Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is Duncan really "bas" from In-Forum

Recent e-mail from a Cellar Dweller:
It looks to me like Duncan's February 23, 24th, and 28th 2005 entries are just quotations of a poster named "bas" at In-Forum whom he seemed to agree with in regard to society's handling of sex offenders. Whether Duncan was Bas seems unlikely if you read all of bas's comments. I thought I should bring this up because I've seen all three of those entries quoted as Jet's own words in various places, but don't think it's entirely clear that he wrote those entries, whatever he may have thought about their content.

I knew of that, but decided to investigate. What I did notice is this, On the fifthnail blog it shows a posting date and time of February 23, 2005 at 8:31 am, HOWEVER, "bas" did not post until 9:45 am on February 28, 2005. How is this possible?

Thanks to an anonymous Cellar Dweller for the following post earlier in the thread that confirms the year is 2005 (In-Forum does not show the year on their post):
Bookmark02/18 11:53 a.m.
Wow!! It is now 2005 and they are still talking like this? Studies have been done and it is not the cure all for all sex offenders. Letting sex offenders out of jail with the monitering system such as it is has not worked. They are released to a society that does not want them for their neighbor. So it is hard to find a place to live, hard to find a job. They resort to their old ways and the cycle continues. For everyone that is locked up there are two more waiting on the corner. Therapy does not help. The do-gooders that think they can be reformed are taking chances with someone elses life if not their own. Jail is the only answer. jmo

See the next little tidbit for further evidence that Duncan may have been posing as "bas" (Maybe for sympathy or was it to show that other people felt the way he does):
Fifthnail Blog (no quotes giving credit to "bas")
Monday, February 21, 2005
Cure For Crime8:01 PM
The only cure for crime is Love. Everything else is just more crime.

In-Forum Talk (less than 24 hours later "bas" posts)
bas02/22 09:03 a.m.
The only cure for crime is Love. Everything else is just more crime.
bas02/21 9:48 p.m.
The only cure for crime is love. Nothing else will ever work


Anonymous said...

I read through his blog and what popped out at me were the photos of Jen and her kids at Thanksgiving. Were these also victims?
How about the good doctor's kids that he mentions?

He made reference to the things he had done wrong...does that include molesting these children?

What parent would have their children around a level 3 sex offender?

Anonymous said...

from the Cellar Dweller who raised the bas/Jet question:

Based on a reread of the bas posts on Inforum and checking out the data/time stamps you looks like bas might really be Duncan. The writing style certainly seems to match. Maybe it IS him. Any idea what 'bas' means? Maybe it refers to visual basic or something.

Anonymous said...

Very early in the thread a poster states that it's 2005. I think the writing style & construction (not to mention the content) do sound like JED.

Anonymous said...

BAS is a mental health professional's term:

biological systems that mediate all of our different motivations and emotions: the behavioural inhibition system (bis), the behavioural activation system (bas) and the flight-fight system. Bis and bas offer promise for explaining a variety of normal and
psychopathological behaviour.

Psychopathy and stresshormone activity among adult male violent offenders.

Explores the relationship between stresshormone excretion and psychopathy. Preliminary results are presented and it is suggested that the behavioral inhibition system (BIS) and behavioral activation system (BAS) can be used in explaining the link between psychopathy and stresshormone activity.

Anonymous said...

Here's a better definition of BAS:
1. The first system is the Behavoural Approach system (BAS): this is the approach motivation system or the GO system. The approach system causes one to be both sensitive to potential rewards and motivated to seek those rewards. Attraction to a person or a chocolate cake and a desire to approach the person or cake comes from this system (BEHAVIOURAL APPROACH SYSTEM)

2. The second system is the Behavioural Inhibition System (BIS): this is the avoidance motivation or STOP system. This is the system that causes one to be sensitive to potential punishment and motivated to avoid those punishments. Fear of rejection by someone you fancy or fear of a snake and the motivation to avoid these things comes from this system.