Friday, July 15, 2005

Parole Board Records 1982-1999


By 12 he had molested a 5 year old boy.

Mother did not believe he was guilty and wanted him paroled to her so THEY could "go dancing".

Sexually active since 8 years old through an incestuous relationship initiated by his sister.

More documents available here


Anonymous said...

Mickey, read on through the reports, and it says half sister, and at one point, he wanted to go live with his father in Vista, California. Reports also state that mother, after divorce, put him in the role of "father". Weird stuff. Maybe the Mother is the key to his being such a psycopath.

Anonymous said...

I need to reword that. It says sister, but on through the reports, it clarifies it was his half sister. Didn't want you to think I was being confrontational :)

Which leads us back to: Who is his family.

JoJoFox said...


In this article, It traces Jet's whereabouts from March 1997 to September 1997

He was not arrested April 1997
He broke parole in April 1997
He WAS arrested in MO Aug 1997
Thus ended his freedom or another 3 years.


Chet said...

The release and reading of these documents point to the systems failures, Duncan is only the current example and points us to the fact that without fixing the system many more Duncans are in our future.
First mistake made was a plea bargain. We do not need to make bargains in heinous criminal acts. Full punishment must be made as a standard to protect society.
Second mistake is parole in a heinous crime. Full punishment must be the standard.
Third mistake is not treating Violation of Parole as a non plea bargain crime in itself with mandatory consecutive sentencing after the original term is served out.
Fourth mistake is letting volunteers work with these offenders inside a prison. Duncan began a homosexual relationship with his prison
sponsor. This is common, a case of a CT murderer who was paroled killed his sponsors wife and beat the sponsor near death. He was a model prisoner allowed to work outside prison fencing without close supervision, before his parole.
We as a society need to fix the base cause of the problem as I listed above. If done no judge or parole board would have to live with setting predators free on their consience.

Anonymous said...

Duncan comes from a dysfunctional family. He was molested early in his life and it shaped him into the monster he is. He treated his victims the same way he was treated at a young age. What 15 year-old rams a police barricade?

Chet said...

Just 1 more comment I know someone will say that a plea bargain saved or saves money.
If you add up all of the hours of manpower associated with the investigating, granting parole, revoking reconsidering and re releasing society would have saved money and more importantly innocent lives.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about 'Dr. Wacksman'. Seems like they have a very close/strange relationship. Sound obviously sexual. Wonder if he has any skeletons in his closet like gay web page photos??

Anonymous said...

"I asked Dr. Wacksman when he last heard from Joe and he stated it was approximately April 15, 2005, when he received a picture of Joe on his phone," the investigator reported.

Anonymous said...

What 15 year-old rams a police barricade?

A stupid one, that's what. I think that there is way too much weight being put on dysfunctional families. Duncan's family sounds kind of average for a famly with lots of kids and little supervision.

There are probably millions of people who had childhoods far worse than Duncan's who became law abiding citizens and even pillars of their communities.

Duncan himself is just plain evil. What 42 year old kills a family, kidnaps two kids and takes them to the woods for 6 weeks and video tapes himself raping and torturing them and killing one of them?

denise said...

I agree with anonymous above. Yes, his mom sounds a little whacky- take him to Parents Without Partners- denial much? But, Duncan is years past his childhood.

Duncan wants society to take the blame for his actions instead of himself. He blogged it himself. Duncan is responsible for Duncan. No one else.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the posts above. I came from the most dysfunctional family probably known to man, a cross between the Simpsons/Bundys/ and that Roseanne Barr family (I am not kidding!) and I am a perfectly normal LAW ABIDING middle aged mom, who is sickened by this MONSTER, and by the excuses he uses to justify his crimes. Please, let us no make excuses for him as well. It is all about CHOICES!!!!! He made his. I made mine.

BTW, you are really doing a great job on this blog!

Washington Resident said...

First, this is an AWESOME blog, I just had to put that.
Second, while I was reading Blogging the Fifth Nail, I noticed there is nothing for November 2004, does anyone know what he was doing during that month, or is it just removed?

JoJoFox said...

If you read his blogs from start to can see how his enthusiasm for the "Blogging" really wanes with in a few months He seems to be increasingly preoccupied with his stigma, loneliness and hiding that he is a sex offender...remember he had two jobs, full time student, numerous hobbies and ,,,That's alot of energy !!!. I think he began to sink deeper and deeper into his frustration and unresolved anger ....I am convinced that the "Demons' he speaks of are really his "quilt" that wouldn't let him enjoy the life he worked so hard to fashion....My gut tells me that when he was right out of prison on parole he did something get even as he puts it....and no matter how good his life was ..the guilt would not let him rest....I think there is a victim we don't know about and the "demons' would not let "Happy Joe" he gave in to his badness-went out and committed the sexual offense in Minn.....realizing that this offense would end his plans for college degree, esteem , a future were gone....he lost it....Yes I think he wants to die...I think he completely gave up on himself. Thus the Groene tragedy.

I wonder if it all would have been different if court mandated weekly counseling had been a condition of his parole...he did have soooo many critical issues...he was wrestling with them himself....he was so alone. I realy think he has other victims we don't know about.....and only he knows ...and he could not share that with destroyed him....and the Groenes.

My there no other answer..? said...

I agree with and I am impressed so far with jojofox. I also think his demons were his guilt. When he was being the good (happy joe) guy, his guilt gnaw at him and remind him that he is a monster. Then his way to deal with this guilt was to become the monster again; "does it matter?"
But I don't know. Just opinion.

BTW, if you have young children, read Jean Piaget - you can really screw up a kid's mind before the age of 12; likewise, you can improve it.

Anyway, it is too late for Duncan and we're gonna have to put him down.

JoJoFox said...

Hear hear ...I FULLY agree!

I do not have children,but i am a special education teacher with 35 years experience (12 years of higher education ).. I know Piaget...Can a warped sapling ever grow into a strong straight tree ?
Jet didn't.

What happened to your Resource Page? It was wonderful !