Monday, July 11, 2005

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone done any research on this info?

Anonymous said...

The "Duncan Warrior" is a Travel Bug initially placed by "Spyder S. Bytes" in a cache called "Crazy Spyder" at Western State Hospital in Lakewood. JDuncan was treated for 22 months at Western State. The site description posted by Spyder is creepy - something to the effect of someone may be watching you at this site. And one responder posting that as him and his daughters approached they thought they saw someone watching them. Following another Spyder cache link-to-link, you end up with caches in the area of Seoul, Korea, some not far from the North/South Korea border. In Duncan's FifthNail blog, he links to, which contains a link to a North Korean orphanage. The travel bugs placed by Spyder S. Byte, other than the plastic action figure of the Duncan Warrior, are stuffed Beanie Baby type toys. How hard would it be to hide a flash memory stick or postage stamp sized secure multimedia card inside a stuffed toy? How amused would people of Duncan's ilk be at the thought of geo-caching families moving their kiddie porn files around for them? Of course it's easier to transfer over the net, but I bet they would love the irony. My instinct tells me that there is much more to his geocaching than a simple hobby.