Thursday, July 07, 2005

An Unexpected Find

I guess I am like a lot of you out there kind of disgusted, yet intrigued with Joseph E Duncan III.
I have managed to scour the net for some tidbits here and there.
I decided that through all of this craziness I would start my own blog and maybe track the downward spiral of society. Maybe try and find someway to....well...I don't know...
When I tried to decide what my blogger address would be, I was stumped, because all of the good names are taken, right?
Well I decided to use jetd63. To my surprise I found Jet's orginal attempt at the Fifth Nail.
I guess he may have changed his mind realizing that in using "jetd63" he could be identified easily. (Most of us have seen the many links that come up when googling jetd63).
I have added the archive to my links for all to see. Only the month of January was found (January 3rd starts this blog).
I am going to try and add links regarding Jetd63 as I find them. Feel free to e-mail me any that you may not find here.
I recommend checking out "THE DARK SIDE OF PLANET HUFF". There is an amazing amount of information there. Much more than here at the moment.
Please bear with me as I start this journey blindly. I am quite the novice.


kingpin1613 said...

I stumbled upon your blog through the next blog button. I just started one this week as well. Stop by if you get a chance.

Good luck and try to keep it coherant.

lostinlimaohio said...

Mickey followed Planet Huff's link here. Great Job on the finds. I too am blogging on this-, so I am sure to stop by and watch your progress! And maybe borrow any info I might have misses elsewhere. *Smiles*

Anonymous said...

Joseph E.Duncan is a piece of garbage, and anybody evil like him needs to be permanently removed from this world.

Anonymous said...

He was shopping for a wife. Thank god no one took him up on the offed. The thought of him having childern at home to abuse is sad.