Friday, July 15, 2005

Maybe there was something going on between Wacksman and Duncan

Review board chairwoman Kathryn "Kit" Bail, after meeting with Wacksman, wrote in a Feb. 2, 1998, memo that the doctor "feels that he can help Joe and his wife – Dr. Wacksman's – is in support of his efforts. He stated that he is bisexual. I told Dr. Wacksman that we are unconcerned about his relationship with Joe, except insofar as it bears on his case or a potential parole plan."
Wacksman asked that the state parole Duncan to his home in North Dakota, where he lived with his wife and two kids, ages 8 and 11. In a follow-up letter, Wacksman said he'd support Duncan as he started his new life.
No way, the state said.



Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice wacksman is a pediatrician?!

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

"Wacksman told police the last time he had contact with Duncan was around April 15, when Duncan phoned him and sent him a photograph via phone.
Police say April 15 was the date Duncan rented a red 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee in St. Paul, which was later reported stolen."

msbrooksie said...

I wonder if his kids are being raped by him everyday.

Is he making a brand new Joe Duncan?

Any man who would let someone like Duncan live in his home around his children is not a man I would want to marry and have children with.

He must not care for his kids and only his sexual behavior.

I feel sorry for those kids and CPS should really take a look at their home life.

Is it safe to live in a home with him?

Anonymous said...

I think Dee Ellis (woman named in records as having a relationship with Duncan) should be checked out, too. Especially if she was the "married woman with two children" who was supposedly helping him with his fantasies. Ick. said...

OMG, Dr. Wacksman is physician executive and co-chair of our corporate ethics committee

Dee Ellis???
Do you mean S. McNickle (the parole woman freak)?

Anonymous said...

This info on "Dr" Wacksman is from:

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Anonymous said...

See his connection to North Dakota here:


Profession:Medical Doctor
Year Began Practicing:1/1/1983
Expiration Date:1/31/2007

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This practitioner has had the responsibility for graduate medical education within the last 10 years.

This practitioner currently holds faculty appointments at the following medical/health related institutions of higher learning:


emcate said...

Considering his relationship with Duncan, and the fact that he is a pediatrician, isn't anyone investigating him?

Anonymous said...

Funny you say that emcate. I've just spend an hour searching online newspapers in Florida and few hits at all. With all of the child murders in Florida since the Spring, you'd think somebody would be jumping on this. I'd like to know what his patients' PARENTS think about his choice of relationships. Un friggin believable that someone with his role with kids would be supporting a child rapist!!!!!!! and if he just didn't blow smoke over on the parole board by stating that his wife supported him, she needs PROFESSIONAL help herself. I however, being a mother, find that hard to believe. I bet she didn't know a lot. Or at least i hope she didn't. So sad, al of it.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of gay people in medical school.

Anonymous said...

It's not homosexuality that's the problem. It's the sick things that these people have been doing to aid in the release of a level III sex offender. I know there are a couple of people in my immmediate family who are even level I sex offenders and I wouldn't help them if you paid me.

emcate said...

When I said relationship I wasn't specificaly referencing a sexual one. I don't care if their relationship was sexual or platonic. My feelings, maybe poorly expressed, are just plainly this. Why would a pediatrician have any kind of a close relationship with a child rapist, who is of no relation, unless he was a pedophile himself? Why would he choose to have this man sleep in the same house as his young children? It's all very suspect to me.

JoJoFox said...

When you read the clinical definition of pedophilia, its surprising to learn that not all pedophiles actually engage in the molestation and sex acts with children. Some just keep their fantasies to themselves. Perhaps Dr W is a closet pedophile and felt he could help teach Duncan to keep his actions in check; like he does. Perhaps.

Anonymous said...

The state of Fl needs to take a serious look at Doctor Wacksman. Write to the state AMA as well as the govener, and state Att. office.

Duncan is less than human. He can't be fixed, he can't be controlled, he can't be rewired. Animals do not torture and kill to fill sexual needs. If he was an animal his mother would have eaten him at birth.

Anonymous said...

Someone on WS is reporting that Wacksman has a warrant out for him in connection with a case. He says he found it on this site:
However it doesn't work well on AOL. Can someone here check it out on their ISP?
Just put Wacksman Richard in the name field.

Anonymous said...

It shows there is a warrant out for him for a connection to a case and that is all it says



JoJoFox said...

I just went to that site...the information that comes up is just basic information that repeats the name typed in...look at the numbers ..DOB is 9/99/9999 it is NOT a reference to a warrant...The link does not connect to anything but his name again.

Anonymous said...

Go back and says Connection to case warrant

Anonymous said...

It comes back with Wacksman's middle initial, M., which you didn't tell them right. So the database must have some file on him, maybe a previous case.

JoJoFox said...

Someone telle how to log in at this site...are you logging in as a Non Subscriber ? and you click on Adult Criminal name ?

I don't get any Connection to case warrant .....HELP !

JoJoFox said...

OK i got it ...It says Connection to case
I understand that Warrants can be issued for parking violations unpaid...and other misdemeanors...
I wish it had a date.

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