Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Just finished reading some of Steve Huff's posts over at Planet Huff / Darkside. (His blog inspired me to start mine)
I was reading about Duncan having lunch at Burger King with Chad, Derek and Luke.
I remembered seeing that in one post and not in the other, too...then like a bolt of lightning it dawned on me...I had seen names on my "Apostle Island" find. I was thinking "I'll find some new buddies of his", little did I know that the Photo descriptions would detail his movements for July 4-5 of 2004. (Just a day after his Detroit Lakes Incident with the two little boys.)
Links are not to actual pictures from Duncan...for those click the "Apostle Islands" link above.
Before you start you may want to follow along with this GREAT MAP (pdf)

Here are the titles of the pictures:
The Bayfield marina were the adventure begins. (photo 1) (Bayfield, Wisconsin)
Derek and Chad, wondering where the boat is. Jay is late. (photo 2)
There were a lot of nice boats in the marina. This was one of my favorites. (photo 3)
Chad and Derek decide to kill time by walking out on the breakwall rocks. (photo 4)
There was even on boat there from my favorite city, Seattle, WA. (photo 5) ( flag everyone!)
Jay arrives in the Wreckreation. Hurray! (photo 6) (We know the name of a boat he was on!)
After a night in the marina we get ready to ship out. (photo 7)
My rig, ready for some fun. (photo 8)
Captian Jay is in charge. (Couldn't spell, could he?) (photo 9)
Underway at last! (photo 10)
It's a long haul to the first dive of the day. (photo 11)
A lighthouse that apparently did not help the Pretoria, which was the first wreck we dove.(photo 12)
Picture taken by Jay from the wreck of the Pretoria. (photo 13)
Josh in a dry suit diving the Pretoria. (photo 14) (I had originally believed the date to be 4 & 5. I have come to the conclusion that those dates are incorrect. The trip started on a Saturday and ended on a Sunday. I don't think it was the 3-4 of July because there were no photos or mention of fireworks, 10-11, 17-18, & 24-25 are my best guesses - I apologize for the mistake.)
We stopped to have grilled braughts for lunch on South Twin Island. (photo 15)
Derek and Chad ready to get wet on our second dive at the Devils Island sand caves. (photo 16)
Derek and Chad again, swimming along the bottom. (photo 17)
Me, trying to pose for the camera underwater. (photo 18)
Cool arch in the sand caves of Sand Island. (photo 19)
Me and Derek swimming through a crevice in the sand caves. (photo 20)
Cool picture of Derek, taken byb Chad. (photo 21)
Chad hovering above the rocks (photo 22)
Jay called me, Scubapro Joe (photo 23)
There were a lot of kayak/campers on the lake paddling their way to their next camp site (photo 24) (red flag)
We docked for the night on Otter Island. (photo 25) (apparently more than 1 day at the Apostle Islands)
We had grilled Potatoes and Steaks (photo 26)
Mmmmm. Dinner (photo 27)
Sunday morning we hit the water early over the Sevona shipwreck, 25 feet below (photo 28)
Not a pretty picture, but hey, its me. (photo 29)
Derek and Chad in the water waiting for slow poke me. (photo 30)
It was a short haul to more sand caves on Sand Island. (photo 31)
Jay helps Chad gear up. (photo 32)
Picture of the sand caves. (photo 33)
Chad, waiting patiently. The water was pretty warm around 60 degrees. (photo 34)
We stopped at this marina for fuel. They didn't have any (surprised?). (photo 35)
By the end of the trip, we are all eager to get our land legs back. (photo 36)
There were far more sail boats out than motorboats. (photo 37)
The town of Bayfield as seen returning to the marina. (photo 38)
When we got back to the bayfield marina this mother duck was still diligently gaurding her ducklings as she was when we left. (photo 38) (Yeah she knows a freak when she sees one...)

I feel this was a huge find...maybe the authorities can do something with it.


Anonymous said...

Capt. Jay ???
Superior Wreckreation charter boat. said...

I noticed that their company has been taken offline:

I have never seen a company close it's store front like that before.

Anonymous said...

Maybe making changes (i.e. name)
to distance themselves from Duncan
or LE is investigating the site?


Mickey Rat said...

There's a link to the cached site on the side bar.
Invie Consulting

Anonymous said...

Could this be Chad he was diving with?