Thursday, July 14, 2005

Joe Crary and Joe Duncan....More than Friends?

It appears that the "Jeff" salesman in the FIFTHNAIL blogs was really JOE CRARY, the guy who shucked out $15,000 for his bail!!!Apparently there was a sexual relationship!!!!
As you remember from the posting of Duncan's Gay Website, his "alter-gender" was JazziJet.
more details to come...Makes me wonder about another professional friend of his


Anonymous said...

I've spent most of last night and all morning searching "jazzijet" jazzi-jet, jazzy jet, jazzi, etc., and didn't find this "blogspot". When I run it on the webarchive site, it doesn't come up. Hmmmmm.

Polimom said...

Nope. I can't find it either (tho I'm occasionally stumped by the archive engine). What are the possible explanations?

Mickey Rat said... to the rescue.
The reason it wasn't archived is because the page wasn't accessed by anyone frequently enough to be picked up by the archives.
Since there is only one post...
I'm sure he was probably the only one to have accessed it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, then, you have to keep us "web babies" up to date with these things!

Anonymous said...

Pollimom, how did you find it?

Polimom said...

Sheer screaming luck, actually. I popped in "jazzijet" in place of my own blogspot name. What I'm trying to figure out at the moment (thoughts?) is what other blog sites there are, so some of the same site names can be tested.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. You are a smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

Put this in your address bar. I did not check all but most no longer exist. There were alot of them.*sa_/

Anonymous said...


check out on that last poster's link*sa_/

and look at the date Sep 27, 2004

apparently joe duncan fancied himself as jasmine as well.

if you look at the blog, it seems fine at face value, but there are some peculiar random links that lead to porn sites.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Crary
PO Box 249
Fargo ND 58107

Why not just write him and ask?

Anonymous said...

i was looking around more, and if you look at jasmine's blog (or jet's blog) and look at the categories, it links to other blogs (all unfinished and stopped arounf 2004), which i think were all written by jet. they all have the same writing style.

Anonymous said...

are these the last words jet wrote before he went to Denny's with Shasta?

"Saturday, 2 July 2005
Have a great holiday
It is believed the words to "Yankee Doodle went to town..." were written in 1755 by a British doctor during the French and Indian War to ridicule, in the minds of the British, the ragtag, haggard and uncultured American colonial forces taking part in the conflict. This derogatory song was later used by British troops to show contempt for the fledgling United States Continental Army and less organized militias during the 7-year Revolutionary War. As the tide turned and colonial victories mounted, American troops proudly sang this song as a rallying cry against the mistakenly over-confident British.

Last Updated: Saturday, 2 July 2005 4:50 P GMT :: Comments/Trackback (0-0"


one of the many blogs that seem to be linked to jazzijet, jasmine, fifthnail and etc.

Anonymous said...

I posted the link*sa_/

I now think that wayback results are for, not solely for jazzi jet.

I don't believe he is jasmine or the other poster regarding about july 4.

Anonymous said...

actually, the wayback or, when given a specific site - does list archived pages for that specific html link.

and gives its client the ability to create unlimited amount of "blog" links.

also, those links in jasmine's blog all seem to link together.

so basically, who-ever created created the jasmine blog as well.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree with the last post. i have a blog, and i have the option to create numerous blogs that fall under the umbrella of my main blog - and that connection isn't public. i could have like 6 blogs, and each with a different design and name.

so that jasmine page is definately a sub-blog under the main

whether or not duncan wrote the jazzijet blog, remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the jazzijet blog: look at archived dates 3/31/04, 5/25/04 and 9/19/04. They all show the same encrypted message supposedly written 6/10/03 by 123456789 and titled 987654321.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the following link:

Has anyone been able to view the "Media" link. I can access "Home", "Mission", "Blog" and "Contact", but nothing from "Media".
It would be interesting to see what was there. Or maybe not.

Patience said...

"actually, the wayback or, when given a specific site - does list archived pages for that specific html link."

- yes, but the search that led to the Jasmine site was for the email, not the site - the @indicates to Wayback to find things in the listed domain whether or not there is a referrant match before the @.

Enter "" and it'll give you back a bunch of pages from

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the Crary home when the Mrs. finds out...

Anonymous said...

Still thinking about this one.... On January 30, 2005 Jet wrote this "My friend Joe has agreed to take me by the hand financially and show me how to spend my money constructively. Now that is a good friend! I've been out of prison for almost five years now and I'm still living from paycheck to paycheck. That is not the way things should be, especially considering how much I grossed last year, (I won't say, but it was a lot more than I expected and I have nothing to show for it)" Is this Joe Crary? Had their relationship evolved over time to be more social than lunch-time fun?

Mickey Rat said...

I have no doubt that it's Crary.
If you read the Timeline, you'll see that I noted that everytime there's a mention of Jeff or Joe in the Fifthnail Blog

Anonymous said...

Jasmine doesn't seem to be Joe, unless the part about eating with her parents every Sunday was just meant to throw us off.