Friday, July 08, 2005

The Infamous Time Magazine Cover

I Have Found A Jet Gazette with the Infamous Time Magazine Cover! There is also a link that shows the pictures of his cats...
See Link...

Regarding comment about the 7565 on the left graphic in the Jet Gazette:
I see 87565, however there appears to be a number in front of the 8...can't tell what it is at this time.

(actually thought it was a 2 or a faded 4, not for sure)


Anonymous said...

good work! I look forward to future posts. I hope when you bloggers find good things, that you send tips to the police..?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there is a caption at the bottom of the left by the numbers. It says numbers tell tales and looks like 7565. I wonder if it's nothing or it means something?

Polimom said...

The first number looks like a "2" to me. (load a graphics program and adjust hue/tine)

So - I read the complete number as "287565"


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that is his prison ID number. All inmates have prison or state identification numbers.

EXCELLENT WEBSITE, very informative. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it's an ID number too. But, since we are all rampantly speculating- ok at least I am.. Shawn Hornbeck disappeared Oct.6 2002, and his birthdate is July 17. So if you add the 8 and the 2,you get 10. Then take the 6 and you get 10 and 6. If you add up the remaining numbers you get 17 which is Shawn's birthday. Again, just speculating probably nothing. Here's Shawn's website.

Anonymous said...

WOW..excellent work on the number theory?? I bet this Duncan is responsible for TONS of missing childrens, more than we could ever figure out!!!

Sick in Indiana said...


1. Regarding the ?87565, where the ? may be a two, there appears to be calligraphy (penmanship) behind the two. Blow it up on Photoshop at 300% and it is very clear, tho I do not read well. It is definitely handwriting.

2. Also notice the eye part seems to have been layered (superimposed) with more, smaller eyes - 3 of them. And why it seems I can follow the large eye through the turban hat. The jewel on the turban suggests a woman.

3. It must be significant that the 28 & 6 share the same vertical displacement and the 75 & 5 share another. I mean why bother to do that unless you meant something by it.

4. Regarding the top most background B&W face. I am sure it is Jet's ugly mug. I played with the infamous Time mug of his on PhotoShop, but I have concluded it was not taken from that particular Time cover image. But it is close.

5. If he was never busted for anything, no one would ever notice the "Numbers tell Tales!" highlight. He either wanted it to be found and investigated when he did get busted or perhaps it has another meaning for which I cannot understand.
"another resource"

. said...

Oh yeah also
6. Do not waste your time trying to link the "Numbers tell Tales" (?87565) to young Leanna Warner, because these numbers on this particular website (The Jet Gazette) were already in place as early as February 2002 and Leanna Warner was abducted in June 14, 2003.

Jet seems to do something very sick during the summer months. That is why these numbers may be significant. What sick crimes did he commit in 2001 and 2002. After all, he admits these years were the "getting even" years!! These were the years before his "Happy Joe" dream, which STILL took a hiatus during the summer months. He was Crazy Jet all along.

Ult said...

The Infamous Time Magazine Cover.

A close look at the number in question reveals that this is #87565 or 487565.
It looks like a prison number to me.
I'll do a deep search on him and see what pops up.

Even free lance divers willing to go in and take a look have to be careful because of the contamination of evidence defenses the murdering defendant will use to get off. Surely the feds have the best divers and will be helpful in this area.

Anonymous said...

287565 is the document number in the following Prison Infraction report:

Joe said...

#287565 is J. Duncan's D.O.C. Number, if he left this I wonder what other clues he left to his past?