Sunday, July 10, 2005

Yahoo E-mail Address Jetd63@Yahoo.Com

The Authorities need to check his Yahoo Account (Link from Jet Gazette) it was updated 04/08/05. Between the time he posted bail and last contact with his probation officer.

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I do not understand why tell us this? and how could you know?

No problem for LEO to get a warrant to Yahoo and get the contents. said...

I did not even know one could do that:

Anyway, I checked against my own Yahoo mails (and I have a several) and I determined that the Last Update: 04/08/2005 is not really a "last update" like in "last modification" like we're thinking. From my several Yahoo mails, it appears to be the creation date.
That is interesting and please add this date & email to the TimeLine

Some people emailed me about this particular email and I had thought it was created after Jet's capture with the little girl. I was wrong.

That creation date is interesting because it cooresponds in Jet's Blog to the Bohemian Underground is Concieved
entry on April 10 2005 - This is when Jet decides to RUN.


Anonymous said...

FYI: This article might provide more clues/insight -- may have to
subscribe, so see the excerpts below. (my emphasis in bold)

Duncan's friends say Idaho news was a shock

Howie Padilla. Star Tribune. July 10, 2005

. . . .

His Fargo-area friends describe him as a man who carefully thought things through.

"He was very deliberate," said Rick Van Raden, owner of Northwest Divers in Moorhead, Minn., which Duncan frequented. "Even when you were talking to him, he would look to the side, and you could always see the gears spinning."

. . . .

In Fargo, Duncan found a new life. Friends say he didn't advertise his troubled past, but he didn't run from it, either.

His sex-offender notification meeting drew about 150 residents. In addition, there were meetings with people in his apartment building and with those he worked with, both of which he attended.

At the latter meeting, "we basically got in a circle and he asked if we had any questions," said Brian Slator, a North Dakota State University computer science professor who supervised Duncan in a software research group. "No one had any questions, and nothing more was said about his past. We just moved on."

Slator said that nobody in the research group was aware of Duncan's blog. Looking back, he wondered whether he had begun "disintegrating" before the Detroit Lakes accusations surfaced.

At Northwest Divers in Moorhead, Duncan introduced himself by the nickname "Jet" and learned dry-suit diving. On group dives in Minnesota lakes, he would go off on his own.

. . . .

The molestation charge "really bothered him," said a friend who spoke on condition of anonymity. "When he got charged with that crime, he quit his job, he quit going to school. He maintained his innocence until the day he left."

Friends believed him at the time. But Duncan's disappearance soon gave them reason to question his declarations.

He had asked the friend to care for his cats for a weekend. But he left early and did not return. On April 16, he sent her an e-mail that said, "Life just isn't worth it," a search warrant affidavit recounts. "He also stated that he is truly sorry, more than anyone will ever know."

. . . .

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Not sure to put this but these archives have more detail as to the pictures on Apostle Island.*sr_11nr_10/*

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I guess the Police or his attorney have control over his blog now as the updater says that it was last updated or edited on 5 July 2005, (their updates don't include comments that people make).

Which means someone is now accessing it via his password and adminstrating it.

Anonymous said...

I hope that means they are finding his encrypted journals- if they exist.

Bloo said...

To clarify:

The "jetd63" yahoo account was not created on 04/08/05. His profile was updated on that date... Since his profile lacks any information, it's a safe assumption that on April 8th, 2005, JET deleted information from his profile... such as his location, zip code, or personal website link.

As an example, my Yahoo ID is here:
I created this yahoo name seven years ago, in 1998. I updated my profile on July 28, 2005 as the profile link indicates.

The point of all my rambling is that JET updated the info in his yahoo profile after he posted bail.