disciplinary actions, and the compliance progress of the inmate/parolee.

Special thanks to JoJoFox for obtaining it!

Steve Huff has an idea

Steve asked for help spreading this around; please read it let him know your thoughts on it.

A Missed Opportunity to Stop a Monster? (Part III: Red Flags)

"The three red flags symbolize where Joseph Duncan should have somehow been "red-flagged" by authorities. The Detroit Lakes accusations, taken in combination with his status as a level III sex offender -- red flag. Seen at a park, possibly trolling for children, a police complaint is filed -- red flag. Contact lost, April 18 -- red flag.

The moment anyone, whether it was Fargo PD or Larry Bloomgaarden or whoever, realized that they didn't know where Duncan was, the moment it was understood that he may very well have absconded, why could his already-present status as a level III sex offender not have been cause for a serious and wide-ranging alert?

This is where has the right idea. I say though, that it is obviously time we took that idea a few steps further."

This is just a snip of his excellent piece on documented behavior patterns of violent Level III offenders which should have been cause for some kind of public alert, similar to the Amber Alert system.

Be sure to also visit the Predator Alert blog linked above, and in my sidebar to the right.

Update 8/21/05: Polimom also has an idea- a damn good one:

Paraphilia and the Sex Offender Registries is her recent blog entry and it meshes with Steve's idea.

"There's a fundamental flaw, however, in how these registries are designed and utilized. The "one size fits all" approach is undermining the validity and acceptance of monitoring. It is also blurring the lines between the dangerous and the merely different.

I believe we should be pursuing and supporting classification of sex offenders in relationship to paraphilia. Paraphilia are deemed “incurable”, and control requires constant effort, support, and monitoring. To me, these are the truly scary people - and there are lots of them."

Give it a read, I think she's spot on.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Deborah Palmer

Yes, another case is now requiring a closer look by "law enforcement." Oak Harbor police are investigating a possible link between Duncan and the unsolved murder of this little girl in 1997. She has been on the Cellar's Timeline Map as "possible crime #2" due to the keen eyes and minds of Cellar Dwellers like Scubagirl and JoJoFox.

On Saturday, August 13th, the Whidbey News-Times first ran this story in their print edition. It appeared on their website on the 16th: Child killer studied for link to Palmer by Jessie Stensland.

Scubagirl did a fantastic job organizing the details and providing a timeline to the Oak Harbor police. Friday, August 5th, Scubagirl sent her detailed timeline e-mails to the Oak Harbor police and the Whidbey News-Times:

"Admundson recently sent an e-mail message to the Oak Harbor police noting the similarities between Palmer’s mysterious disappearance and murder and the child-murder cases Duncan has been tied to.

She even provided a timeline that puts Duncan in Seattle on March 26, 1997, the day Palmer disappeared on her way to Oak Harbor Elementary School. Five days later, a beach walker found her body washed up at Strawberry Point in North Whidbey.

Admundson knows that Duncan had a polygraph test in Seattle the day Palmer disappeared. If the bloggers or authorities can figure out what time of day the test was given, they can rule him in or out. "

Deborah was 7 years old when she disappeared on her way to Oak Harbor Elementary School around 8:35 a.m. on March 26, 1997. She only lived a couple blocks from the school, and was walking alone.

Her mother discovered she was missing after lunchtime, when she had brought Deborah's lunch to school and then went shopping. When she returned from shopping, an answering machine message from the school informed her that they couldn't give Deborah her lunch because Deborah was not in school.

Immediately a search was launched, complete with police, bloodhounds, volunteers and the Seattle media. The FBI entered the case on the 28th- even with a lack of evidence of an abduction across state lines- because Deborah was under the age of 8. Nothing was found until four days later, when a citizen found her backpack and jacket off Sleeper and Taylor Roads in a "small and somewhat obscure" gravel pit.

On Monday, March 31, shorthly before noon, her body was found washed up on a beach at Strawberry Point, east of Oak Harbor, by a retired fisherman who often walked the beach. Her body was partially-clothed in what this man said appeared to be walking shorts. The coroner ruled her death a homicide by asphyxiation, and although there was no evidence of a sexual assault, the crime was being investigated as a "sexually-motivated homicide." The coroner also said that she was killed the day she disappeared, or very soon after.

Leads poured in but nothing concrete: a stranger seen in the area, a vehicle driving erratically. Deborah's father and her mother's boyfriend were checked out, but were either in prison or jail when she disappeared. Residents were horrified that this could happen in their town, with no one seeing anything, there were reportedly many cars driving by the school at time of the morning... yet nothing. Was it a neighbor, someone they knew? Or was it a stranger without ties to the area? Like the stranger taking a road trip who showed up in Beaumont, CA asking a group of children to help him find his lost cat.

Earlier than Scubagirl's definitive August 5th e-mail to Oak Harbor police, several tips were e-mailed or phoned in to authorities in mid-July, concerning Duncan's involvement with the Deborah Palmer case. I know, as I was one of the "tipsters." Once I and the other tipsters got together and exchanged information, we found that we had all been met with an "OK, thanks. Aluminum foil is on sale this week at your supermarket, and be aware that the black helicopters are now blue" type of response. If we got any response at all. I wonder if this was because they knew of Duncan's polygraph appointment on March 26th, about 85 miles away in Seattle. But what time was that appointment, and where in Seattle?

I think Duncan was good at setting up alibis. Not a few people who read his blog pondered the handful of extremely detailed blog entries that cropped up from time to time- wondering why, exactly, he was so precise in detailing his whereabouts on these days. These entries stand out from the rest to my eye. The copius notes, receipts, lists, people and places and times... They read like crafted alibis.

And what better alibi than a polygraph appointment? Looking at a Mapblast driving route from Seattle (general) to the location of Oak Harbor Elementary School, it's only about an hour and a half drive. If Duncan's polygraph appointment was late morning or in the afternoon, he could have kidnapped and murdered Deborah and disposed of her body, and still made his appointment. (and was he late for that appointment?) Recall that he did fail that polygraph exam- concerning his "interaction with children."

The day Deborah's body was found was also the day Duncan high-tailed it out of town. On his way to Beaumont, CA, where five days later Anthony Martinez was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered by Duncan. His body was recovered 15 days later on a road leading to Joshua Tree National Park outside Indio, CA.

In the Cellar Forum discussion thread, JoJoFox pointed out Deception Pass State Park on Skagit Bay. We know Duncan has killed in and around wooded, secluded state and national parks. Deception Pass is a huge park, with the state land parcels distributed over several areas of the islands. I saw that a portion of the State Park is also about a mile from where her backpack and jacket were found- literally a straight shot up E. Sleeper Road from the intersection with Taylor Road and the gravel pit. Her belongings could have been tossed into this area on the ride out of the park toward Rte. 20, which leads off the island. Back to Seattle.

JoJoFox thought Deborah's body could have been put in the waters off the State Park and the currents brought her to rest on the beach at Strawberry Point. I absolutely agree with that. If her body was put in the water from the portion of Deception Pass State Park off E. Sleeper Road, it's only about 5 miles to the beach where she washed up. JoJoFox's research on the tides in that area also showed they are strong, and flow north to south, the direction from the State Park to the beach where Deborah's body was found.

Here is a satellite image from Google Earth looking south from the Deception Pass State Park shoreline to the Strawberry Point beach area where Deborah's body was found five days after she disappeared:

The yellow path I added is the approximate route Deborah's body would have taken had it been put in the water at the State Park.

Until we know the time Duncan was taking his polygraph examination in Seattle- and if he was late for it- he looks good for this one to me. And apparently looks good to the Oak Harbor police, too:

Oak Harbor Police Capt. Rick Wallace said detectives have been in contact with the FBI and Idaho police to see if it’s possible that Duncan could be Palmer’s killer.

“Anyone with an unsolved child murder case would be derelict, I think, in not contacting the FBI” about Duncan, Wallace said.

“We are going to jump all over it and see that comes of it,” he added.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Duncan "telling stories" no longer

Short of confessing, Duncan apparently retold enough details about the murders of Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias for an official to claim, "We think he's good for it." The Spokesman-Review article is here.

But now Duncan's clammed up and his lawyer wants him left alone. "The lawyer for sexual predator Joseph Edward Duncan III wants law enforcement officers to stop asking his client if he is involved in the slayings of children elsewhere." Read this AP story from yesterday.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Duncan's a Computer Whiz, Expert? MSM attempts to make Duncan seem larger than life.

Update 8/10/05:
I've heard from the author of this much-publicized- sensationalized- article which was picked up by the AP and used by dozens of MSM outlets as the hook-of-the-day: Dave Forster of wrote the original article with the following headline: Secret files may be record of past crimes, which quickly exploded, carrying the new headlines mentioned in my earlier entry.

Now, Dave Forster (and in general, the whole of publications) has been one of the few media voices whom I personally lend credence to concerning the Joe Duncan case. This blog references many- if not all- of his articles regarding Duncan and his life, and the Groene murders/kidnappings.

The "Duncan= Computer Whiz/Expert/Genius" headlines came not from Forster or, but from other MSM outlets which CHOSE to re-title and repackage Mr. Forster's work in order to make it more sensational.

- - -

I've read many recent news articles from the MSM referring to Duncan as a "computer whiz" or "computer expert" based on the discovery of his "encrypted journals," and the apparent inability of authorities to "crack" the encryption.

To wit:'s Police: Duncan a computer whiz and Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Authorities say man accused of Idaho killings is computer expert (picked up from the AP) :
"At least one compact disc and a part of his hard drive were encrypted well enough that one of the region's top computer forensic specialists could not access it, The Forum reported Monday.

"Without a doubt the most challenging system I've looked at," [
Detective Jess] Schoon said of Duncan's encryption.

Most of the seized discs and computer files were accessible and revealed nothing significant, he said. But he could not get at the hidden data.

"Nobody that I know of has the ability to crack that encryption," Schoon said.
While basic encryption is not necessarily difficult to apply, Schoon said, Duncan appeared to be "very, very highly skilled" on the computer."

Among others.

I'm sure there are plenty of Cellar Dwellers and generally computer-savvy readers busting a gut over those headlines. As if the authorities don't know the score? The MainStream Media is selectively editing quotes by the authorities concerning Duncan's "electronic journal encryption" in attempts to create... what? World's Scariest Monster Du Jour? Yes, that's it. Be VERY wary of computer-savvy folk out there. You never know who they may be molesting and murdering when your back is turned!

Well here's a newsflash for the MSM: my 6-year old can encrypt his "journals" as easily as Duncan encrypted his, but I'm sure nobody is interested in reading about the proper Lego pieces to use, quantity as well as placement thereof, in order to construct a Lego fortress...

PGP is, at the least, a virtually "uncrackable" cryptography program which has been available free, via the internet, for more than ten years. Philip Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, has been targeted, hounded and persecuted by the government for creating this software and making it available to the unwashed masses. The "computer-whizzes-to-be," so to speak.

Recall, from his blog entry dated 5/13/05, Duncan wrote, "I wish I could be more honest about my feelings, but those demons made sure I'd never be able to do that. I might not know if it matters, but just in case, I am working on an encrypted journal that is hundreds of times more frank than this blog could ever be (that's why I keep it encrypted). I figure in 30 years or more we will have the technology to easily crack the encryption (currently very un-crackable, PGP) and then the world will know who I really was, and what I really did, and what I really thought." (emphasis added)

Pssst! Here's a tip on how to become a "computer whiz" or "expert" as outlined in the MSM re: Duncan's ecrypted journal. Pay close attention, because this is very, very difficult for mere mortals to comprehend:

1. Go here to download the PGP software.

2. Follow the simple instructions detailed in the software description and installation. If you are 6 or younger, you may need help from your mommy with the big words. Otherwise, you know the score.

3. Congratulations! Consume a Hoodsie, or a Guinness stout and maybe some Belgian chocolates, maybe a spliff or two... Hey, whatever ices your puck. Bottom line: you are now considered a "computer whiz" and "computer expert" by MSM standards.

Let me know when you feel like a scary monster, public enemy #1, for having this knowledge, eh?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias

Coeur d'Alene Press 8/6/05-

"When Joseph Edward Duncan III told the FBI he killed a Riverside, Calif., boy in 1997, he also admitted his involvement in the death of two Seattle-area sisters a year earlier, a source close to the investigation said.

The source, who demanded anonymity, said Duncan admitted he killed Sammiejo White, 11, and Carmen Cubias, 9, when they disappeared after leaving their north Seattle motel room July 6, 1996.

Law enforcement officials, who are under a gag order because of potential federal prosecution of Duncan, would not confirm what Duncan allegedly told the FBI, nor would they deny he said it." (emphasis added)

Recall that Duncan wrote about getting out of prison and "getting even" in his blog on 5/11/05: "I got out and I got even, but did not get caught. So, I got even again, and again did not get caught. So, I figured, well, I got even twice (actually more, but that's here nor there), even if I'm the only one who knows, so now what?"

If this anonymous source has the goods, Duncan murdering Sammiejo and Carmen (as one "event") and Anthony as a second would be getting even twice. Yet murdering the two girls at the same time could account for his "actually more" qualifier. As if he got a two-for-one deal, brushing off a brutal murder of a young girl as "(neither) here nor there" because it happened at the same time as another brutal murder of a young girl.

No, I don't believe these other murders coming to light now are the only others he's committed. Authorities in many states and the FBI are checking out similar unsolved crimes. So are the Cellar Dwellers and other "true crime" buffs, the families and friends of missing and murdered children everywhere, and organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I think Duncan waiving his preliminary hearing is a good indication he is or may be talking more now, confessing to more crimes. Or hoping for a book deal.

No preliminary hearing

Spokesman-Review 8/6/05-
"Joseph Edward Duncan III, who's accused of kidnapping and murdering members of a Coeur d'Alene family in May, waived his preliminary hearing Friday.

Duncan will face an arraignment next, at which he'll enter a plea. An arraignment date will be set next week.

Duncan's preliminary hearing, at which some of the evidence against him would have been presented, had been scheduled for Tuesday.

Public defender John Adams wouldn't comment on why Duncan waived his preliminary hearing."

Probable cause in this case being what it is, I don't wonder why he waived it. He must be talking now...

Steve Huff on At Large

Steve Huff, blogger of The Dark Side and Twilight Kingdom was on At Large a few hours ago speaking about Duncan and his own experience linking him to the Anthony Martinez case in his blog.

It was a short interview, yet he also spoke about his suspicions concerning the disappearance of Kirsten Hatfield and the possibility that Duncan may have committed that crime as well.

The Political Teen has the video here.

Congratulations, Steve! And great job!
(and I like your accent)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Chattin' with the Chief

Duncan's blog entries for 2/11/05 and 2/14/05 refer to a Q&A session he had with Police Chief Magnus on this website: Chat with the Police Chief Chris Magnus. Check out the Q&A's for 2/9/05 and 2/14/05.

Duncan used the name "bas." It's worth noting he used the name twice. He could have used "anonymous" but he did not. So I'm wondering what "bas" means to him. Where else did he use this name?

The IN-Forum postings were brought to light and discussed a bit in this earlier blog entry. I don't want this to slip away, keep plugging away at it, Cellar Dwellers!

I had hundreds of hits using several search strings last night which looked really good- users and user profiles for a bunch of "bas-" ers- but can't go through them all right now. I'm loaded up with AutoCAD drawings to do today (uh... work? I do that sometimes!) So... please help me check it out, run it down. This is exactly how I found the Jazzi-Jet Prison Queen website; by noticing he was using that name on usenet posts and simply plugging it in to search engines.

I don't believe we've found all of his aliases- not by a long shot. I know most of you love to do this kind of 'net sleuthing, and you're good at it!

Thanks for any help!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Breaking News: Anthony Martinez

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has scheduled a press conference in Riverside, CA today at 1:00 p.m. PDT to discuss the link between Joseph E. Duncan, III and the kidnapping/murder of Anthony.

"CBS-2 first broke the story last week, that internet "bloggers" suspected Duncan may have been in Southern California in April 1997, when Martinez was abducted. 15 days later, the boy's body was found naked, bound in duct tape, and partially buried under rocks near the Indio Hills.

Bloggers say Duncan's father lived in Vista, CA at the time of the Martinez murder, and that he was driving a car similar to one described by eyewitnesses of the kidnapping."

CBSTV2's Brooke Beare has the update on her initial story.

NBC4 is also reporting on the story now: Idaho Suspect Tied To Unsolved California Kidnapping, Murder:

"Sources tell NBC4 that Idaho suspect Joseph Edward Duncan III, who is charged in a triple homicide and the kidnappings of Shasta and Dylan Groene, may be implicated in the abduction and murder of a boy from Beaumont, Calif., southeast of San Bernardino, in 1997. In the Idaho case, Shasta Groene said she and her brother, Dylan, were repeatedly molested by Duncan. Dylan Groene was later found dead."

And Joseph Duncan linked to California boy's murder in 1997
"The Riverside County Sheriff's Department confirmed Wednesday that the suspect charged in a triple homicide and the kidnappings of two Idaho children, one of whom was found dead, is the "prime suspect" in the killing of Anthony Martinez, who was kidnapped from home eight years ago."

And Man held in Idaho abduction-murders probed in '97 Beaumont murder

"The sheriff says confirmation of the fingerprint match was received Monday.
Doyle says he is "pretty confident" Duncan is the man who forced the boy into a car in Beaumont as his child's friends watched. The sheriff says his agency has followed up 15-thousand leads and now, in his words, "You can imagine the elation that everybody has."

More to roll in as the minutes and hours pass... Cellar Dwellers- are you holding your breath? I am.

Down in the Cellar

Guess who dropped in to help clear out some of the dust and grime?

They brought a couple lightbulbs along, too. I appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Relative Speaks

I have been communicating with one of Duncan's close relatives for a couple weeks. Yesterday, this person shared some information with me that they said I should publish. Today, after getting another confirmation that, yes, I may put this on the blog- they WANT me to put this on the blog... Here it is:

(While these are actual quotes from this person, I have substituted certain words to help keep this person's anonymity. All words inside [brackets] are mine, but those in (parentheses) are this person's words.)

  • Joe Duncan, Jr. [Jet's father] "never did anything inappropriate to [his daughters]."
  • "He worked 2 and some times 3 jobs to support [his family] and was not around very much because he had 5 kids and [a wife] to support, He never showed [the children] any kind of compassion ( i.e. love) due to being a Vietnam vet, a military man, and working his self to death trying to support [his family]. ( he was never around)."
  • "[The mother/wife] on the other hand, was very abusive toward [the children] and [her husband]."
  • "all [the father] did was tell [one of his daughters] he loved her, (just as I do with my [children] all the time), he had never said that before and [this daughter] didn't know what to think. so she told [the mother], [and the mother] accused him of her worst fear."
  • "so [Joe E. Duncan, Jr.] is guilty of caring for his kids and didn't know how to show [the children] that he loved [them]."
  • "Please set these people straight."

You got it!

There have been many discussions about Duncan's father amongst Cellar Dwellers and other internet communities and blogs. Trying to make sense of the much-redacted public documents concerning Duncan's family history have lead to some sinister theories and serious accusations about the father.

Naturally, a family member might deny this. But look again at what this person wants everyone to know, and instead plug some of THESE bits of information into the redacted portions of the documents. Something else becomes clear, does it not?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Timeline Map

Updated 8/29/05

This map is marked with locales Joseph Duncan physically visited, lived, or was incarcerated. It follows the Cellar Blog Timeline and should provide the viewer with a helpful visual of his travels.

(Click map for a larger version)

The gray markers represent locations Duncan was known to have been, along with the dates. The red markers represent other crimes Duncan may have committed, based on similarities to his other known crimes and the locations of the crimes. The green markers represent locations of relatives or friends he was known to visit.

A. Joseph Duncan's mother lived in Tacoma, WA. So did his brother, for a time. He was known to have visited them both, but mostly his mother- as documented in his Offender Chrono Report.

B. One of Joseph Duncan's sisters lived in Poulsbo, WA. He was known to have visited her home several times after his parole in 1994, often for several days at a time- per his Offender Chrono Report.

C. Joseph Duncan's father lived in Pahrump, NV. Per his Offender Chrono Report, he was known to have visited this location at least twice while out on parole, and possibly again during his run from the law between 3/31/97 and 8/26/97, when he was apprehended by the FBI in Missouri.

1. Duncan's last residence as a teen in Tacoma, WA. Duncan sent to Dyslin's Boys' Ranch in Tacoma 1979. 5/20/80- Admitted to Western State Hospital for treatment in their Sexual Psychopath program for his rape of a 14-year old boy. 3/82- Considered "not amenable to treatment" at WSH due to "continued sexually deviant behavior" which included peeping into windows and masturbating in public. Duncan is sent to prison to serve out remaining 18 years of original 20-year sentence.

2. 9/94- Paroled to halfway house in Seattle. Violated parole in 10/1996 for marijuana use and possession of a firearm, spent 30 days in jail, then was released back into the Seattle community.

A. 11/23-24/1994- Thanksgiving visit to Tacoma. Per Chrono Report, pg. 2

B. 5/25- 5/30/1995- Joseph Duncan spends several days visiting his father in Pahrump, NV- per Chrono Report, pg. 5.

C. 12/23-12/27/1995- Duncan spends Christmas holidays at his sister's home in Poulsbo, WA- per Chrono Report pg. 9.
#1 possible crime- 7/96 Sammiejo White, 11, and Carmen Cubias, 9, two half-sisters from Bothell, WA are last seen leaving their motel room to run an errand. Duncan was living and working in the Bothell area during this time. 2/98- the girls' bodies are found in a field in Bothell, WA. Steve Huff wrote about this yesterday over at my favorite crime blog, The Dark Side. King County Sheriff's department and Bothell police are investigating this case. See the latest Cellar blog entry about the unsolved murders of Sammiejo and Carmen.

A. 8/17-18/1996- Weekend visit to Tacoma to "help brother move." Per Chrono Report, pg. 12.

C. 8/24-8/25/1996- Visit to sister in Poulsbo, WA. Per Chrono Report, pg. 12.

#2 possible crime- 3/26/97- 7-year old Deborah Palmer is last seen walking to school around 8:35 a.m. On 3/26/97, Duncan had an appointment to take a polygraph exam in Seattle (time unknown)- about a 1.5 hour (~90 mile) drive from the neighborhood of Oak Harbor Elementary School where Deborah was last seen. 3/31/97- Deborah's partially-clothed body is found after 7 days, washed up on a beach 7 miles from where she disappeared. That same day is when Duncan apparently absconded in his girlfriend's car heading south. (see #3) While Deborah was not sexually molested, her death is considered a "sexually motivated homicide" due to the nature of the crime. She was asphyxiated/strangled. A Cellar Dweller posed this possibility in the forum on 7/18, and they've been laying it all out and have contacted authorities with the details. See the Latest Cellar blog entry about Deborah's murder.

3. 3/31/97- After positive marijuana test while on parole, he absconded in a girlfriend's car. His mother told his parole officer she had last seen Duncan on 3/31 and did not know where he was.

4a. Duncan may have visited a relative in southern CA. Possibly on a vacation with father out of Pahrump, NV. 4/4/97- Anthony Martinez is kidnapped from Beaumont, CA.

4b. 4/19/97 The body of Anthony Martinez is found outside Indio, CA on a road leading to Joshua Tree National Park. A partial fingerprint found on duct tape from Anthony's body is determined to be Duncan's fingerprint on August 1, 2005.
  • On 5/20/1997, Joseph Duncan's "friend," Dave Woelfert, told Duncan's parole officer that Duncan had phoned his ex-roomates from northern CA just one week earlier (5/13/1997) per Chrono Report, pg. 18.

5. By 6/3/97, Duncan is in San Francisco; meets Dr. Richard M. Wacksman at a "coffeehouse." Claims to be "living pretty much on the streets" in his blog entry from 1/15/04. This is also the time period he claims to have seen a piece of graffito in San Francisco,"the inequity that twists my conscience is permanently tattoed on my existence. -author unknown." (He wrote, "The message impacted me so much that I attempted to commit it to memory.")

6. During the time he is a fugitive in hiding, Duncan visited Wacksman in Fargo, ND. Chrono Report pgs. 19 & 20.

7. 8/26/97- Arrested in Kansas City, MO by the FBI while staying at his half-sister's house. Chrono Report, pg. 18.

8. 8-9/97- Sent back to prison in WA.

9. 7/14/00- Released from prison, placed on a bus headed to Seattle.

10. 7/21/00- Duncan arrives in Fargo, ND.

#3 possible crime- 2/15/01 12-year old Steven Earl Kraft, Jr. missing from Benton Harbor, MI while walking his dogs between 7 and 8 p.m. He was about half a block from his home. One of his dogs led the owners to a nearby pond, the other was found near a creek later.

#4 possible crime- 10/6/02 Shawn Hornbeck, 11, disappears from Richwoods, MO. He was last seen around 4:30 on his bicycle.

11. 11/02- Duncan is in Kansas City, MO for Thanksgiving with relatives.

#5 Possible crime- 3/26/03 Dalton Mesarchik, 7-year old from Streator, IL disappears. He was last seen in the front yard/porch area of his home. His body was found in a nearby river the next day; he had been bludgeoned with a hammer.

12. 6/7/03- Scuba diving in Crosby, MN.

13a. Summer, 2003- Scuba diving in Grand Rapids, MI.

13b. Scuba diving at Two Harbors, MN at Lake Superior- Madeira shipwreck.

13c. 8/2 to 8/3/03- Treasure Hunt Dive and Trash Dive in Crosby, MN at the mine pits. Duncan wins a prize: mask and defog

14. 12/03- Duncan visits mother, brother and sister in Tacoma, WA for Christmas. blog entry dated 1/7/04. While there, he helps make PB 'n J sandwiches for homeless people in Tacoma with his mother and her church.

15a. 2/15/04- Ski trip mentioned in his blog- no location- says it was his first time. (see 15b)

15b. 2/19/04- Second ski trip, Andes Towers Hills in Kensington, MN.

15c. 2/21/04- Third ski trip in a week- same place? Claims to have gone skiing for 8 hours, doesn't mention any company. (see 15b)

16. 2/25 to 2/29/04 (it was a leap year!)- Per blog entry dated 3/1/04: Duncan Visits Dr. Wacksman and family in FL. They spend a day at Epcot in Disney World (Orlando). Then drove to Tampa where the Dr. resides; went to the Strawberry Festival.

17. 4/16/04-4/18/04 A day after "Officer Martin" performs a sex offender address check which upsets Duncan, he makes another trip to visit Dr. Wacksman in FL. Duncan claims to have been in Ft. Lauderdale while his "doctor friend" was taking a class toward his 2nd doctorate. ( blog entries 4/15/04 and 4/29/04)

18. 4/24/04 or 4/25/04- Minneapolis, MN. Duncan drives down to the Mall of America with visiting "retired teacher friend" who is visiting from Concord, CA. ( blog entry dated 4/29/04)

19. 7/3/04- Detroit Lakes, MN. Duncan allegedly molests a young boy and attempts to molest another at a school playground. He had a camera with him. One day prior to this alleged molestation, Duncan writes in his blog about a coworker accusing him "of not caring." Duncan mulled this over, "What is really interesting about this whole way of looking at things is that a psychologist might call me sociopathic because I am rationalizing the fact that I am insensitive to how others feel." He ended with the proclamation, "Hmmmmmm, maybe we need more sociopaths then!" (emphasis added)

20. Late July, 2004- Scuba diving at Apostle Islands- Bayfield, WI. Duncan uses dive charter company Superior Divers out of Duluth, MN; boat is the "Wreckreation."

21. 8/13 to 8/15/04- 2nd Annual Treasure Hunt Dive and Trash dive in Crosby, MN at the mine pits. (Duncan can be seen in a few photographs from these event photo pages. Duncan wins a prize again? See third person from right in . Duncan seen in
Trash Dive 2004 photos (in at least 2 of the Zorbaz restaurant images).

22. 10/13/04 to 12/4/04- Geocaching in and around Fargo- various dates and locations.

23. 12/26/04- Geocaching in Washington state with his mother. Finds cache with his mother, and states this in his "found" note on the geocache website (as Jetd63). This entry has been deleted, only a google cache of the entry remains.

24. 3/12/05- Weekend visit to Wacksman in Key West, FL. Did Wacksman give him the $6,500.00 "loan" at this time?

25. 4/11/05- Last contact with police officer in Fargo, who was performing an "address check" at Duncan's apartment. Two days later, Duncan bought his night vision goggles and other items at Fargo Wal*Mart.

26. 4/15/05- He rents a Jeep in St. Paul, MN.

27. 4/27/05- Steals tags off a vehicle in Newton County, MO to place on rental Jeep, which is now considered stolen.

?27. Late April-Early May/2005- Duncan placed at Bighorn National Recreation center in WY. A key tag for the stolen Jeep he is driving is found in some trash at the park as rangers were cleaning up. (On his way to Coeur d'Alene or from Coeur d'Alene?)

?27. 5/13/05- Did he go back to visit his mother in WA? He writes in his blog that his mother's crying... could be he spoke with her by phone, but he is accessing the internet somewhere at this time, and so he could be at her home. His mother doesn't live far from Coeur d'Alene, ID.

28. 5/16/05- Stalking and killing the Groene family in Coeur d'Alene ID. He was probably here stalking them for at least one day previous to this date, if not several.

29. 6/25- or 6/26/05- Murders Dylan Groene, whose remains are found in Lolo National Forest in western MT on 7/4/05.

30.7/1/02- Evening- Duncan and Shasta are seen on a Conoco station's security cameras in Kellogg about 40 miles from the Denny's in Coeur d'Alene. 7/2/05- Six hours later- early morning, Coeur d'Alene ID- caught in Denny's with Shasta Groene.