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Joseph Duncan Timeline

This time line of Joseph Edward Duncan, III's life- with emphasis on his criminal history, whereabouts and related details- has been compiled using details from his and other personal websites, public records, court documents, news articles and information received from people who knew him.

The original timeline published in the Cellar 7/9/2005, by MickeyRat when he ran this blog, has been vetted and greatly increased since 7/16/05, when I took over the blog. Since that time, I have corrected any erroneous information, and omitted some that has not been substantiated. Celler Dwellers have been great at poring over all the new documents I have obtained, and helping to winnow down the entries for many of JED's whereabouts on a given date.

Additional information was gathered by myself from interviews I had with individuals close to the case or connected to Joseph E. Duncan. Many of those interviewed provided information only to myself and no outside media sources.

February 25, 1963: Per MSNBC Report, Born Fort Bragg, NC to Joseph E. Duncan Jr. and Lillian Mae Duncan.

February 25, 1963: Per Psychological Evaluation dated March 16, 2000, Born New Orleans, LA to Joseph E. Duncan Jr. and Lillian Mae Duncan.

1971: Sexual contact at 8 years of age initiated by two of his sisters.

1975: Duncan told therapists that he sexually assaulted a 5-year-old boy when he was 12 years old.

1978: When Duncan was 15, he did the same thing to a 9-year-old boy at gunpoint.

1979: Arrested by police after a high-speed chase in a stolen car at 15. During the car chase he tried to run a police roadblock. The crash shattered his sinuses and the right side of his face.He was sent to Dyslin's Boys Ranch for several months.

1979: When he was 16, Duncan told his therapists, he tied up six younger boys and sexually assaulted would have been 1979. Duncan, who dropped out of Lakes High School in Lakewood, Pierce County, in 10th grade, estimated that he'd committed about 13 rapes on younger boys by the time he was 16.

January 24, 1980: City of Tacoma, Washington, Joseph E. Duncan, age 16 (almost 17), was arrested and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. (Duncan was charged with first-degree rape, first-degree burglary and third-degree statutory rape for the assault on the 14-year-old boy. Police and prosecutors said Duncan broke into a neighbor's house in January 1980 and stole a gun. He pulled the gun on a boy who was walking to school and forced him into a wooded area, papers say. Duncan made the boy undress and perform a sex act, court documents say. Duncan then walked the boy farther into the woods, sexually assaulted him a second time, and then beat the boy's buttocks with a stick and burned him with a cigarette. He led the boy back to his clothes and told him to run away. That night, court records show, Duncan was arrested.) .

May 19, 1980: Filed Court Order 57116 Order to examine defendant. Western State Hospital, psychological and medical tests and treatments not to last beyond 15 days without further order of the court. At the end of testing he is to be returned to Pierce County Jail to be held pending further proceedings. (Order signed on May 14, 1980) .

May 20, 1980: Joseph Duncan was admitted to Western State Hospital's Mentally Ill Offender Program pursuant to Court Order 57116.

May 29, 1980: Filed report regarding findings of Court Order 57116.

March of 1982: (19 years old) His therapists concluded that, after 22 months in the Sex Offender Program, Duncan was no longer trying. "He has chosen not to commit himself to our program techniques," therapists wrote. The report details two times that Duncan sneaked out of a special facility for extended visits with family, while his parents were sleeping, and prowled the neighborhood. He snuck away from the hospital treatment program and peeped into homes. His treatment providers saw the incidents as proof that Duncan was choosing not to control himself. Duncan was then sent to the state Department of Corrections to serve out his prison term.

April 29, 1982: Per an ISRB report dated 5/18/1987, Duncan's 20 year sentence officially starts.

May 4, 1982: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Duncan was received at Washington Corrections Center/Reception Center on medium custody status.

August 24, 1982: Board of Prison Terms and Parole ADM Meeting for Joseph Duncan, number 366231 Washington Correctional Center, Olympia. Mentions an incident with a 5 year old child when Duncan was only 12 years old.

June 5, 1984: Board of Prison Terms and Parole Progress Meeting for Joseph Duncan, number 287565 Washington Correctional Center, Olympia. Mentions Duncan being "currently" in protective custody over problems he has had in population.

June 14, 1984: Duncan was placed into protective custody because other inmates were pressuring the slim 21-year-old for sex.

June 28, 1984: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Duncan was transferred to MICC (McNeil Island Corrections Center).

April 23, 1985: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Duncan began residing in Preferred Housing.

October 15, 1985: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Duncan becomes employed as a teacher's aide.

May 18, 1987: Indeterminate Sentence Review Board, 1400 Progress Review for Joseph Duncan, number 287565. Mentions Duncan sneaking off grounds to peep in people's windows and then masturbating to fantasies. Also mentions that any future parole plans should include provisions for no contact with minors and no loitering in areas where children frequent. Also rigid monitoring including the use of polygraphs and other monitoring devices.

September 17-18, 1987: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Duncan appeared before the Indeterminate Sentance Review Board as a .0100 case and was found parolable.

March 23, 1988: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, He wanted to move to his mother's home in Tacoma, but that was rejected. An alternative plan – to move in with his stepgrandmother, Lolita Erskine, was also rejected when a parole investigator discovered that Erskine's husband was Earl Erskine, who was sentenced in 1985 to 20 years in prison for sexually molesting children 50 times at a daycare facility in Tacoma.

April 5, 1988: Per a 6 month review dated 3/31/1989, Duncan quits his teacher's aide position.

April 6, 1988: Per a 6 month review dated 3/31/1989, Duncan becomes a tool crib attendant in the furniture factory.

August 14, 1988: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988 , a routine room inspection turned up a brown bag located in the closet containing a Panasonic Omnivision VCR with two VCR tapes. On the shelf next to Duncan's bed, another VCR tape was found. Duncan stated that the VCR and TAPES were borrowed from work to monitor the TV systems at MICC. (The two VCR tapes contained X-Rated movies). August 16, 1988:Infraction Report was filed regarding a routine inspection of Duncan's room with items found and confiscated. Sanction was 10 days disciplanary segregation, suspended for 90 days provided no more infractions occur.

August 16, 1988: Infraction Report was filed regarding a routine inspection of Duncan's room with items found and confiscated. Sanction was 10 days disciplanary segregation, suspended for 90 days provided no more infractions occur.

October 21, 1988: Duncan's 6 Month Review. Notes that he is regularly visited by mother and grandmother, plans to parole to Logos House in Tacoma (Duncan had been formally accepted at this time).

November 21, 1988: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Recommendations that Duncan's Logos House (Tacoma) Parole plans be denied.

January 4, 1989: Per a 6 month review dated 10/21/1988, Recommended that Duncan be paroled to a board approved plan.

January 4, 1989: Per a Classification/Referral Progress Report, Inmate appears to be a high risk to re-offend. "Specialized treatment and close supervision could lessen the risk".

February 28, 1989: Per an infraction report dated 3/6/1989, There was a shakedown of Duncan's Room. There was found and confiscated the following (suspected stolen from the electronics shop): A large quantity of wire, an antenna wire, assorted radio jacks spliced into each other. Also found were a large piece of wood, 2 large sharp needles, a baseball, pentel correction pen, and a razor blade all found in a common area.

March 6, 1989: Infraction Report was filed regarding a shakedown of Duncan's room with items found and confiscated. Sanction was 10 days disciplanary segregation, suspended for 90 days provided no more infractions occur. Refer to Unit Classification for review of program.

March 9, 1989: Duncan files a grievance against officer (C/O Burton) alleging he stole a calculator out of his room. It was determined that Duncan was using the allegation to get him removed from the unit. Sanction was 10 days disciplanary segregation and loss of 30 days conduct time, refer to Unit Classification Committee for review of housing status and program change.

March 31, 1989: Duncan's 6 Month Review. Notes that he is regularly visited by mother and grandmother, he's two years beyond his release date, he's without Board acceptable parole resources and is under transition program. Board has denied parole plan to father's house in California, his mother's house in Washington, and Logos House in Tacoma. Refers Duncan's case to Work Release for a possibility of a parole plan. Duncan wants to remain at "Summit House", It is recommended that he be transferred to another unit.

April 4, 1989: Per notes at the bottom of a 6 month review dated 3/31/1989, Duncan is to be transferred to Cascade Hall where his functioning and behavior can be closely monitored in an open cubicle setting.

November 30, 1989: "I recently (last year) made another important decision: to explore my feminine traits," he wrote to parole officials. (1988 he made this decision...)

January 2, 1991: Duncan started a pen-pal correspondence with David Woelfert, a King County revenue officer, volunteer hydroplane mechanic and coach of a men's slow-pitch softball team.

April 28, 1991: Duncan writes a letter to the Superintendant, Jim Blodgett, regarding rejection of mail. (The publication in question, "from TR Publications clearly depicted Child Pornography, and encouraged the activities of bondage and homosexual activities with children." See the Superintendant's reply upholding the rejection of mail in memorandum dated 5/13/1991)

May 13, 1991: Superintendant, Jim Blodgett, issues a memorandum to Joseph Duncan # 287565 in response to a letter written 4/28/1991, upholding the rejection of a publication that contained Child Pornography.

Throughout 1991: Duncan and David Woelfert wrote and talked on the phone. Woelfert even made the 546-mile round trip from his Lynnwood home to visit Duncan in prison in Walla Walla.

August 1991: "Mr. Duncan is filled with remorse for the act that he committed many years ago," Woelfert wrote to the review board.

August 22, 1991: Washington State Inter-Departmental Memorandum is issued detailing an incident that ocurred in the recreation area. Apparently another inmate "popped" Duncan in the "buttocks with a jump rope" causing a bruise. Duncan's reply was that it wasn't an assault, that it was done in a teasing way and not inflicting intentional harm. Duncan said he bruises easily and wasn't aware of the bruise until someone pointed it out to him.

April 1992: Completes Substance Abuse Program

April 22, 1992: ISRB finds Duncan to be NON-PAROLABLE. Add 36 months to term.

June 11, 1992: Duncan writes a letter requesting his court records under cause number 57116. He states that an extremely extended incarceration is the reason for his request.

July 15, 1992: ISRB rescinds the NON-PAROLABILITY entered on April 22, 1992 (Why? Could it be the request for records?)

1993: "Further incarceration of Mr. Duncan will serve no purpose whatsoever," Woelfert wrote to the review board.

April 18, 1993: Per an Olympic Corrections serious infraction report dated 4/22/1993, Duncan wrote a letter to David "Pumpkin" Woelfert to make 2 copies of an "earned early release" document and destroy the original. He had doctored the original to replace "rape" with "assault", in fact, forging an official document to misrepresent his crimes and try to involve "Pumpkin" in illegal activities.

April 22, 1993: Infraction Report was filed regarding an attempt to forge an official document through a letter to Woelfert dated 4/18/1993. In this report it recommended the classification committee review his score and custody level, transfer to another institution, 5 days segregation, credit for time served. Duncan Appealed.

April 27, 1993: Duncan's appeal on filing of April 22, 1993 is DENIED.

May 4, 1993: Administrative Segregation Recommendation issued to release Duncan from segregation. He was placed there due to his statement that he may be in danger of pressure from other inmates for sexual favors. He is trying to stay infraction-free until the Board makes a decision to parole him. He feels he would be preyed upon due to his sexuality and would not resist to avoid being infracted.

May 5, 1993: Approval for release from segregation to population granted. (See 5/4/1993)

September 17, 1993: Certificate from Pierce College for successfully completing Psychology 106 (Anger and Stress Mangement). Instructor Cynthia Harrison.

September 30, 1993: ISRB receives a letter from I.T. House dated 9/30/1993, stating that they will accept Duncan as a resident. (See August 22, 1994)

October 5, 1993: ISRB finds Duncan conditionally parolable.

June 8, 1994: Duncan uses the fact that his sponsor (David Woelfert) has money to try and manipulate staff or threaten them with legal actions."

July 14, 1994: Certificate from the Institute of Extended Learning, Spokane, Washington for satisfactorily completing the prescribed course of study, Personal Growth; Victim Awareness/Anger Management. Instructor Hamilton Hodges.

August 22, 1994: ISRB finds Duncan parolable to parole plan dated March 24, 1993. Which includes paroling to I.T. House (Interaction Transition) and remaining there for 4 months, No Alcohol or drugs, having monitored UA's (Urine Analysis) and BA's (Breath Analysis), Mental Health Evaluation and follow-up counseling, to undergo polygraph examination every 90 days to address fidelity to parole conditions, to have no contact with minor children without prior approval of his Community Corrections Officer, and to register as a sex offender

September 28, 1994: (31 years old) Duncan was released on parole after serving 14 years in prison. Washington State. He moved into a halfway house (I.T. or Interaction Transition House) in Seattle. He went to counseling.

October 17, 1994: Per Chrono report, pg. 2, Duncan lands a job doing phone soliciting for Time-Life Books.

November 4, 1994: Per Chrono report, pg. 2, Duncan's urinalysis test is positive for amphetamines. Duncan blames it on OTC cold medication.

November 23-24, 1994: Per Chrono report, pg. 2, Duncan spends Thanksgiving at mother's in Tacoma.

December, 1994: Per Chrono report, pg.2, Duncan spends Christmas holidays with his mother in Tacoma.

April 4, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg.3, Duncan moves from IT house into Tuscany apartments in Seattle, WA.

April 15-16, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg.5, He spends Easter weekend with his mother in Tacoma.

May 25-30, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg.5, Duncan visits his father who is living in a retirement community in Pahrump, NV.

October 26, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg. 8, Duncan tells his parole officer that he's interested in starting relationships with women. He believes he's still exploring his sexuality, and is pursuing this with the help of Woelfert and a therapist.

November 2, 1995: Robert Doell, National Sales Manager of TIME-LIFE Libraries, Seattle, writes a letter welcoming Duncan to the Quality Club 1995, joining a group of exceptional TLLI Reps who have established themselves as leaders on a national level.

November 14, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg. 8, Duncan tells his parole officer he wants to spend the holidays with his female friend, Casper, whom he has been seeing.

December 8, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg. 9, Duncan tells his parole officer he's missed 3 days of work because he has been depressed over the breakup with his female friend, Casper. He says they had a heated fight; his relationship with Woelfert has been strained over this.

December 14, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg. 9, Duncan calls his parole officer and says he cannot make his appointment because he has the flu.

December 20, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg. 9, His parole officer has not heard from Duncan since the 14th when he called in sick. He stops by Duncan's home twice in the evening but Duncan is not home.

December 22, 1995: Per Chrono report, pg. 9, Duncan finally calls his parole officer to request permission to visit relatives in Poulsbo the coming weekend. Duncan claims he had been trying to reach the parole officer all week; parole officer claims he had no message from Duncan. He gives him permission to go on the visit.

January 16, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 9, Duncan tells his parole officer he is "exploring" a relationship with a woman he works with, Dee Ellis. She is married and has two small children. She "is helping him explore his feminine side" by helping him with his transsexual fantasies. They are working on buying Duncan some women's clothing for this purpose.

January 31, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 9, Duncan starts a new temp. job in Bothell, WA with "Traveling Software."

February 1996: Richard Tamler, Project manager for Keane, Inc out of Seattle writes a letter of praise about Joseph Duncan, as he worked during December 1995 and January 1996 as a temporary technical support representative. "Out of the 30 temporary reps that I hired during the holiday season, Joe stands out as one of the best all-around performers, and I would not hesitate to hire him again."

April 19-21, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 10, Duncan's therapist takes him on a gay retreat at Natapoc Lodge, Leavenworth, in order to view Duncan in a social setting to see how he deals with other gay men.

June 11, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 11, Duncan takes a polygraph exam, which reveals he had touched a firearm belonging to a relative- in violation of his parole.

June 14, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 11, Parole officer and Duncan discussed Duncan's lack of progress in his relationship with Dee: she is still married and living with her husband, yet telling Duncan she is in love with him. Parole officer notes that it looks like Duncan "has some terribly confused boundaries."

June 15-16, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 11, Duncan and Dee take a weekend trip to Ocean Shores.

July 31, 1996: Per Chrono report, pg. 12, Duncan moves in with a gay couple.

October 1996: Per Psychological Evaluation dated March 16, 2000, Duncan violated parole as a result of marijuana use and possession of a firearm. After 30 days in jail his parole was reinstated. Per article August 4, 2005, Duncan tells police he is worried about losing his job and kittens while in jail.

On or About October 31, 1996: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997 (pg. 22), Fails to obtain permission from his Community Corrections Officer to have contact with minor children in Seattle, Washington. One of the 9 conditions broken, leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found Guilty)

November 1996: Duncan's parole officer said that he told her he planned to "give up his homosexuality and attend to heterosexual experiences."

December, 1996: Per article August 4, 2005, Duncan spends Christmas with his sister in Poulsbo, WA.

On or About February 25, 1997: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997 (pg. 22), Fails to obtain permission from his Community Corrections Officer to have contact with minor children in Seattle, Washington. One of the 9 conditions broken, leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found not guilty)

On or About March 3, 1997: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997 (pg.22), Fails to obtain permission from his Community Corrections Officer prior to moving from 14202 Roslyn Pl. North, Seattle Washington. One of the 9 conditions broken, leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found Guilty)

March 4, 1997: He again tested positive for marijuana use.

March 25, 1997: Per article August 4, 2005, Duncan quits his telemarketing job.

March 25, 1997: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997 (pg. 22), Failed to report to his Community Corrections Officer in Seattle, Washington. Leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found Guilty)

March 26, 1997: Per article August 4, 2005, Duncan is in Seattle to undergo polygraph examination, which he fails concerning his interaction with children.

March 27, 1997: Per article August 4, 2005, Duncan's last communication with his parole officer. He claims to be at his mother's in Tacoma, WA and that his car isn't working.

On or About March 30, 1997: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997 (pg. 22), Absconding Supervision. (Definition: To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution). One of the 9 conditions broken, leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found Guilty) Duncan disappears in his girlfriend's 11-year-old Chrysler New Yorker.

April 2, 1997: Per articleAugust 4, 2005, Duncan has fled. His mother tells his parole officer she last saw him on March 31 and doesn't know his whereabouts.

  • April 4, 1997: Anthony Martinez is kidnapped by a "mustached man" in Beaumont, CA.

April 8, 1997: Order issued suspending parole of Duncan and ordering his arrest and detention for violating 9 conditions of his parole.

  • April 19, 1997: Anthony Martinez' body is found, bound, buried in a shallow grave and covered with rocks near Indio, CA.
  • April 30, 1997: Per article August 4, 2005, A neighbor of Duncan's girlfriend tells authorities that Duncan is driving his girlfriend's white, 4-dr, 1986 Chrysler New Yorker. This car resembles the description of the car driven by the man who kidnapped Anthony Martinez.
May 20, 1997: Per article August 4, 2005, Duncan's parole sponsor, David Woelfert of Seattle, tells Duncan's parole officer that Duncan called him from northern CA a week earlier.

June 3, 1997: (34 years old) GRAFITTO Entry on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - When I was hiding out from the Law in San Francisco in 1997, and living pretty much on the streets, I stumbled across a spray painted graffito on the back of a large fenced in commercial air conditioning unit where surprisingly few people would see it. It was in a part of downtown were the homeless congregated by the hundreds everyday (on the North side of the Civic Center Plaza). The message impacted me so much that I attempted to commit it to memory. However, I'd forgotten the words years ago, but had written them down trying to capture the exact way it was written. While cleaning out my desk at home just now, I found the little blank book that I had carried with me while I was on the lamb and used to write down such things. This is exactly what the graffito said: (dated 6-3-97) (San Francisco, California - Fugitive in hiding. Meets Dr. Wacksman around this time.).

June 6, 1997: Per article August 4, 2005, authorities learn from Duncan's girlfriend that his "roomate in the San Francisco Bay area" knows Duncan's address.

On or About August 27, 1997: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997,Left the state of Washington. One of the 9 conditions broken, leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found Guilty)

On or About August 27, 1997: Per Parole Revocation Hearing December 12, 1997,Failing to register as a sex offender with the Sheriff of the County of Residence. One of the 9 conditions broken, leading to his parole revocation April 8, 1997. (Found Guilty)

August 27, 1997: Per Psychological Evaluation dated March 16, 2000, Duncan was arrested by FBI in Kansas City, Missouri for failing to register as a sex offender . He was on parole at the time (When an FBI fugitive task force checked at the Kansas City, Mo., home of Duncan's half sister, Duncan answered the knock at the door. He was arrested and sent back to prison.).

Late September 1997: according to Duncan's Department of Corrections computer log, his parole officer got a call from Dr. Richard Wacksman, a North Dakota doctor who told her he'd met Duncan in a San Francisco coffeehouse. Dr. Wacksman felt Duncan was honest and sincere, he told the parole officer, S. Silver. He also told the parole officer that Duncan had visited him at his home in Fargo, ND before his arrest in Kansas City.

December 7, 1997: Per a memorandum from C/O Hockenberry to Sgt. Casey, 2 inmates were complaining that Duncan had been propositioning them for sex and when they refused he would become irritable, angry, and threatening towards them.

December 7, 1997: Per an Administrative Segregation Recommendation dated 12/9/1997, Duncan was placed in Administrative Segregation from R1 by Sgt. Casey. Apparently there was some concern for Duncan's safety. Altercation with a cell mate, it seems the cell mate had stopped showering 5 days prior and Duncan told him he smelled. Cell mate grabbed hold of him and would not let him go, trying to push Duncan into reacting.

December 9, 1997: Administrative Segregation Recommendation filed. Recommendation for Duncan to be released to R3.

December 12, 1997: Recommendation for release to R3 from ASR on 12/9/1997 is approved.

December 12, 1997: Duncan's parole was revoked during a hearing at the King County Jail.

December 23, 1997: ""Under no circumstances whatsoever would the board allow Mr. Duncan to reside in a home where victim-age children reside, even if the state of North Dakota would agree to supervise him," the board wrote in its findings.

February 2, 1998: Review board chairwoman Kathryn "Kit" Bail, after meeting with Wacksman, wrote in a memo that the doctor "feels that he can help Joe and his wife – Dr. Wacksman's – is in support of his efforts. He stated that he is bisexual. I told Dr. Wacksman that we are unconcerned about his relationship with Joe, except insofar as it bears on his case or a potential parole plan." Wacksman asked that the state parole Duncan to his home in North Dakota, where he lived with his wife and two kids, ages 8 and 11. In a follow-up letter, Wacksman said he'd support Duncan as he started his new life. No way, the state said.

July 14, 1998: "Mr. Duncan is not much of a threat to society," Wacksman wrote to Kit Bail. "He was a screwed-up adolescent that grew up in prison." He urged her to release Duncan. "My work as a physician executive and co-chair of our corporate ethics committee has taught me to take risks and to do what is right," Wacksman wrote. Woelfert also contacted Bail, the review board's chairwoman. He said he was "shocked and completely flabbergasted" that the board wouldn't let Duncan live with Wacksman. He objected to Bail's reason: that the state must "protect society." (hmm Wacksman and Woelfert must be close...).

July 15, 1998: "My question to that statement is: protect society from what? From whom?" Woelfert wrote. He said it would save the state money to send Duncan to North Dakota – and noted that he was sending a copy of his letter to three state lawmakers. "Why, as a taxpayer of Washington State, must I be forced to pay for this shabby service?" he wrote. He called the board an outdated "money-sucking operation" solely interested in keeping a shrinking pool of flexible-sentence inmates incarcerated for the sake of the board's own jobs.

February 14, 1999: Per an appeal by Duncan received 2/19/1999, Duncan was cited for fighting.

February 18, 1999: Hearing regarding a major infraction incurred by Duncan for fighting. Sanctions: 10 days SDS, credit for 5 days served, remaining 5 days suspended 180 days provided no more serious infractions. Duncan to appeal.

February 19, 1999: Duncan appeals the decision results of hearing that ocurred 2/18/1999.

March 4, 1999: Appeal regarding February 18, 1999 Hearing is DENIED. Ruling stands.

November 2, 1999: ISRB Finds Duncan NON-PAROLABLE.

July 14, 2000: (37 years old) July 14, 2000, Duncan was credited with serving his maximum sentence. He was released from prison in Airway Heights. In Spokane, he was put on a Greyhound bus headed for Tacoma.. Duncan was released without parole or probation. Washington State. The Washington Department of Corrections thought about keeping him in prison for life. But the agency's sentence-review committee decided he didn't qualify as a sexual predator, so authorities couldn't use the state's civil commitment law to keep him behind bars indefinitely. With only conviction data to consider, Duncan had only one 20-year-old crime on his record. So he was released, with no supervision and no responsibilities other than registering as a sex offender.

July 21, 2000: Duncan arrived in Fargo.

July 24, 2000: Duncan registered at the Fargo Police Department as a sex offender. The Fargo Police Department evaluated Duncan. Based on the history, profile, and the Minnesota Sex Offender Screening Tool-Revised score, Duncan was classified as a Level III sex offender.

September 27, 2000: The Fargo Police Department conducted a community notification.

Fall 2000: Enrolled at North Dakota State University

Fall 2000: Made Dean's List at NDSU.

Spring 2001: Made Dean's List at NDSU.

April 21, 2001: Approximately the time Jazzi-Jet set up his gay website.

January, 2002: Duncan also continued his work at NDSU on the BlackWood Project, a virtual education program that simulated a Western town in the 1800s and spent about 10 hours a week on it, according to the university's human resources department. He earned $10 an hour.

August 27, 2002-December 20, 2002 (last day of finals): Duncan's Fall 2002 class schedule :
8:00-8:50 a.m.
9:00 - 9:50 a.m.
10:00 - 10:50 a.m.
11:00 - 11:50 a.m.
12:00 - 12:50 p.m.
1:00 - 1:50 p.m.
2:00 - 2:50 p.m.
3:00 - 3:50 p.m.
4:00 - 4:50 p.m.

8:30-9:20 a.m.
9:30-10:20 a.m.
10:30 - 11:20 a.m.
11:30 - 12:20 p.m.
12:30 - 1:20 p.m.
2:00 - 3:15 p.m.
3:30 - 4:20 p.m.

8:00 - 8:50 a.m.
9:00 - 9:50 a.m.
10:00 - 10:50 a.m.
11:00 - 11:50 a.m.
12:00 - 12:50 p.m.
1:00 - 1:50 p.m.
2:00 - 2:50 p.m.
3:00 - 3:50 p.m.
4:00 - 4:50 p.m.

8:30 - 9:20 a.m.
9:30 - 10: 20 a.m.
10:30 - 11:20 a.m.
11:30 - 12:20 p.m.
12:30 - 1:20 p.m.
2:00 - 3:15 p.m.
3:30 - 4:20 p.m.

8:00- 8:50 a.m.
9:00 - 9:50 a.m.
10:00 - 10:50 a.m.
11:00 - 11:50 a.m.
12:00 - 12:50 p.m.
1:00 - 1:50 p.m.
2:00 - 2:50 p.m.
3:00 - 3:50 p.m.
4:00 - 4:50 p.m.

October 19, 2002: Prison pals web ring - jazzijet - last active 10/19/2002 10:55:46 PST.

November 2002: (39 years old) Jet Gazette that places him in Kansas City for Thanksgiving (Video).

March 16, 2003: Started an account with under Jetd63.

June 7, 2003: (40 years old) Scuba Driving Trip - Crosby, Minnesota. (154.4 miles, 3 hours 59 min, 16 turns from Fargo, ND).

Summer 2003: Scuba Diving Trip - Grand Rapids (actually I have no proof as far as dates, but he admits to 20 or so trips during the summer of 2003).

Summer 2003: Scuba Diving Trip - Lake Superior.

June 14, 2003: He takes photos and video of acquaintances skydiving in West Fargo, ND. Someone who was present at this event says he believes Joseph Duncan left the group "around lunchtime."

(June 14, 2003: Leanna 'Beaner' Warner missing from Chisholm, MN- approx. 200 miles from West Fargo. She was last seen around 5-5:30 p.m. and reported missing around 9 p.m.)

Approx. 1 week prior to August 25,2003: He was camping- alone- at the "Paradise" area of Mount Rainer National Park. On Monday, August 25, he sent out the following e-mail, in part, to some friends and acquaintances: "Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am back from Paradise (on Mount Rainier)...I saw many interesting mountain animals (see pictures in sequence) A deer enjoying a bit of shade, a marmot who I recorded on video doing his whistle trick, a very freindly robin who came near for a piece of bread, and most spectacularly a wild mountain bobcat sitting quietly by the side of the road! ..."

October 3, 2003: 11:15pm Duncan gets a visit from three officers, two men, one woman. Regarding him harrassing women in town. (see blog 1/11/04 @ 9:00pm) (See link, there are two police reports totally empty around this time...peculiar).

December 10-13, 2003: One of these days he was at Rick's bar attending a SuperLifer show (rock group, I assume). Of course he didn't sign the guestbook on their website until December 20, 2003 @ 11:07 PM, which makes you wonder if he was there or creating an alibi...

December 2003: Spends Christmas with Mother & Brother in Tacoma Washington.

January 3-4, 2004: Begins Blogging the Fifth Nail. First post discusses Leanna 'Beaner' Warner. The first two lines are redundant - "Just found out that a little girl went missing from Chisholm MN on June 14, 2003 (this year). I did not even know until today that this happened." Very Suspicious.

January 8, 2004: "I met Jeff, a “salesman” the other day and will be having lunch with him on Saturday after he meets with some other colleagues for breakfast. Should be interesting." From the fifthnail blog...We now have a pretty good idea that "Jeff" is actually "Joe Crary" They apparently met early January of 2004.

January 10, 2004: "The meeting with Jeff was a bust. I tried calling him at 12:30 and 1:00 but he did not answer." From the fifthnail blog...Maybe this was their first "date".

January 13, 2004: Sex and Mayhem Entry-"Someone told me yesterday that I was different than most other sex offenders because I was only 16 when I committed my crime and have never committed any other sex crimes since (or before). However, the same person said that adult offenders should be castrated and locked up for life." Was this someone his new friend "Jeff"? Wonder if "Jeff" has a site somewhere...

January 22, 2004: 5:59 pm Begins Blogging Personal Thoughts - "I invited "Jeff" (his real name turn out to be "Joe") over for a quicky. He ****** me like a real *****, and I loved it. He was only here for 20 minutes at the most. We are going to do it again Saturday.".

January 29, 2004: Duncan details practically every moment to a "t" on his blog...wonder what he really did this day.

February 15, 2004: Ski Trip ("for the first time in my life").

February 19, 2004: Ski Trip to Andes Towers Hills, MN (104.3 miles, 1 hour 52 min from Fargo, ND).

Week of February 21, 2004: Duncan had quit working on the BlackWood Project (see January 2002). His last reported time for that was 10 hours the week of Feb. 21. He also quit his Wednesday research meetings with Slator, the NDSU professor.

February 21, 2004: Ski Trip (awful lot of skiing for being as sore as he said he was after the 15th...).

February 25, 2004: 41st Birthday.

February 25, 2004: Flies to Florida, near Tampa to Visit Dr. Wacksman.

March 1, 2004: Blogs that he is back from his visit with th Dr. Wacksman.

March 24, 2004: Drunk Home Intruder at Duncan's Place (See blog 3/26/04).

April 15, 2004: Police visit Duncan - Confirming his address.

Weekend of April 16, 2004: Another visit with Dr. Wacksman in Ft. Lauderdale. (See blog 4/29/04) Hmmm...took off the day after address confirmation unexpectedly...

Weekend of April 23, 2004: "Retired-Teacher Friend" from Concord California visiting for the weekend. "We drove down to Minneapolis and saw the Mall of America and rode some of the rides."

May 7, 2004: Late night walk downtown.

July 3, 2004: DREAM PROPHECY Entry - I had a very explicit dream last night. I dreamed that I was scuba diving and ran out of air but I could still breath, I just didn't know for how long. I was going to dive today, and actually started to, but when I got to the lake I turned around and came back. I just hope the dream was for today.

July 3, 2004: Detroit Lakes Middle School playground - molested a 6-year-old boy and tryed to molest an 8-year-old boy (armed with a video camera).

July 9, 2004: HERE WE GO AGAIN Entry - I got a call today from an investigator in a city about an hours drive away from where I live. Apparently I am a suspect for some un-defined incident that occurred last Sunday. He would not tell me anything about what happened, though he did not seem too concerned except to say it was a felony and all felonies are serious (in other words it probably was not too serious at least).The officer wants me to drive to his city to talk to him. I almost told him I would, until he told me I was a suspect (I had to ask). Then I told him I would get back to him after I talk to an attorney.

July 2004: Diving Trip Apostle Island, Wisconsin. (463.5 miles, 7 hours 38 min, 23 turns from Fargo, ND) (I had originally posted the 4-5, that is incorrect. The trip started on a Saturday and ended Sunday. We know where he was on the 3rd so 3-4 is eliminated. That leaves either the 10-11, 17-18, & 24-25 I apologize for the error I just looked at a date incorrectly).

August 13, 14, & 15, 2004: Crosby 2004 Treasure Hunt (Not sure if he was present all days...he was one of the winners at this event.

August 20, 2004: Police break in to Duncan's residence and confiscate "my home computer, my digital camera, my camcorders (which I was using for home surveillance) and a lot of regrettable media." In a search conducted Aug. 20, 2004, police said, they confiscated more than 40 items, including seven cameras and video tapes, DVDs, CDs and floppy disks.

September 2004: Only 1 blog entry this month, what kept him so busy?

October 2004: 3 blog entries this month.

October 10, 2004: Finds "Fargo-Moorhead Bug-Tel West" (GCKH87) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

October 10, 2004: Finds "Rose Creek, Fargo" (GCG96J) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

October 10, 2004: Finds "Playful Pachyderm" (GC8C96) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

October 11, 2004: Finds "A Bridge Not Too Far" (GCJPGC) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

October 12, 2004: Jetd63 posted a note for Duncan Warrior (Travel Bug Dog Tag) Can anyone get Duncan closer to Enid? "Susan of Enid" has been sent a message that the Duncan Warrior is near. I hope she gets it soon and knows what she needs to do so the Duncan Warrior can continue his mission. GEOCACHING.

October 13, 2004: Finds "Island Park Puzzle" (GCKE5F) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

October 14, 2004: Finds "The Coulee" (GCJ2QD) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching November 2004: No blog entries this month November 14, 2004: Finds "River Rat" (GCKMX9) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

November 14, 2004: Another address check by a Fargo officer on Nov. 14.

November 21, 2004: Releases Travel Bug TBHC44 "Photo Cache 1" in North Dakota Photo Cache 1.

November 21, 2004: Finds "Red River Trail" (GCKKFY) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

November 21, 2004: Finds "Hold your breath" (GCKKFQ) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

December 4, 2004: Finds "Sailor's Legacy" (GCJNWX) cache in North Dakota. Geocaching.

December 14, 2004: Must have gotten some "No-Knock Warrants" Complained in a few blogs this month December 26, 2004: Washington State, Proof on website covered up by one of Duncan's cronies at

December, 2004: Spends Christmas holidays at mother's house in Tacoma, WA.

January 30, 2005: Laptop rebuilt, Mentions his new fan Jerry, and friend Joe (JOE CRARY) has agreed to take me by the hand financially and show me how to spend my money constructively. Now that is a good friend!

February 23, 2005: Approximate date Duncan received his summons (per Joe Crary, 40 days prior to hearing April 5, 2005). Ironically, this is when he posted his LOVE THY ENEMY Entry ("...if someone attacked my wife or child I would at least try to forgive them ")

February 25, 2005: 42nd Birthday

March 4, 2005: Duncan is charged in Becker County District Court with second-degree criminal sexual conduct and second-degree attempted criminal sexual conduct in connection with the July 3, 2004 incident, his first appearance in court on these charges will be April 5, 2005.

Weekend of March 11: Micro-vacation to Key West, Dr. Wacksman again. ("Wacksman loaned Duncan about $6,500 before his court appearance in Detroit Lakes. The loan was intended to defray attorney fees" Maybe this is when the transaction took place.)

March 21, 2005: Court records show notice came March 21, more than eight months after the first police call on the matter.

March 28, 2005: Duncan began meeting with defense attorney Dennis Fisher about his case. The following day he signed a contract and a $10,000 retainer check, court records show. The check eventually bounced.

March 31, 2005: Duncan e-mailed Slator: "I have just been blessed with a major personal crisis and will not be able to attend today's meeting."

April 1, 2005: Duncan explained the charges to Slator in a face-to-face meeting and professed his innocence. He said it was just another example of his past coming back to haunt him. "And that is the last time I saw him," Slator said

April 1, 2005: Visit from police for address confirmation . Lt. Tod Dahle said he ordered the extra check after learning of the Becker County charges.

April 1, 2005: HERE WE GO AGAIN Entry - Dave Forester, a reporter form the local paper just stopped by. Wanted to know if I had any comment about the charges against me in Becker County for an article he is preparing for the paper tomorrow.

April 3, 2005: Last login to (GPS).

April 4, 2005: A court hearing to set bail was scheduled for April 4.

April 5, 2005: After his hearing had been pushed back a day, Duncan arrived in Detroit Lakes for his court hearing and Posted $15,000 bail in Becker County (Minn.) District Court. Then called Joe Crary on his way home for a loan to cover it. (Per the Joe Crary letter, Sometime between 2/23/05 and 4/5/05 he leaves for Kansas City and comes back for the hearing. I'm guessing right after the police address verification on April 1, 2005).

April 5, 2005: Joe Crary of Fargo wrote a check to Duncan in the amount of $15,000 to cover a check for bail that Duncan had written to post his bail in Becker County (Minn.) District Court. April 8, 2005: Updated his profile on Yahoo. (Maybe to get rid of pics and info...everything is blank now).

April 10, 2005: BOHEMIAN UNDERGROUND IS CONCEIVED Entry - As I watch history unfold, I am compelled to help keep it on course. (He quit his job when charges were filed against him, that tells me he is planning to run. Could this be the date he has his "PLAN" drawn out and completed? Also the term "Bohemian Underground" is there more than one person involved in trying to help him run? "At a 1997 parole revocation hearing in Olympia, Wash., Richard Wacksman, a Fargo doctor Duncan had met at a coffeehouse in San Francisco, testified on his behalf. Wacksman said he would support Duncan financially and let him live in his home if he was released"....what's to say he wouldn't do it now, Duncan visited him a week after he was charged. Gears are turning)

April 11, 2005: A Fargo police officer checked Duncan's address again, not knowing of the visit made 10 days earlier. Duncan was "very upset," the officer wrote.

Week of April 11, 2005: He kept in contact with his Minnesota Corrections agent, Larry Boomgaarden, at least temporarily. Boomgaarden said he had contact with Duncan the weeks of April 11 and April 18. Their conversations were brief. The only comment Boomgaarden recalled was Duncan saying how all the stress from his court case was going to keep him from graduating

April 13, 2005: Duncan purchases Night Vision Goggles at a Fargo, ND Wal-Mart. ($6500.00 can buy a lot cool toys for a psychopathic child sex offender...Thanks Doc!)

April 15, 2005: Duncan phoned Dr. Wacksman and sent him a photograph via phone.(Hmmm)

April 15, 2005: The Boogyman Will Get Ya Entry - I have to carry out my orders or a lot worse than just me dying could happen. Does not post again until April 24th.

April 15, 2005: Duncan rents a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee from a St. Paul Enterprise Rent-A-Car agency. (The Jeep was reported stolen after it was not returned by April 20. ).

April 15, 2005: A federal warrant shows Duncan also bought an April 16 plane ticket to fly from Fargo to Denver.

April 18, 2005: Duncan's last contact with Minnesota Department of Corrections officer Larry Boomgaarden.

April 18, 2005: He told Crary in an e-mail that he was going to kill himself. About that time he sent an e-mail to a neighbor, asking her to care for his two cats, and said life wasn't worth living. (conflicts with another report giving date of e-mail as May 10, 2005)

April 24, 2005: Wrestling With Demons Entry - Where is he?

April 27, 2005: " license plates (355-REP) were stolen out of Newton County, Missouri " (765.5 miles, 11 hours 51 min, 17 turns from Fargo, ND) Did he stop in Kansas City to see family before driving south to Newton County?

April 29, 2005: Duncan’s attorney for the Becker County case, Dennis Fisher of Moorhead, was granted permission to withdraw from representing Duncan because a $10,000 check he had paid for Fisher’s legal services bounced. (So now Duncan has at least the $6500 that Wacksman gave him to use for his deeds. That payment certainly didn't make it to his lawyer.)

May 3, 2005: Minnesota Department of Corrections officer Larry Boomgaarden, who works in Moorhead on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, drove to Duncan's home. Nobody was home, but from outside the front door he saw the cats, and a mountain bike hanging in the porch. Boomgaarden went to NDSU, where the university police chief couldn't find Duncan. One of his professors said Duncan, two classes shy of his degree, hadn't been in classes the past week and missed an exam the previous Friday. "He wasn't the type of student to miss a test," Boomgaarden said.

May 3, 2005: Authorities were alerted May 3 by Minnesota Department of Corrections officer Larry Boomgaarden that he had no contact with Duncan since April 18, 2005. Boomgaarden sent a letter to Fritz, the Becker County prosecutor, telling him Duncan was missing. That led to an arrest warrant the following day.

May 4, 2005: Becker County arrest warrant issued.

May 4, 2005: Dahle learned, park rangers in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation area in Wyoming found the key tag to the Jeep while cleaning up garbage that bears had pulled from a Dumpster. Dahle assigned Investigator Greg Esposito to investigate the missing vehicle case and to start looking for Duncan.

May 4, 2005: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee reported stolen (It was supposed to be returned on the 20th, why did they wait unti May 4, 2005?)

May 6, 2005: An arrest warrant was issued in Fargo for Duncan’s failure to stay in touch with his probation agent.

May 10, 2005: The owner of Duncan's apartment told police Duncan's rent check for the month had bounced. Duncan hasn't been around for at least three weeks, the owner told Esposito.May 10, 2005: Duncan e-mailed an upstairs neighbor, Joni Buzick, and asked her to take care of his cats. In the e-mail, Duncan writes "life just isn't worth it and that he is truly sorry," the police report said. - Where is he?

May 11, 2005: The Demons Have Taken Over Entry - Where is he?

May 13, 2005: Still Confused Entry - He mentions his mother is crying, Lillian lives in Tacoma, Washington - Is he there?

May 13, 2005: Esposito made his first contact with Wacksman. The doctor said he last heard from Duncan around April 15, when Duncan sent a photo of himself to Wacksman's phone. Wacksman told police he gave $6,500 to Duncan for attorney fees.

May 15, 2005: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Brenda Groene, 40, her son, Slade Groene, 13, and Mark McKenzie, 37, are last seen alive at a barbecue at their home outside of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It is also the last time Dylan Groene, 9, and Shasta Groene, 8, are seen before their disappearance.

May 16, 2005: Shasta told detectives her ordeal began when she heard her mother call her into the living room early on the morning of May 16. There, she said, she saw Duncan wearing dark gloves and holding a shotgun. Her 13-year-old brother, Slade; her mother, Brenda Groene; and her mother's boyfriend, Mark McKenzie were bound with zip-ties and duct tape. Duncan then bound her and Dylan and laid them on the ground outside, near a swing set. Shasta said she heard McKenzie yell out several times, and at one point they saw Slade stagger, bloody and incoherent, out of the home.

May 16,2005: Authorities find the bodies of Brenda Groene, Slade Groene and McKenzie bound with plastic ties in the Groene home.

May 16, 2005: Duncan fails to appear for a hearing in Becker County District Court on the child sexual assault charges and a bench warrant is issued for his arrest. Duncan's $15,000 bail is forfeited. A felony arrest warrant was immediately issued by District Judge Thomas Schroeder, who had set Duncan’s bail several weeks earlier.

May 17, 2005: Amber Alert issued. Authorities find nothing in search of area.

May 19, 2005: Detroit Lakes authorities learned about Duncan’s Internet blog site, dubbed Fifth Nail.

May 19, 2005: Investigators working the case from Fargo and Detroit Lakes met with a Becker County prosecutor to coordinate their searches. They continued meeting Fridays by phone.

May 20, 2005: Fargo police searched Duncan's apartment. They found a letter to NDSU apologizing for not completing his last two courses and earning his bachelor's degree.

May 25, 2005: Brenda Groene, 40, her son, Slade Groene, 13 will be remembered today during a 3 p.m. memorial service at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls. A private service was held for the family of Mark McKenzie, 37, who also was killed at the small home on Frontage Road just a few miles east of Coeur d'Alene.

June 1, 2005: A federal arrest warrant was issued for Duncan. The FBI got its own warrant on Duncan for an unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. The federal agents began to take over the search, although local investigators continued to meet and help, said Paul McCabe, a special agent with the FBI in Minneapolis.

Around June 25-26, 2005: Duncan kills Dylan.

July 1, 2005: Wacksman got a phone call from Duncan, Esposito said. Phone records show the call lasted four minutes.Wacksman, who reported the call the following week, told police he didn't have the impression Duncan was with anyone. Wacksman told police he was angry at Duncan for running from the law."He's upset with the guy, so he yells at him, and Duncan hangs up," Esposito said.

July 2, 2005: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Shasta Groene is found at a Denny's restaurant with Duncan, who is driving the Jeep stolen May 4 in Minnesota, with stolen Missouri plates. Duncan is arrested.

July 4, 2005: Authorities said Monday they found human remains during their search for a missing 9-year-old boy whose sister was found days earlier at a Denny's restaurant with a registered sex offender. Sheriff Rocky Watson said the remains were found in western Montana and would be sent to an FBI laboratory for DNA analysis.

July 5, 2005: Duncan made his first court appearance Tuesday by video link with Kootenai County District Court, where Wayman read the charges against him. Duncan, a convicted sex offender on the run from an earlier child molestation count, was charged in 1st District Court with two counts of first-degree kidnapping. Wayman set a $2 million bail on the fugitive charge, and no bail for the kidnapping charges, which could result in life in prison or the death penalty for Duncan, if convicted.

July 6, 2005: The last entry on the Department of Corrections log obtained by The Spokesman-Review is dated July 6, 2005. It was a record of a call from David Woelfert, the man who had helped Duncan win his first prison release. "Dave feeling guilty and troubled that he could even know someone capable of current crimes," the log entry reads. "Dave has had a number of call(s) from (Duncan)'s friends in this area – all shocked about crime spree."

July 7, 2005: Shasta Groene is released from the Kootenai Medical Center.

July 8, 2005: A Hammer is determined to be the murder weapon of Brenda Kay Groene, 40; her son, Slade Groene, 13;, and boyfriend Mark Edward McKenzie, 37 found on May 16, 2005

July 10, 2005: Dylan Groene's remains identified as the ones found July 4, 2005 in western Montana.

July 12, 2005: Probable cause hearing. Duncan charged as follows:
Count I - Murder in the first degree of Mark Edward McKenzie.
Count II - Murder in the first degree of Brenda Kay Groene.
Count III - Murder in the first degree of Slade Vincent Groene.
Count IV - Kidnapping in the first degree of Mark Edward McKenzie.
Count V - Kidnapping in the first degree of Brenda Kay Groene.
Count VI - Kidnapping in the first degree of Slade Vincent Groene.
Brad Maskell on behalf of the State of Idaho. Scott Wayman, Magistrate.
Prosecuting Attorney(s): William J Douglas, Lansing L. Haynes, and Rick Bauman.

July 13, 2005: Joseph Edward Duncan had murder and kidnapping charges against him formally read by a judge during a brief hearing Wednesday at Coeur d'Alene. Duncan is accused of killing three people at a home near I-90. Prosecutors have not yet said whether they will seek the death penalty. Officials also say Duncan will face federal charges of kidnapping two children from the home, Shasta and Dylan Groene, and taking them to western Montana where they were molested and Dylan was killed. Duncan remains held without bail and is due for another court appearance July 19, 2005.

  • July 14, 2005: Per article August 4, 2005, FBI agents working the Idaho investigation contact Riverside County authorities and say Duncan "mentioned" the name Martinez and the area of California where Anthony Martinez lived. Investigators fly to Idaho to fingerprint Duncan. They are unable to interview Duncan.
  • August 1, 2005: One fingerprint recovered from the Anthony Martinez crime scene is determined to be Joseph Edward Duncan's.

July 16, 2005: Public memorial service for Dylan James Groene. will be 1 p.m. July 16 in Building 2 at Real Life Ministries, 1866 Cecil Road, Post Falls, Idaho. Dylan James Groene, was born in Coeur d'Alene on July 16, 1995, to Brenda (Matthews) and Steve Vincent Groene.

July 19, 2005: Preliminary hearing scheduled for Joseph Edward Duncan III on the kidnapping charges is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in front of Magistrate Benjamin Simpson.

August 9, 2005: A preliminary hearing for sex offender and accused murderer Joseph Duncan is now rescheduled for August 9th.


Anonymous said...

I've wondered about this situation and Joseph Duncan;
He doesn't limit himself to one sex or another or one type or another, and perhaps that is his MO. There are a series of suspected murders throughout Wisconsin, primarily, Michigan, and even down in Athens, Ohio.
All of the young men were good swimmers, some known divers, all "drowned" suspiciously in nothing more than puddles. Considering that Duncan had a "friend", in Perrysburg, Ohio, Jerry Schmidt, who owned, it could very well be that there is a connection.

Anonymous said...

Please add to the timeline 'when' the video taken of Shasta and Duncan at the convenience store was taken. It was Friday evening, July 1 2005, hours before the arrest at Denny's.
Spyder just posted that he wondered where they were in between that store and Denny's since the 2 places are 1/2 hour apart.

You may also wish to place the date the 2 Washington girls disappeared in 7/96 since it appears Duncan is connected.


Anonymous said...

Could Duncan be involved in the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling? I think this was in 1989 and in Minn.
Jacob was 10 or 11 I think.

Anonymous said...

Looking at Duncan's history, I wonder if he might have paid us a visit here in Skagit County (North of Seattle).

We have an unsolved murder of a young girl, see:

Anonymous said...

the one thing about this that bothers me is that just becuse a few of these guys do something like this that it is thought that they all are like this which is not the case. there is a united states department of justice study that says they have the lowest reoffense rate of any class of criminal. so what that politions are telling u is all lies.

Anonymous said...

He is evil personified. He never should have been set free to start with, given all of his sex crimes as a juvenile. That should have given someone a clue that he was not able to be rehabilitated. God bless Shasta for her strength and she will always be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment posted 08-27-05 about this class of criminal having the lowest reoffense rate, So What! If you have done it once you are a sick discusting individual who has hurt not only the victim but all of those around the victim. I believe any sex offender is trash and deserves to suffer the rest of their lives. I can say this because I was a victim as a child and to this day it haunts me and no amount of counciling can erase the damage this causes to a victim. I have one wish for all sex offenders may you rot in hell!!

Anonymous said...

I think he should be in jail for life and then he should died in that chair that kills him for good. he does deserve all of this and more. women and men and boys and girls don't deserve to be raped so many times and we are all not a sex objects and toys also. all of the sex offenders should die and they should suffer for the rest of their lives now. the reason i said this i was raped alot by 3 different men. and all of the sex offenders should not be set free at all. this world would be a better place if there were no sex offenders in this world! these parents should have taught their kids better than raping women and men and boys and girls. I hope all of the sex offenders dies! none of the sex offenders don't need to be release from jail cells.

Anonymous said...

anonymous says that this class of criminal has the lowest rate of reoffense. I wonder why he is intimate with the study. The parole board thought Duncan was ok to parole. My guess is that anonymous is a sex offender as well.
As for Duncan, If I had my way all sex offenders (particularly ones with Duncans history) would have their nuts and penis cut off and fed to them. Then slautered.

dorrie said...

This blog is amazing. The fact that someone took this much time and dedication to look into the background of this accused killer is just wow...this was very eye opening I have been here over an hour reading this information.

Anonymous said...

when Anthony martinez was missing there was a police sketch released of the man. Can anyone find and post that picture along with a picture of Duncan at the time? There was an attempted kidnapping in beach area a few months prior to Martinez disapearring and I remember that the two suspects looked alike.Is it known if Duncan was in so. the fall of 1996? anyone who commits a crime against a child should never see the light of day again.

Anonymous said...

[Monters like Ducan and the rest of the evil sex offenders, should be KILLED!! Our Laws need to change and protect human kind!! I pray for each and every boy,girl,men, women, that were raped and killed. May they not suffer anymore for they are all angels. To all parents and everyone else be careful take care and best wishes and prayers. As for all of this Evil People may you burn in hell, soon you too will be in danger and I pray that it happens soon. God Bless you all.. Let's keep God in our prayers..

John W. said...

Since you believe that level lll sex offenders have "the lowest reoffense rate of any class of criminal," then post a government link to this finding. By the way, it's not a "few of these guys" who commit crimes. You are obviously ignorant to the overcrowding of prisons in this country - due to the fact that there are more than a "few of these guys" commiting crimes.

Anonymous said...

The person who stated that"this class of criminal has the lowest reoffense" risk is completely misinformed! It is widely held in the medical community that while many types of criminals can be rehabilitated, including theifs and even murderers, sex offenders are the one type of criminal who CANNOT be rehabilitated no matter what the efforts. Sex offenders do make these choices to offend, however, the desires to repeat these salaious acts never disappear, which ultimately makes for a serious threat for our society, particularly for children. Therefore, many law enforcement officials as well as doctors and psychologists believe that once someone commits a sex crime, particularly against children, it is not a question of WILL that person commit another sex crime, but rather WHEN. Therefore, I believe, as do many other lawmakers, that once a person commits a sex crime against a child/minor, they should be imprisoned immediately upon recognition of the crime, given a fair trial, and then, if convicted, spend the rest of their lives in jail. The safety of our children in the United States should be our utmost concern, not some loser pedofile's rights as a person. In my opinion, they lost that right the moment they invaded that child's innocence and personal well-being. Furthermore, I wouldn't mind the pedofile convict's sexual parts being dismembered as well....

Anonymous said...

WHAT????? Where did you get your information about sex offenders not re-offending? Being in Law enforcement I can tell you that this class is the highest re-offenders! Please, find your facts before stating! Thanks for the person that put this timeline together it just goes to prove that people like this should be kept in prison for the rest of their lives! We all need to fight the fight and make sure these disgusting human beings are never let out again. Also, the people that have helped out this disgusting human being out are just as guilty. They are as dispicable as he! Shame on you people for paying his bond and giving this worthless piece of crap money. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Preliminary hearing? Didn't he do enough? He should get the DEATH penalty ASAP.

Anonymous said...


John W. said...

Yes, "preliminary hearing." It's called Due Process - and everyone is entitled to it. Regardless of the evidence. We do not just kill someone before they have a fair trial. Now, that being said, I think this guy should be put to death in the same manner his victims were. That still doesn't mean he shouldn't go through a fair trial process.

Anonymous said...

I saw a very disturbing interview of a "man" on the Discovery Channel about 10 years ago. He was a convicted pedophile and murderer. It was the most heartbreaking thing a mother could watch.....he had taken a poloroid picture of the 5 year child hanging by his neck in the closet. It broke my heart and has stuck with me all these years. Anyway, the man that had done this was being interviewed from prison and he told the interviewer that he nor ANY pedophiles or sexual predators are rehabilitatible and he wanted to get the death penalty. He stated that if he were to ever get out again, he would try the same again and again. I think we should all reconsider if these people are capable of rehabilitating. I would like to see some definite data or proof. I'm tired and sickened by our children being victimized by these monsters. We are supposed to protect the children at any and all costs!

Anonymous said...

How could this have happened? How could a man like this find people to help him perpetrate his crimes on children? How could any doctor unleash this monster upon children? Is the legal system so run amuck with political correctness that our children must suffer and die at the hands of a man like this? All those who helped Duncan have blood on their hands. But I would not be surprised if deeper investigations show that that also have the blood of many other yet unknown on their hands as well. He should never have been released in Washington but we all know how “liberal and progressive” that state is. As long as the murders are set free and the children are being tortured and killed the liberals will be happy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that those who helped Duncan financially and spoke on his behalf should also be held acountable. How can someone help a criminal to be free when they know his vicious criminal history>

Anonymous said...

How can someone provide a sex offender monetary amounts for $10,000, $15,000, $6,500? plus recommendations to get him free and offers to bring him in their own homes where they have children.
Do they love him or are they out of their minds?

Anonymous said...

It simply is disgusting that the system ever allowed this man to leave the confines of the prison. As I sat here reading each infraction that he committed while in jail, I was dumb-founded that he was let out of jail. May every one that hears of this horrible man heed the warning of the harm released sexual offenders can inflict. Be vigilant and go on line to check the area where you live. I live in a "desired" neighborhood. However, over the last 5 years I have visited my state's website to discover many offenders in the area. I have made certain that my friends know where and who in their neighborhoods are offenders.

As always on Bended Knee said...

First and foremost, I thank the person for creating this timeline for I couldn't stop reading. It was disturbing at times in reading these terrible events. However, it is necessary to take precautions against evildoers. My heart is sadden by how our justice system/laws gambled with society's safety. As we know man's law is not just for the law says every man must have due process. But, ultimately, it's GOD's law that will see that J. Duncan will pay for hurting innocent children. He will have to hear the cries and pleas of all his victims and feel their pains before leaving this earth. As for the people who befriended him - posting bail/writing checks-how could you support him? He didn't need your money he needed the WORD of GOD. He used your friendship for his personal gain to continue his addiction. This man is tormented with so many demons that he doesn't need friends, he needs to beg for forgiveness and have Jesus to save him. To the families and friends of the victims: GOD has everything in divine order.

As always on Bended Knee

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all who spent so much time putting this timeline together. Maybe this should be done for every CONVICTED pedophile in America and published on the web,and newspapers. Maybe alot more crimes would then be solved. It is a shame that he was molested and the cycle continues, but that is no excuse for raping (at gunpoint), molesting and MURDER. We as parents need to keep our children safe and AWARE of possible dangers. We now live in a era with such technologial advances such as AMBER ALERTS, cell phones, etc. I am all for putting tracking devices on these animals and treating them as such. I hope every convicted pedophile rots in PRISON and gets repeately RAPED by fellow inmates. Shame on his sisters, his obvious lack of parent involvement, Dr. Wackman (do you want him to live with your family now?), and to anyone that knew anything about his involvement with these cases. I hope all pedophiles convicted or NOT suffers in eternal HELL, for all the pain you have caused...

Anonymous said...

He was shopping on the net for a wife. Thank god no one took him up on the offed. The thought of him having childern at home to abuse is sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi all...
I'm new to posting here but have been lurking (as well as the Planet Huff site)for the past few weeks. My suggestion is to contact the ebay sellers to find out what they sold to jetd63 back in 03 & 04. My guess is they'd still have records but have no idea now that they'd had dealings with him.

drjhh is still an active member at ebay and seems to cuurently sell decorative items (cross stitch and tole paintings)- located in Idaho (Jetd63 left no feedback)

tankerjoe0 - still active - currently has up for sale musical greeting cards - located in FL - Jetd63's feedback:Minor issue with order resolved above expectation! Honorable seller, excellent!
Buyer jetd63 ( 7 ) Apr-08-04 05:04 2993379545

vikohli - still active - no items up for sale - Location listed as United States. jetd63's posted feedback:Very fast shipping and reply to emails. Extremely courteous, excellent seller!
Buyer jetd63 ( 7 ) Mar-10-04 18:52 3082420432

darek56 - still active - currently has up for sale computer items - Location: NJ - jetd63's posted feedback:I got what I paid for, but a little less than promised. Fast shipping. Ok sellr
Buyer jetd63 ( 7 ) Sep-22-03 20:47 3428235677

accstation - still active - seems to sell DVD's, consumer electronics - Location:CA (10,600+ pages of feedback on this seller - couldnt locate jetd63's)

pc2buy - still active - currently has up for sale digital camera accessories and computer things - Location:CA (there is no feedback from jetd63 to the seller on that date)

prefixtech - still active - currently has no items up for sale - Location:CA (jetd63 didnt leave feedback here either but based on other comments, sells computer accessories)
If no one else is an ebay member and has access to contact the sellers, let me know (if you're even interested)and I'll send off an email.

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Anonymous said...

Heres good old crazy joe...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed.

Does not it make you wonder what goes through the minds of these people?

I mean it is impossible for me to conceptualize how or why a person would find this sort of behavior fullfilling.

My family and I were discussing this, and sometimes people get into the topic of, "... Well his dad taught him well, his mom is a basket case, his sisters started the incest, and his homosexuality was at the root of his crimes."

Not true. You can take 2 people, raise them the same, give them both the same abuse, blessing or hard life, and each person can turn out however they choose. Some go bad, others refuse to let the bad past run their life, while others remain in the middle.

The thing is, having wishful vengence to destroy that which destroys is, is in fact, the same evil, the same viciousness, and the same low-level barbaric thinking that was meted out to Duncan's victims.

To wish that anyone suffers the same as he/she caused others to suffer (to me) is not only mosaic law, but more to the point dumb.

Think about it... play it out in your mind as if it were real, and then ask yourself is that what would really make you happy. And if it does, you too, are one sick bastard! Let's try it on for size:

"Oh, wow, look, Duncan has had all his clothes stripped off of him. Someone is pointing a gun at his head, while another forces him to suck another's penis. Now the hammer comes swinging down, and it bashes Duncan in the head. (Oh, yeah!) Then, Duncan's ass is burned with a cigarette. (Gee, how fun.) Next..."

Can you see my point? It is not the awesome movie you imgined it to be. It is just plain sickness even think that somehow this makes you feel better, or that somehow this teaches Duncan a lesson.

It is also only a sick mind that believes the perpetuator somehow needs to feel the same suffering. First of all, the perpetuator may actually enjoy it, and who is going to know for sure what suffering for one is not pure pleasure to another.

I mean think about it. How is that any different than hanging people at the gallows while all the spectators throw tomatoes, etc.

Do you really think that is smarter? Do you really think that places you (the spectator) on a higher plane--or pretty much at the same level.

No. I am not in favor of criminals being set free, nor am I in favor of supposedly rehabilitating them, letting them go, and then having what we have here (repeat, but worse).

Obviously, as it would appear, the jails are too full already, and that is probably why criminals are let out in the first place.

Would not it make a whole lot more sense to terminate (kill) individuals that are not fit to live in a civilzed society? Not in some tortuous way, but simply in a terminal way. As if to say, "It would be nice if you were able to reside in society, but the crimes you commit against it just don't work for the innocent victims that you prey on, so after several years of "trying" to make it, and not being able to, well, you have to go. This would end the vicious cycle, this would end the repeat offender syndrome, this would send a very clear message to "would be" perpetuators, and even if it didn't, well, they would soon be eliminated also, and without a doubt it would tell the rest of us, "Hey, you don't want to be here (earth), and you want to die? You can. Just mess up a few times too many, and out you go."

I suppose my thinking sounds crazy, but how many times do we have to witness the same old same old, until we all start to recognize allowing this sort of thing is only going to ensure that it continues.

It amazes me how people get all worked up over this and other similar events and then we go through all this drama, only to be let down (person gets off on some technicality), further victimized, and continually plagued.

I truly don't desire that Duncan be tortured, etc. I think he was born into a very unfortunate family, continued to feed his mind desctructive thought processes, and who knows, maybe is chemically unbalanced, stupid, etc. Either way, his actions have been painful to say the least, and he should be terminated. Not that I don't care, but do we really have the resouces to keep allowing people of this nature to waste everyone else's time and money?

Think of all the jobs that have been created, all the funds spent, federal tax dollars, state tax dollars, county monies, community member's time in fund raising, media efforts, and probably the millions of people's lives who have been touched mildly, moreso, and even heavily. Think of all the emotions and fear and downright hatred that millions have invariably become involved in, and how the bottom line truth is, we just don't need it.

I say, send a message to all...."certain things are not going to be allowed, tolerated, etc., and when/if you (or someone) does these certain things, well you don't get to keep living any more in this wonderful country of ours, and you don't get the rights that other abiding citizen enjoy. You basically, go to a screening place (prison), you are given the chance (in a seudo society) to work, get along and live your life. If you can make it there, fine, there you stay (assuming you make it very good from that point forward). If you can't make it in that society either, then you are terminated.

The seudo society would not be set up like the jails are now, where inmates sit around and watch TV and wait for their appeal. No.

It would be a society where you work, you pay bills, you do just what you do in real society, but you have not as many rights, you are not free, yet the society is self-supporting and produces something of value. A pay-your-way system. Not a leachbag bag system like the current system provides.

And in short, if you can't make it there, and make it out, then you get terminated.

It is my theory, that if you were wrongfully convicted, then you would (hopefully) make it out of the seudo society, and you would get your life back in time.

On the other hand, if you kept having problems within the seudo society, maybe the point is, is that you don't know how to make in any society and perhaps death does in fact make sense.

I suppose my ideas are extreme and way out there, but I fail to see how reducing oneself to the same barbaric level of Duncan hardly makes any more sense than my wacko plan.

Either way, the message is simple. Don't step down to the same level just because you are mad. Do something that actually solves the problem.

J.B. - WA state said...

I would like to find out where Duncan was the night Danielle Va Dam disappeared from her home. I know there is a man already convicted for this crime, but I have always doubted his guilt.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely AMAZING!!
I send lots of love and light to you for taking so much time and effort to educate us all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
I too doubt the man convicted of Danielle Van Dam's murder. I would love to find out about Duncan and that one. A guy who has had no previous sexual predator experience, did that one? With no real hard evidence? I never believed it, for a moment.
Also, these people David Woelfert, Dr. Wacksman and Joe Crary are all very suspicious creatures. I wonder if they are not pedophiles, too. There are alot of pedophile organizations, ect. They have had to change the names of their groups more recently, but I know they are still out there. They definitely support each other. I would love to see some background checks on those 3 guys!
Also, more importantly, how about the step-grandfather? He was a convicted sex offender. How much time did he spend with Duncan growing up? What was Duncan's adult contact with him? Where did his sister's get this from?
This was a sexualized, incested family! Where are his sisters now? What family relatives molested them first? And furthermore, who else did his sisters molest in the neighborhood and childhood friends?
This is how you REALLY crack down on sex offenders. Follow the whole family tree.....You will find a WHOLE LOT OF VICTIMS!!

Very sad but true! We need to continue to educate.......

Anonymous said...

wow ....I'm 16 years old and I was going to stop reading this because I was so grossed out by what people were able to do in that state of mind and I dont think that anyone should have to go through that ever.....I think he should get the needle for what he's done to all those young people

---Shasta I'm so sorry for what he's done to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive that this sick bastard was ever let out of prison the first time. And i think there is only one good punishment for him now. Cut his ball off stuff them in his month, stich his month shut and let the bastard starve to death while not being able to eat anything but his own nuts. and if he is not dead in at least two days then take him out and put him in front of a big tree tied to it and let a out of control 18 wheeler hit him head on about 80 miles an hour be sure to set the truck up with remote control so no one else is hurt in the wreck. then again this might be too good for him. Better yet drop him out of an airplane from about 5,000 feet onto a big paved parking lot and watch him go splat.

Anonymous said...

I too believe that the Duncan's sisters, step father, "uncle in the closet" whoever it is in the family structure known to be overtly deviant should be identified. Who are they, what part do they play in the development of the child. Who ever blamed the family is right on...and to think his family still lives here in Tacoma. What really bothers me and has since my arrival in Tacoma in 2003 ... is the fact Pierce County and the City of Tacoma know full well what prison trash they dump into mainstream Tacoma. Men coming out of McNeil Island (sex offenders/ murderers)who reside in transition houses and go to court ordered substance abuse programs...they are lethal weapons waiting to go off. They ingrain themselves into the lives of unsuspecting people and then think nothing of harming those individuals and their children.I say to anyone living and working in Pierce County/ City of Tacoma.. do your homework find out who lives and works around you...and be prepared for the Duncan's of the world. As long as we are forced to live amoung people who have deviant tendencies we should know who they are.

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Anonymous said...

WWW.MAPSEXOFFENDERS.COM is a website that you can visit and find ALL THE SEX OFFENDERS that have to register. It outputs the data (sex offenders) to a map which pinpoints exactly where they live in relation to where your at. It's FREE!! TRY IT! I was shocked to see all of the sex offenders that live around me. The more shame (and SPOTLIGHT) that we can bring on these so called people, the more that we can protect our young children!

Anonymous said...

Can't we just TATTOO a big "M" (for molester) on both of their cheeks? They'd be easier to spot that way and our kids would know to stay away from them!

james colburn said...

I was molested at 12 i was a "go frind ",big brothers big big brother, had moved away.i still know him he's awsome!!but the go friend turned out to be a predator/pedophile he tried to do some stuff with me.this was back in 1980 i wouldnt let him , and told my ma when i got home.this guy ,it turns out had severely molested 5 other boys and because i blew the whistle and testified...along with the others. he was convicted of 9 felony counts.of child molesting and sodomy the humboldt county calif judge farajero or somthing similar gave him 5 yrs probation his reasoning...i quote..."they kill his type in prison"the guy was going to humboldt state university to be a forest ranger...........

james colburn

Anonymous said...

After this Duncan clown was captured, I did a search of my zip code (37160) via the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. Out of 25 idividuals listed, three had their whereabouts marked as "UNKNOWN". What strikes me is that these people sit down in front of their TVs, they see the devastation wrought by their own kind upon some kid's family, they see what could happen to them when they are captured and go to jail, yet it will never stop the next predator from going after another kid. These people just don't give a damn about anything or anyone except getting their hands on another kid.

I strongly believe that we should do a lot more to these sex offenders than just know where they are. A live sex offender means a dead child. Period. Think of the opposite.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the people who say a sex offender should have his balls and penis removed and feed to them. I can say this because my own daughter was molested by her own father and I wish I could kill the man myself. I only wish the country would do more to the people who commit these crimes, then just put them in prison. They deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

My prayers our with you Shasta everyday. For the child molestors - you are sick. As a child I was repeatly violated by a step-father who killed my cat in front of me then threaten to kill my mother if I ever told. He is dead now but I am still haunted by his actions and voilations. I still have a brick wall that I will live with for the rest of my life. But as a professional I have moved on and hold a job. I am now 46 and have a 13 year old daughter that I constantly remind of registered offenders in the local area. We victims suffer for the rest of our lives and these bastereds are protected. Let the prisioners do as they wish with each other - it saves my tax dollars why should my tax dollars go to saving the perpetrator? And who in their right mind can really say that someone is fit to go back into society after violating a child. I get so discussed to hear that someone did their time so we need to let them move on with their lifes and be citizens. I am for branding their forehead or taking a finger for every offense. We victims suffer for the rest of our lives but these individuals (both male and female) get three free meals and protection - does that make since?

Anonymous said...

What can we do to put Dr. Wackman
out of business working as a doctor? I believe he must be totally incompetant and with the help he gave this animal he too, should have to suffer. Let's go public with the information on Dr. Wackman and destroy his practice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. Disturbing. I am stunned that this person ever had the chance to violate anyone. I do not believe in the death penaly, but if anything could change my mind, this would be it. God Bless Shasta. I wish her the best and hope that she will be able to recover. You are a beautiful little girl and I pray for your future.

Anonymous said...

I think all sex offenders should be locked up, and thow away the key. My second strong feeling is they should all get the death penalty to get them off this earth. I am sick and tired of hearing about sex offenders, there are too many, they are causing too much harm to the children of this world, and it has to stop, NOW!!They cannot be rehabilitated. And anyone who believes they can, have you ever known one to be rehabilitated, no desires to ever do it again? I don't think so. I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet someone, didn't know he was a sex offender. A year later, he was arrested for 19 counts against his own son!! I had no idea! My daughter was 4 at the time, and it sickens me to even think that he may have done something to her. and that is still to this day. She never said anything about it, and I repeatedly questioned her, and she knows about "good touch" "bad touch". After his arrest, I went to the county building and read his file....oh my God, I could not believe the file on this bastard. He had done this more than once before, come to find out...the first time he was put on probabtion...then 2 years later, oops, he did it again!! The second time he did a little bit of time. Maybe a couple of years, and sent to some place in Texas to "rehabilitate". This time he got 0-15 years..the maximum, he plead no contest on all occasions. I do not feel that this should be allowed to get a lesser sentence, for if he had gone to trial, he could have gotten life...which is what he deserves. Oh yea, we know about the sex offenders who have to register, but what about the ones who don't?? We have one in the family, and because he is a minor, (17), he doesn't have to register, he was placed in a program to "rehabilitate" him...yea, until he does it agian, after doing harm to the children in my family. Free to do as he pleases, even though on probation and do more harm to other kids, because you darn well he will. Shasta, bless you for all you went through as well as all the children in the world who had to endure these sex offenders.

Anonymous said...

I posted the above comments on having a seudo society. I would like to clarify something. The idea that a sex offender can be returned to society after "proving" himself is total B.S.

The only reason that was even mentioned, is because there is always this populous that says, "Oh, but how do you kill someone who was wrongfully convicted."

The point is, say a person is somehow wrongfully convicted. It would seem to me (but what do I know) that they would work themselves through the system, and in time get out. That is what I meant... in "letting them go".

But look at Duncan, for example. Did he do that? No. According to the information above (which for this discussion we will assume is generally accurate), he refused to complete several of the required programs. That is what I was talking about. Say the person was wrongfully convicted. I know if I were in that predicament (wrongfully accused), I would be doing everything I could to show the world this is not what I am all about. I would not be "refusing treatment", I would not be visiting family when I was supposed to be in a group session, I would not be jeopardizing my already questionable character by doing drugs (marijuana) while on parole. No way. I would be so far away from anything that even remotely would cause me trouble in any way shape or form.

But that is the difference: A) I would not be in there in the first place. B) Duncan had many, many incidents of the same old story. C) When a person repeatedly has the same thing over and over, it is not to difficult to ascertain they are guilty.

The whole idea that one would get out of the seudo society, assumes they are not a REPEAT offender, they demonstrate capacity to "function" within the system, and only, and I MEAN ONLY in such a situation would it make sense to let the person go. After all, there are "sometimes" cases that are wrongfully accused.

For example, someone made mention of a person (in an above post) who was convicted of a sex crime who is in prision now, and the blogger said they suspect it might have been Duncan who really did the crime. And that the one convicted is falsely accused.

Well, say that was your husband or brother that was going to the electric chair because capital punishment was the absolute result for sex offenders. My point is, it would be nice if there was a way out for these wrongfully accused people.

I have a cousin. He is not a sex offender. Yet, he currently is accused for molesting his daughter. The state came in, interviewed the child, and it was determined he molested her. Now, I supposed many of you feel that he did it. Truthfully, I don't know. But what I do know, is I have known him all his life, he has never struck me as the type who would be even remotely interested in that sort of thing, yet all the "so called" evidence suggests otherwise.

The thing is, his wife wanted a divorce but had no money of her own, and was a known thief, as she had stay with various family members, and each time she did, things, money, etc. would turn up missing. Later, she would confess, appologize, and we would all naturally foregive her.

But later in their 5 year marriage, the system told her (the state of Utah) that if she divorced, and did not press charges (against her husband relating to the child molesting case), she would receive no public assistance from the state.

Now, let me just add, there has never been incest in "his" family, his mom and dad are decent human beings with good credit, they are not drunks, avoid even rated R movies, and have always raised their kids in a clean, respectable, non-yelling environment/home.

As one might imagine, all their sons and daughters have healthy boundaries, are educated, clean, drug free, healthy individuals. They all graduated from H.S. most have also graduated from college (those who haven't are too young), and have absolutely no criminal record--if even a speeding ticket.

Anyway, the now ex-wife went ahead and did a full court press. Well, it turns out, that after all the muck, she admits to lying about so many of the things saying, she was confused, mad at her husband, and felt that he deserved to go through all that.

Truthfully, I know my cousin, and I know that he is an honest, decent person. I also know that his wife, is on prozac, and pretty much (in my opinon) an unstable person.

So, for this reason, and this remote possibility only, did I speak about a person "getting out". Buton the other hand, if that same person can't do the simplest things related to rehab programs, rules, appts, etc., then who says they can do it in the real world?

Kinda like saying, "if you want out of here, you are gonna have to prove your innocence. If you can't do that, then you'll fry."

Maybe that is harsh, but remember, I really don't feel that society should be burdened with criminals--especially sex offenders, who destroy irreparably other people's lives and families, and then go on living. Many say, well it's more punishment to have to live in prison, than it is to just die.

Could be. But that is not the point. I think the objective should be to eliminate the perpetual cycle of predators who were first victims. If you stop the victimizing, it seems reasonable to conclude less predators will be created and therefore, the cycle is less perpetuated. I know it is harsh and unfortunate, but it could end the suffering for so many more innocent CHILDREN.

That is why I feel the death penalty is appropriate, so that their incarceration costs are eliminated, and much more important, they CAN NOT afflict (create) another predator.

Perhaps, also, would be individuals that even think about visiting that scene, would say, "No, way, I am not even thinking about such a fantasy, cuz death is certain, and I have way too much to lose."

Who knows, maybe such people don't just casually wander into such realms. And if they don't then, disregard the last paragraph. But even still, if they do, then such consequences would surely cause 1 more person to stop and think, and if not true, then at least those who are AFFLICTED with that lifestyle would eventually be weeded out.

As far as a brutal killing (by us)to satisfy one's own rage.... get some therapy already.

And just so you know, I was stripped, tied to a cell wall, and brutalized while I spent less than 24 hours in jail, so to say I don't know anything, well, let's just say, I know enough.

No. I can't put myself into the position of so many of these victims, as my experience was probably not as tramatic. But what I can tell you is, I was terrified, I was scared to death, and I was in shock for weeks after that.

I was 18 and 3 days old, my license had been revoked when I was 14. The state sent a letter saying it had been dismissed, and 3 days after my 18th birthday, I was pulled over for having my lights on bright while driving in the city. My record was ran, I had no record except driving without a license when I was 14, and the $25 reinstatement fee had never been paid (we never even knew it needed to be paid), and though I had a completely valid license in an ajoining state, my license was still revoked in the state I was now driving in.

So I was taken to jail, and in the very early morning (about 5 AM) when the cell doors were unlocked, 5 guys came into my cell, took me while asleep and tied me me to a cell wall with torn sheet strips.

They gagged my mouth with sheet strips and tied a gag around my head to hold the ball of sheet strips in my mouth. I could not scream, I could not defend myself, I truly did not have the slightest clue what was going on or what they wanted.

I was very naive in the way I was raised. I was still a virgin, an eagle scout, and never did the sort of things that most guys did (that got in trouble). I had never used drugs, even tasted alcohol, or smoked a cigarette.

I had a girl friend, but was raised under the notion that you have sex after marriage. So to say I was naive is clearly an understatement.

Well, the point is, the reason I don't claim to have been raped, is because the guy could not get hard that had agreed to f*** me.

(Apparently, he had told the other 5 he would do me, if they tied me to the wall, etc.)

And possibly because I started sobbing as the guy approached me all naked and ready to do me, and possibly because there was 1 guy who felt sorry for me, who told the other guys in the ring to let me go, the perpetrator went soft and said he could not go through with it because he was not gay (as if that had anything to do with it.)

P.S. During this whole time, there were no less than 20 other guys just standing around watching the 5 guys tie me up and assault me.

But prior to the moment of truth (so to speak) I did experience a broom stick up my ass, and I was fully humiliated in various way, and I was scared to death, and just like in movies, after the fact, was curled up into a ball, and in shock for hours...

And every part of my body was fondled, and the whole thought of having a guy "do me" seemed so horrifically scary.

About 10 hours later I was arraigned, and one of the guys (in the 5) gave me another cover alls (to wear) that did not have the crotch torn out of it, and was told that if I didn't take it, wear it during my arraignment (in the court room) and even thought about telling anyone, I would be f***ed again, but this time "all the way".

I did not know anything. I knew I was scared out of my mind. I knew all I wanted was to get outta there so fast, I took the untorn coveralls, put them on, went to the court room, did not say a word, got out, and then went home and cried like a baby.

I wanted vengence, I wanted them to pay. I want the county to be sued. Not one attorney would touch the case because they all said, "We live here, and if we sue the county, they won't like us any more and we won't have a livlihood anymore in this town."

So, then I went to the doctor, and was told, "So you have been buggared, have you?"

(I never said I was never penetrated. The chafing and redness suggested otherwise, so I let the doctor assume as he did.)

And all he said was, well, these things happen. And as long as you can put it behind you, you won't need counseling, but if you can't, then you should get some therapy.

He said, "You can go on with your life just fine, it's your choice."

I told the doctor I wanted to press charges against the inmates, I wanted to sue the county, and I wanted this sort of thing to be stopped.

I was told by the doctor, it won't do any good. It won't amount to a settlement, and the inmates won't be charged.

So, I, after about 30 days, did let it go, and could only speak of it about 9 years later.

Now, I realize that it was terrible, but I also realize it happens. So, that is probably why I am more interested in a CURE than a payment in the form of more suffering.

Sure, I would like to torture the hell outta the guys that did that to me.

But truthfully, I have imagined what I would do to them, and it just not bring me any happiness.

"It does nothing for me!"

It does not turn me on, it does not make me feel better, and it does not teach these losers anything.

What WOULD make me feel better, is if ALL sex offenders with more than one incident would be terminated. That's all. Then in time, there would clearly be less sex offenders.

Anonymous said...

R. Turcotte disappeared and was found in Fargo at the same time that Duncan was there. The offender wasn't caught. Please, someone that knows what to do with this information take it to the right people so that they may check it out and hopefully bring closure to his family and friends. Thank You

Anonymous said...

My best friend was molested by her father when she was 11 years old, and recently at age 43 she's begun to have nightmares about it.

Lock them up for life or execute them.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this story from the begining and it just breaks my heart to know what that bastard did to those two children and who knows how many others. I agree with alot of people that think he should just be put to death, but I think he deserves to be torchered just like those kids were first. I don't think there should be a trial, or any of that. Everybody knows he did what he did and why waste the money or time to go through a trial. People like him should just be put into population in a prison and let the inmates have their way. I've never been to prison but I do know for a fact the WORST thing to get locked up for is any crime against a child. Duncan was already locked up for this before and for some dumbass reason the state let him out, knowing he would re-offend. Now most people say when someones served their time they've payed their debt so give them another chance, right? Well this sadistic, sick mother#%!(er had his chance now he deserves whatever he gets. But don't just give him death, put him in the worst environment possible so he can see what it's like to be the one scared and not able to get away!!! I have 2 kids about the same ages as Shasta and Dillan and if something like this was to ever happen to them I would be out for blood!! No child should ever have to be put through such a horrific expierience. Duncan needs no trial, just put him in population in one of the states most violent prisons. He'll get his and it won't be nice.

John W. said...

Well, in regards to "He'll get his," I can only hope that the stories we hear about child murderers and child sex offenders is true; that he will be raped and murdered in prison. Sadly, there will probably be an outpour of bleeding heart citizens who will want to protect Duncan and ensure his safety from other inmates as he is simply "misunderstood" and just needs a hug.

My personal opinion is that we need a "one strike" law against child molestors and murderers. If any citizen has the audacity and lack of morals to commit a crime against any child - I cannot trust the low chance that the person can be "rehabilitated."

Although this may seem unfair to many, if a law such as this was in effect - I would trust that many would-be child molestors would think a little more before carrying out such a sick act on a child.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea to reduce prison overcrowding: let the pot smokers go. Pretty stupid system that crowds the prisons with harmless puffers so that we have to mollycoddle the truly evil like Duncan. We're already the world's most imprisoned population, let's apply common sense to relieve the overcrowding so we can concentrate on locking up the filth that truly threaten our children.

John W. said...

To "Anonymous" and his/her suggestion on releasing marijuana offenders:

Although I do not smoke pot/marijuana, I agree with you. Our "war against this drug" is an ever-losing one. From the studies I have read, it appears that marijuana isn't much different from the negative effects of alcohol. If legalized, our goverment could tax it which could generate money to fund programs to fight more problematic drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.

Anonymous said...

What is the disturbing about this situation (besides the obvious) is that the US legal system let this pervert out of prison. How could someone, with such a sickening record of child molestation, be allowed to roam the streets and prey on other young victims? People like this make me believe in the justice of the death penalty. After killing so many children, and causing so much pain and suffering, he deserves no less than the death that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Im impressed by the research put into this summary of this scumbags life. Im amazed Washington let him out without even probation supervision and how they could rule him not a predator when he admitted to dozens of victims by the time he was caught at 16. And how did the fingerprint in the Anthony Martinez case get missed? Duncan would've been on NCIC and the fingerprint would've been on file. How did they not run it and find out it was him years ago? Some sloppy police work here. Yes sex offenders have lower reoffense rates then most criminals but not all sex offenders fall into this category. Incest offenders reoffend very low while pedophiles offend at rates of 30-40% according to USDOJ studies. Besides this pervert didn't molest anyone he knew he raped a stranger at gunpoint at age 16. He was clearly a predator and given his failure to attend therapy in jail he should've been committed and never been let out.

Greg Kennedy said...

Article in the King County web page concerning skeletal remains of a 17 (I know, a little old for his taste) year old girl missing from Kent since December 2003(Very close to Tacoma where duncan spent Christmas with his parents according to his timeline. I e-mailed the author of the article to tell him of this site. Link is below:


Christopher Largen said...

Our society has misplaced priorities. Consider that a child who is raped, suffers PTSD, and develops a drug problem could very well serve more time for the drugs than her rapist would for the sexual assault. Additionally, she would lose college financial aid for the drug "crime", but her rapist would still be eligible to receive a Pell Grant. We have federal mandatory minimum sentencing for drugs, but not for child rape and murder. We have a war on drugs. We NEED a war on pedophiles. And if we could lock more of these sick bastards away for life, we would see our drug use rates drop because we would have less victims trying to self-medicate post-traumatic symptoms.

rob said...

People like this need to be exterminated...they get no second chance (or 3rd, 4th...) The lawmakers must fix these laws that allow for short prison terms. The laws of human nature say you can not, under any circumstances do something like this. I makes me sick to hear about these scumbags living among us.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I think killing this kind of individual is too kind. If I had my way he'd be tied up naked, force fed, and bled/tortured daily. I try to avoid avdocating for eye-for-an-eye, but sometimes people are just so disgusting that it seems nothing short of making them suffer the same sort of pain, by any means available, as their victims seems appropriate. It really makes me think about morality, right and wrong. I don't think I really believe that I would approve of what I have suggested because there's something wrong with him that's probably hard-wired into his brain that he has no control over (and other's responsible for the same type of behavior). I'm not saying he's a victim. I am just proposing that it is worhtwhile to consider the whole picture.

I've been suicidal too many times in my life, maybe it's my brain, the sexual, physical, and psychological abuse I suffered as a child, or just being too sensitive and not cut out for this world. Having said that, I don't see death as a punishment. It's really an escape for the criminal. When you're dead you don't have to deal directly with what you've done in this life. And there are some sins that not even God will forgive; at best I think such an individual might be granted some sort of embodiment as a numb observer. If there are chances to progress up the spiritual ladder through reincarnation, then perhaps there is hope. If anyone is hurt by putting another to death it is his or her family. While that might be motivation for some sentenced to death after the fact, I don't think that pretense would do very much to stem criminal behavior, particularly by individuals as disturbed as this man.

Anonymous said...

April 12, 2005 - Duncan is seen stalking children in a park near his home and a police report is filed.

Anonymous said...

I want to comment on something that I couple of people touched on, but didn't really get the severity of the situation. Duncan was molested by his sisters when he was young. They were also young. Why would they do this? Obviously they had been molested themselves.

So even though they started his troubles, they were themselves victims. Who molested them? There's the real story. That's the person that should also be looked into... they couldn't have been his only victims.

The system we have does nothing to help these people. Why did so many people believe in Duncan? He is obviously a very smart guy. He was probably a nice person too... but he had a horrible problem that he couldn't control. He almost got his life together, but he didn't know how. How could he? He was in prison most of his adult life.

He could be anyone's friend or family member.. even child. How would you feel about him then?

He did unspeakably awful things. Truly horrendous things. And he deserves what ever punishment he receives. But still I have to feel sorry for the guy because he never got a real chance in life... that was taken away from him by the adult who molested his sisters.. and probably him as well.

Anonymous said...

"But still I have to feel sorry for the guy....."

The "guy" that the above poster refers to is none other than the child raping, child torturing and child killing offender in question...You fucking moron. As long as there are people like you in this world, there will be people like Duncan. Why don't you get together with him, give him a big "it'll all be better soon" hug and then jump off the nearest fucking cliff, hand in hand. Scratch one offending maggot; Scratch one apologist and the world is a slightly better place.....

Anonymous said...

Folks, don't get tied up with zip ties. Don't call your kids into the room to be tied up with zip ties. Die trying to avoid this fate if necessary. Nothing good can come of it.

See also: BTK.

Teresa said...

Thank you to the writers for the information and time spent. I feel sick, I have cried and cried and I feel so horrified for Shasta and her father as well. They will both have to live with this forever, but I also fear for Shasta, she will be reliving the actual horrors forever and my heart weeps for her. Oh Good Lord you said you would never give us more than we can handle?

Where is the redo button for Shasta's memories? If hypnotism really exists, I would have to choose to be completely brainwashed into believing I lived a completely different life prior to a single click of the hypnotist's fingers.

Like others, I strongly feel that David "Pumpkin" Woelfert, and the so called Dr. (Wacko) Wackman, as well as a few others mentioned in this were involved through some type of sick underground child pornographic ring. With everything going on, they all give him money to help him run, Dr. Wacko even failed to report a call from this known fugitive. Please, why have they not been heavily investigated. This is the one and only time I think it would have been okay for the police/FBI to violate their right to privacy by digging through all their electronics, VCR's, computers, etc. Just think what could be unmasked comparing and putting together all their contacts.

I strongly feel that Duncan killed many more than the suspected individuals written of here and I am sure Duncan will be telling of them in the near future if he has not already started spilling to the authorities. I think every entry he made online can be looked at as a clue. Especially those entries indicating any event he went to or trip he made. Whether it was code for his porno friends, or the game he was playing, cat and mouse if you will. He was enjoying covering his tracks, while he committed his crimes, so each time he wrote of his activities, he was laughing at the law. It gave him satisfaction in outwitting any possible investigaton. I also believe it was not only children he hurt/killed/raped. I believe every time he mentioned he will explore his sexuality, with men or women (which ever it was at that time) you will find a missing person or two wherever he was at then, just prior to or just after that statement.

Like others, I also believe that Duncan and his siblings were sexually and otherwise abused by adults in their childhood. But as a victim myself, I know, not all victims grow up victimizing others. Some invert and have trouble overcoming, trusting, getting involved wholely with others, no matter how much they want to, they can't. In comparison, it's not a problem.

I feel so discouraged that this life we spend on earth will never be rid of dispicable crimes such as this. It is so natural to display hate and vote for death, or cutting body parts off and shoving in the mouths of these inhuman lunatics. To criticise the system, to say we want change and more harsh penalties. But there is no one penalty that will solve our problems. If we do such things to these pigs, we become as disgustingly animalistic as them. Our hate just seems to bring more problems in our society. I am a Christian. These pigs are clearly Satan's spawn.

Facing this ugliness makes me realize I am a bigot in my Christianity. God forgive me if I am wrong, but I'm not so sure anymore we here on earth can wait for your judgment of these pigs. They can't be here to harm others without a solution to actually prevent other's to be led astray. I think all minor to 21 yr old criminal gangsters should be placed in one prison, all cell doors open. Leave it up to them to close and lock their doors. Do your time and learn what your future will be without a drastic change in your life. But be very aware, if and when you ever get out, if you come back, you will not have a door to close. Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be gangsters! Mama's and Papa's, if you end up in prison for neglicting or hurting your own children, you will never get a door to close. For each crime, of rape of anyone, child or not, you should never have a door. For each violent crime, the same. I think any white collar crime should have the option of a door one time, but the second time, they should be placed with the violent offenders, door open. These people chose their life and made the decision of their crimes. They should get it together themselves, defend themselves, cook and clean for themselves, etc. Why should we have men and women endangering their lives to even approach some of these people to feed them anymore. It would be justifiable to have guards around the top of the walls of these prisons, only to assure there were no escapes. While this would be extremely difficult to start, I can see that balancing for the better in time. I think crime would drop drastically, and I think we could have a decent scared straight program that would actually work for all ages who appear to be straying. Okay, to much info.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shasta,

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Please know that not everyone out in this world is out to hurt you. There are those (more than few) who truly do believe in good and honesty. You are an intelligent, beautiful girl who deserves the best. May you overcome this challenge and move on.

Anonymous said...

I'm a military parent and I can't leave this one alone. We have a legitimate problem in our country today. People like this are let out of prison after doing the same thing on more than one occasion. The justice system is as guilty for producing such a monster as his parents and family. People contend that he is sick and needs help. I agree he is sick but he's also beyond help. He and so many others like him are. It's not our place to sort their problems out. They are still adults and with that there is accountability. This man and everyone else in this world like him need to be culled. And not in a nice way either. You don't see as much of this overseas. Why? Because the punishment is far worse. Make an example. Who cares if it infringes on their human rights. He hit a 13 year old kid with a hammer until he died. He tortured and murdered a 9 year old perhaps many more. No this goes way beyond that. These people are undeserving of our humanity. When these people are found guilty simply strip them down and drag them behind a truck till there is nothing left down a crowded street. We are bringing this upon ourselves. I have two little girls and should anything ever happen to them I can promise you. I WILL take matters into my own hands no matter what the penalty. We are a weak people who can't protect our children. Let's learn from those countries who don't have this problem. Let's start making the punishment mean something. It simply makes me want to wretch and vomit.

Anonymous said...

I look at the situation like this, what does society do with a rabid animal that they know will attack and is dangerous??? They euthanize it. Duncan does not deserve the right to breath the same air as we do. It makes me ill to think that he gets to eat, sleep, and breath everyday while so many were taken away from this world by his hands. I wish him some horrible disease that slowly eats at his body and may the fires of hell be waiting for him.